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 Ave Nocturna [Ready for Grading]

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PostSubject: Ave Nocturna [Ready for Grading]   Fri Feb 01, 2013 3:02 pm

~Zanpakuto Information~
Name: Ave Nocturna: "Sentinel of the Night"
Type: Katana
Release Phrase Despierta Sentinel Caza de la noche: "Awaken the Hunting Sentinel of the Night"

~Resurrección Release Information~
A faint whirlwind envelopes around Cordius as White Feathers form its winds, masking his transformation. After transformation he will spread his wings causing the feathers masking Cordius to turn to sharp ones and hurl towards the opponent. The first greeting upon Cordius' transformation always ends with an attack.

He's equipped with a light plate armor covered by his robes that grants him the endurance to take more punishment than he ever took in his human form along with a strap of white horizontally covering his mouth. His footwear however are like that of a Owl's Talons. His entire body is greeted with a luminous aura making him impervious to any ranged attacks, wherein the most beneficial way to damage Cordius is to attack him in melee.

He wears Black Gauntlets that contain hidden blades, whenever he decides to use them instead of his main blade.



-Flurry Rain
Type: Ranged Projectiles
Range: 2000 meters
Duration: 1 post
Unleashes a barrage of sharp feathers. Each feather is embedded with the power to level a building completely. 10 shots from the flurry rain will be fatal. Fires a total of 30 feathers

-Spit Cero
Type: Cero
Range: 700 meters - Branches to 600
Duration: 1 post
Makes a hand sign of a gun and projects a ball of powerful energy. It travels towards the target slowly. If 30 seconds have passed and the ball hasn't yet hit its target it will fire 4 beams of Ceros. You can say it acts like a cluster bomb, each cero has the same amount of power as that when he was in human form but if the ball did hit the target it will create a massive explosion that can level an entire mountain or a huge portion of Las Noches itself.

-Talons of Mutilation: The Call sign of the Sentinel
Type: Melee
Range: 50 meters at most
Duration: 1-2 posts (Branch for a combo)
Swiftly strikes the enemy where he stands in a series of 15 dash attacks. After dashing the marks will explode in such away it will attempt to mutilate the target completely.

-Mirror Image
Type: Illusion
Range: None
Duration: Depending on replying post
Whenever he performs a Sound Ceremony he leaves a clone behind to fight for him. It has the same Spiritual Signature Cordius has, confusing the target. Each clone deals normal damage, the same amount of damage as that of his human form

-Uprise: The Ascending Raven
Type: Melee
Range: None
Duration: 1 post (Branch for a combo)
The technique would start by throwing the opponent in midair, or if the opponent is in Midair he'd twirl his body creating a cyclone damaging and sending the opponent flying. I

-Hawk Dive: Return of the Lone Eagle
Type: Melee
Range: None
Duration: 1 post (Branch for a combo)
Natural it would be used as a combo for the Ascending Raven wherein he spins his body into a living drill and plummets the target down to the ground. The higher the opponent is, the greater the damage.

-Sentinel's wake: The Night Stalker
Type: Supportive
Range: None
Duration: Night related Threads
Greatly enhances his Agility during the Night. Cordius becomes more powerful this way. Endurance and Evasion assets are increased. As well as his Hierro

-Miasma Darts
Type: Ranged, buffed Projectiles
Range: 1000 meters
Duration: 1 post - 5 posts for the buff
Fired from his fingers he'd shoot darts of poison more deadly than the poison darts he uses while in human form. The difference between the normal poison dart and the Miasma dart is that it eats Spiritual Pressure over time and decreases their agility.

-Feathers of the Mythgraven Owl
Type: Supportive
Range: None
Duration: During Transformation
Upon Transformation it gives Valefor a greater quality of Hierro. Strong enough to at least parry with a normal attack from a Zanpakto

-Dance of the Sentinel: Upheaval of the False Moon
Type: Melee
Range: None
Duration: Depends on the selection of Branched Posts ( Default is 5 )
A technique that completely slows down an opponent's sense of time simply by surrounding them in a hurricane of feathers. The danger of being in this vortex is that it cuts agility dramatically. In this stage he unleashes all his techniques striking the opponent in all directions as a killing blow.
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Ave Nocturna [Ready for Grading]
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