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 Cordius Valefor [Ready for Grading]

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PostSubject: Cordius Valefor [Ready for Grading]   Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:19 pm

~Character Information~
Name: Cordius Valefor
Nickname/Alias: Vale or Cord
Gender: Male
Height: 192cm
Weight: 52kg
Age 700

Appearance: Despite looking like a young arrancar he is actually older in reality. He has a deep tone of voice, brown eye peels.
Clothing: He wears a full white assassin's attire with a matching piece of white cloth that hides nose and mouth with a leather jacket made from the arrancars he's slain
Hollow Hole Location The Left Chest

Aspect of Death: Sacrifice

Personality: He likes to spend most of his time alone and distant from the other Espadas and only comes when summoned to a meeting. At certain times he tends to be unpredictable, he would sometimes create pranks towards the other Espada's just for fun. Perhaps it was the only way he would take his mind off from a deep subject. He likes to be sarcastic and pretends to be lazy whenever he's been given an assignment that is too easy to pull off but when it comes to missions that sounded challenging he'd simply smirk and shift his personality knowing its serious business. There's just one thing all of the Arrancars fear about Valefor: His motives are unpredictable making it hard to tell whether he's being sarcastic or telling the truth in matters.

~Abilities and Skills~
Speciality: Silencing, Spying, Assasination


The Color of his Cero is Dark Blue

Poison dart

A Deadly dart enhanced with poison. No matter how strong the opponent is, none can be immune to his dart. If the dart hits on a vital point it complete numbs that area. The poison spreads throughout the body eating bits of Spiritual pressure.

Shadow Concealment
The ability to complete hide one's presence as well as their spiritual pressure. Commonly used for pranks and spying. Only Charms created to detect invisible beings can detect Cordius.

Protection of the Wind
This ability works passively. Any Projectile launched towards Cordius will either be destroyed or will have its firing pattern altered missing their targets wherein the point of attack Cordius from a ranged distance be pointless. It also clears any fog or smoke

Arts of the Assassin
His attacks will be based on assassin movements, this an asset that makes him dangerous. Valefor becomes unpredictable this way for every time he'd dodge he'd use it as a first formation for his attack.

Trap Master
He specializes in many traps that involve:

Eating Spiritual Pressure

Culinary Arts
An ability which he shamefully hate to show the other Espada. Cordius's unusually greatest talent would be baking and cooking.

  • Strengths

Night time
Battlefields with obstacles such as forests and abandoned cities during day or night.
Culinary Competitions

  • Weaknesses

Soft spot for little and small things
Acts Lazy whenever he's idle in Las Noches

Rank: 3

~Character History~
Before Death Arc:
Cordius worked as a free lance mercenary who has taken over his family's business. He wanted to live a normal life but that wasn't possible. His family has made many enemies during the glory days. In one of his hunts he proposed to a girl he liked but then his enemies used this as an advantage to put dirt in his eye. Cordius's died during an ambush that he'd expect but had allowed. His death was the only way to save the girl he proposed

Hollow Arc
After having evolved to a hollow he lost his memories except for the days of killing hunts for bounty. Out of the generation of hollows, he was the smartest in killing, attacking other hollows while they are weak and vulnerable and hides from stronger ones only to wait for their downfall and consume them. He was purely an assassin among his kind.

Power Arc

At some point he was then again ambushed, by a group of hollows. It was the most critical point of his life and used everything he can to survive. His Cero managed to earn him victory but lost his mask in the process. Soon he became a wanderer in Hueco Mundo, walking without a purpose. He stayed in the dessert plains for more than 300 years. Then fate came along when he was granted to become an Arrancar.

RP Sample

"Lord Valefor, Where are you going?" His Fraccion asked him as Cordius was leaving Las Noches.

"Oh you know.. outside spying, roaming and taking a nice walk." Course he can't tell him that he's going back to the Real World to his Job in the bakery. His Fraccion seemed to be persistent in having him stay in Las Noches because he's always out and about. No Espada or any other arrancar knows that he's an excellent cook.

Who can blame them? He's rarely here.

"Look, I know you wanted me to stay but I rather not dwell in this relic of a place for too long. Summon me when the matter is very important" And with that he headed off to the desert plains. Soon he reached the Human World. It was 5am, of course his body was sleeping in the actual workplace. Thing is Cordius has no home in the Human world and talked to his Employer for consideration that he'd sleep in the workplace. Normally any manager would have denied such request but seeing how he can bake delicious cakes he allowed it, after all Cordius saved the bakery from its Financial crisis.

He entered his human body and started to work baking his delicious sweets. He soon opens the bakery after the bread and cookies have been made.

"WELCOME! WELCOME! The bakery is open for business" An hour didn't passe after opening and there were already 10 customers.

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Mizu Masuta

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PostSubject: Re: Cordius Valefor [Ready for Grading]   Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:53 pm

could you add detail about the poison
i.e. effects, posts it takes to take effect (including the progression of the effects

Ressurrection - could ya fill it out here

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Mizu Masuta
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PostSubject: Re: Cordius Valefor [Ready for Grading]   Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:15 pm

Profile Updated

The last thing would be Cordius's Resureccion and I'm done
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PostSubject: Re: Cordius Valefor [Ready for Grading]   

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Cordius Valefor [Ready for Grading]
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