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 Takeda Crusinik

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PostSubject: Takeda Crusinik   Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:45 am

~Character Information~
Name: Takeda Crusinik
Nickname/Alias: The Sabertooth/The Harbinger of Fate
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 175
Age 213

Appearance: Takeda is a very distinguishable Arrancar. Beginning with his hair, which ranges in color from blue, to blonde, and finally, purple.Though this often changes based upon emotion, for example, often times when enraged his hair will begin to darken into a crimson tint. Takeda's eyes also vary in color, the right being a vibrant blue and the left being orange. Running vertically along his face are two yet-unexplained scars, one crossing over each eye. Covering the majority of his mouth, and his entire chin, rests Takeda's Hollow Mask, in the shape of a Sabre cat's teeth, the rest of the mask moves across his jaw line to his ears, encasing the top of both.

Clothing: Like most Arrancar and Espada, Takeda wears a white and black, tight fitting outfit. The white undercoat has several straps across the chest, holding it closed most of the time. Over the white outfit however, Takeda personalized his clothing a bit, draping a black waist coat with wolf fur covering the neckline. Under that, lies a small scarf, leaving no point of his neck revealed or exposed. The white outfit draws near his feet, which are covered by black boots, which buckle up just below his knee. And yet perhaps the most important part of his attire, are the gloves, which encompass' his Zanpakuto.

Hollow Hole Location Takeda's Hollow Hole is located in the upper left portion of his chest, where commonly, a humans heart is located.

Aspect of Death Nihilism

Personality: Takeda is very outgoing, which is often hidden however by his dark intentions. He often appears to be shy, or reserved, while it simply seems so because Takeda is very decisive when it comes to making friends and enemies alike. More than likely, upon meeting Takeda, he won't reveal much about himself, his past, or his plans, all of which are based upon very dark intentions.

Takeda can at times seem overly hostile, or aggressive as is the nature of his Zanpakuto and Ressureccion. Takeda has been known to explode into fits or rage, often growling or all out attacking weaker Arrancar and prey. When in his released state, such fits become more obvious and common, especially when exposed to Shinigami or Humans blood.

Takeda likes and dislikes a great many things. His list of likes is great and the ones given are only a few of those. His likes include, women, power, money, sexual intercourse, flirting, leading, stealing, and much more. To begin dislikes, you have to be more in tune with his past, so the majority of his dislikes include Shinigami, Humans, opposing males, and the majority of the existing races.

~Abilities and Skills~

Sonido Mastery: Takeda has spend ages training his footwork, mastering the movements of Arrancar. By collecting the majority of his Reiatsu in his legs and feet, Takeda can combine a single step or multiple steps, often increasing in speed with each step. He is easily one of the fastest moving Arrancar alive today.

Hand-To-hand Combat Mastery: Takeda has trained in martial arts ranging from standard American and European to Brazilian Jui-Jutsu and Tai Kwan Do, as well as many many other forms of hand to hand combat.

Sword/Blade Mastery: As well as being and master of hand to hand combat, Takeda is without a doubt one of the most versatile and skilled combatants with a sword. Most commonly he fights with a common Katana or Tanto, however he is trained in blunt weapons as well.

Hierro Mastery: And last, but certainly not least, to compliment his battle tactics and abilities Takeda has advanced his Hierro so much so, that not even the strongest of Arrancar or Shinigami can directly pierce his skin. Eyes, mouth, ect are still weak points.


  • Strengths

  • Fortitude: Takeda's past has granted him a very strong mind in battle.
  • Aware: Takeda's senses surpass most warriors, giving his a distinct advantage in reaction speed.
  • Pesquia: Takeda's ability to detect another's energy is very advance.
  • Bala: A weaker form of Cero, fired at 20 times the rate however.
  • Cero: A common ability amongst Hollow and Arrancar.
  • Gran Rey Cero: Possibly the strongest form of Cero, granted only to high tier Espada, or those of equal power.

  • Weaknesses

  • Quiet: Often this gives people the wrong impression of Takeda, even going so far as making him appear weak minded.
  • Alcoholism: Not exactly a drunk, but far from sober.
  • Haste: Quick decisions often lead to Takeda's downfall.
  • Females: Well, this should be obvious.

Rank: Former Cero Espada, Defector

~Character History~

The Beginning of The Sabretooth:

The Pursuit of Happiness... and Power:

The Ascension:



RolePlay Samples:

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Mizu Masuta

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PostSubject: Re: Takeda Crusinik   Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:40 pm

I shall approve pending zanpakuto

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
To be forgotten is worse than death

Mizu Masuta
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PostSubject: Zanpakuto WIP   Wed Jan 16, 2013 2:41 pm

~Zanpakuto Information~
Name: Espada Oculta
Stored appearances:The Rings:

Unsheathed Appearances:

Type: Combo

~Resurrección Release Information~
Appearance Upon releasing his Zanpakuto, Takeda's appearance changes in several aspects. First, and most obvious, his Hollow mask shifts from his lower face to the top of his head, encasing much of the left side of his face, which also bares several scarred areas now as well. The colors of his hair remain the same, but the length grows considerably, extending several inches farther than before. Also, with his mouth now revealed, the scar tissue and stitches along both sides of his mouth are visible.



Passive Abilities:

High Speed Regeneration: Should be obvious; lost limbs and other non vital organs can be regenerated after a short period of time.

Speed and Agility: Both increase dramatically due to the nature of his Zanpakuto, and it's being released upon his entire body, not simply within the blade.

Heightened Senses: As he now acts more like a primal beast, he gains the attributes as such. Giving him even greater senses, including sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and energy sensory. Allowing him to track even the most elusive of enemies.

Enhanced Hierro: Takeda has a rather dramatic level of Reiatsu due to his heritage, giving him one of, if the not the strongest Hierro to date.

Technique Name: Concussion
Type: Melee
Range: 10'
Duration: Up to 3 posts

This is a very standard attack, used in combination with Takeda's gauntlets. By pressing Reiatsu into the gloves, he can create a wave of energy, or shock wave, that will travel out and smash into an object. However the technique is a bit more tricky than that, in that the initial shock wave has roughly 100lbs of force behind it, however the shock wave doesn't simply vanish, rather it returns to the gauntlet, and again reverberates out, increasing it's force by nearly double the strength. This continues until the object in question is either gone, or the Takeda himself wills the concussive waves to stop. The downside being that if it hits a portion of Takeda other than the gauntlet, the force will be dealt onto him.

Technique Name: Denial
Type: Guard
Range: 5'
Duration: Up to 2 posts

This technique acts the same as the previous, but rather than pushing the shock wave into his enemies, Takeda holds the wave in one spot, repelling any attacks that might encounter it. The wave only extends in one direction, and is roughly 20'x10'.

Technique Name: Rejection
Type: Melee
Range: N/a
Duration: N/a

This attack relies on Takeda's Katana. The blade manifests an aura, which, for all intensive purposes 'eats' a beings attributes. The first landed strike from Rejection will leave traces of Reiatsu that will sink deeply within whoever it strikes, and begin to weigh them down until their speed is left at a third of it's original stat.

The Second slice will infect deeper yet, into the muscle tissue and tendons, cutting strength in half.

The third attack will dull the targets reflexes by attacking the central nervous system, and if given enough time (15 posts) will eventually lead to a complete shutdown of their body, as it will lead to the brain and vital organs.

Technique Name: Deprivation
Type: Melee
Range: N/a
Duration: N/a

Much like the last technique, this technique uses the same basis, of leaving trace amounts of infectious Reiatsu within the target, to attack vital senses. However, this aura covers the scale-like blades along Takeda's gauntlets. The first attack landed will generally leave only a small amount of Reaitsu, which will seek the nearest sense, touch. This will initially only cause a numbing sensation which may block out the feeling of pain, and will eventually (6 posts) lead to complete numbness, meaning any attempt to hold a blade, or grip something would be futile.

The second attack would target smell, blocking off nasal passages.

The third, hearing, disrupting the ear drums and eventually (5 posts) shattering them completely causing the target to go def.

The fourth attack would hinder sight, at first causing only a small layer of film over the iris, blurring vision, until (10 posts) the target eventually lost all sight within it's eyes.

Technique Name: Nihilism
Type: Ranged
Range: 1 Mile
Duration: 10 Seconds

This is a form of Cero, created by Takeda while in his Released state. It glows a crimson tint, with a black core. The Cero itself travels at the speed of bala, but takes several second to charge completely. When released, a massive white flash consumes the area around for nearly a mile, causing blindness for 10 seconds to all who can see the Takeda or the Cero. The Cero itself doesn't explode like most others though, rather, if it hits it consumes the target, withering their skin, and eating at the flesh. The longer the target is consumed within the Cero, the more extensive the damage will be, ranging from 1st-5th degree burns.

Technique Name: Devastation
Type: Combo
Range: 1,000 yards
Duration: 3o seconds

This is the final stage of Takeda's Zanpakuto; when both Gauntlet and Blade have combined. In order to use this technique, Takeda must drive his Zanpakuto through the center of his chest, and rip it completely out again. The blood soaked blade will begin to glow a crimson tint, and as the blood hits the ground, it will being to form an alchemy circle. After the circle is complete, Takeda drives either fist, and gauntlet into the center of it.

A black light will rise in every direction of 1,000 yards around. The light will encase all within, and not allow escape. For as long as the target(s) is held within the light, Takeda feeds off of their life force, drinking in their memories, thoughts, and feelings. The downside, Takeda will actually feel their struggle and pain to an extent. After the allowed time has passed the light will sink, pulling into the ground anyone who is still within it's grasp. This has many downfalls, the least of which is the scarring down to Takeda's face and mind. Often times this will change his personality in many ways, taking on traits of those that perished within.
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PostSubject: Re: Takeda Crusinik   Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:36 pm

Without reading much of anything else (i.e. personality, looks, or the weapon), Canaan and myself are going to have to disapprove this Mage. For two simple facts:

Quote :
Rank: Former Cero Espada, Defector

I will no more allow a rouge Sotaicho than I would allow a rogue Cero Espada.

Canaan and I have discussed it. He probably won't be going for Cero anymore out of sheer boredom with being an Arrancar. So if you'd like to go for the Cero position, that's fine. No going rogue, defecting, or any other such thing.

and two could technically be spread over a few different points, but it can all be summed up with the history.

Quote :
Takeda's story begins differently than any other Arrancar. It begins in such a way that Takeda is in many instances considered an abomination. It began with a Shinigami, who attempted to convert himself into a God. Or rather, the God. He studied for hundreds of years, researching the many different tools in which he would need, mastering the Kido he would need, and making the allies he would need to pull through.

This Shinigami, once a God amongst Gods, gave up his position of power, throwing back into the faces of those he once called friends. With a select few, the Shinigami rose above the rest, transcended into something else, and gained power over Hollow and Arrancar alike. In his wake though, he left a great many things, including victims.

One such victim, that the Shinigami had defiled was an Arrancar, known as Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck. An Espada cast aside by her fellow Arrancar, and beaten down by those who wished to take her place. After cast out by the other Espada, Nelliel left Las Noches, hid in the desert of Hueco Mundo, and eventually gave birth to... it. Takeda a mixture of God and Demon, a new form of power had emerged.

Though the force did not go without notice, The Shinigami, Aizen Sosuke sent several Espada level Arrancar to finish the job that the new Tercera had started. And so it went, the Espada eradicated one of their own, gathered up Takeda and returned to Las Noches, where he was released to his biological... or whatever, father.

AU site. The man Aizen doesn't exist, and Nel never did either. Also, I refuse to believe that a Shinigami and an Arrancar could ever have a child. Especially since there are no facts (merely speculations) supporting the fact that an Arrancar (or Hollow for that matter) could give birth. Hollow are created from Plus.

The next part of the history would be:

Quote :
Takeda trained for several decades, mastering his arts and attacks, and through vigorous training even surpassed the expectations of his father. It was at that point that he challenged the Noveno. The battle was easy enough, ended in a mere moment, with the flip of the wrist, and manifestation of Cero, Takedo turned the previous Noveno to nothing more than ash and bone.

So he continued, rising amongst the ranks of the Espada, devouring each, with little more effort than the last. It wasn't, however, until the Tercera Espada that he really began to show his true colors. Though the Tercera pushed it, bring up the past, Takeda's mother, his father, exclaiming that the only reason Takeda was allowed to live, was because at the time the Tercera was unaware of what was growing inside of Nel.

This drove Takeda over the edge, causing him to unleash a large scale attack, nearly demolishing all of Las Noches in it's wake. Needless to say, the Tercera didn't have much to say afterwards. His corpse simply withered away, as did the rest of the Espada that Takeda faced. Sadly, even the Cero Espada put up little fight, being out-sped, out-fought, and ultimately out-battled. The Cero Espada fell at the hands of Takeda, and a Gran Rey Cero, which didn't kill the Cero, but left him badly wounded.

As Takeda never gained Fraccion in the normal manner, since he was never a Hollow to begin with, Takeda is the only Arrancar with the ability to replenish his Fraccion, by devouring new souls, and converting them to his own flesh and blood. This is what he did with the fromer Cero Espada. He devoured him whole, and after much waiting, gave him birth again, bringing him to the light... or rather darkness of Takeda's Fraccion.

I absolutely refuse to believe, regardless of parentage, that with a few DECADES of experiences he was able to best an Arrancar. Further more, I refuse to believe that a single attack (or even a series of attacks) from the Cuarta could destroy all of his superiors.

If anything, presuming you want to go with this whole he's a Hollow who isn't a Hollow thing, he would have to be a mod-soul who obtained Hollow abilities.

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PostSubject: Re: Takeda Crusinik   

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Takeda Crusinik
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