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 Equipment/Ability Template

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Mizu Masuta

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PostSubject: Equipment/Ability Template   Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:13 am

~Basic Information~
Name: The name of your character
Race: Your characters race
Rank: The current rank of your character

[size=18][b]~Basic Information~[/b][/size]

Please choose the section bellow that applies to your application

~Kido Creation~
Name: Name of the kido
Number: The number level of your Kido. Do not use Existing numbers
Type: Bakudo or Hado
Incantation: The incantation used for the kido. this may be used by others who wish to learn to use the kido
Appearance: Once your kido is cast what is the appearance of your kido, description or image for this
Effect: A detailed description of the kido and how it works after it casts
Duration: If you kido is barrier, sealing, hado that has long acting effect, etc. then what is the duration of this Kido. For single shot kido like shakkaho or byakurai then there is no need to fill out the duration and place N/A

[size=18][b]~Kido Creation~[/b][/size]

Name: the name you have given your item
Type: What type is youe item i.e communication, healing, storage, weapon, etc
Appearance: The appearnce of the item Description or Image for this
Use What is it used for?
Ability: A detailed description of any special abilities that your item posesses or the ability of what is contained within them
Duration: If applicaple what is the duration of the abilities that the contents or the item has


This is also to be used for equipment for all races be it a basic sword

~Quincey Spells~
Name: Name of the spell
Type: What type of spell is it, i.e. offence, defence, etc
Appearance: Appearance of the spell once it is cast
Incantation: The incantation used for the spell. this may be used by others who wish to learn to use the spell
Duration: If this is single shot spell then place N/A here

[size=18][b]~Quincey Spells~[/b][/size]

Name: Name of the ability
Type: what type is the ability offence, defence or support
Appearance: If the ability has an appearance then place a detailed description
Ability: what exacly the ability does
  • Strengths

  • Weaknesses

Duration: if the ability has a limit to how long you can use it then place a duration for it otherwise place N/A


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Mizu Masuta
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Equipment/Ability Template
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