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 Bleach- Lasting Bonds

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The Russian


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PostSubject: Bleach- Lasting Bonds   Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:35 am

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We welcome you to Bleach: Lasting Bonds

  • A crisis has come about in the Bleach Universe, forcing many a souls to reforge the bonds that appeared to have been lost. Many centuries into the future, long after the great Yamamoto Genrryusai, Ichigo and even Kon's time came to an end. A war came about, one that was dubbed "The Great War" whereby the Visored lead Arrancar rose up and conquered the realms. Through their use of guerrilla tactics and great power, the Espada managed to chase the Shinigami out of the Soul Society, while leaving the divisions and the Seireitei in ruins. The world of the living was promptly reduced to an apocalyptic state. The area hit the hardest by this is the spiritually rich nexus that we call Karakura town. The Arrancar have taken advantage of the Gotei 13 losing almost all of its Captains during this time of crisis. The Shinigami on the other hand have fled to or rather was forced to take refuge in the now abandoned Las Noches. With the balance of the worlds now tipped, fear and anger has grabbed hold of everyone. The momentum that will lead to another showdown is building minute after minute and hour after after. Now as we lay awake in a world that has been sent to the darkness, we ask ourselves, what it is that we fight for? Will you shut down the Shinigami’s efforts to return to the Soul Society, or do you have the integrity to make things right once more and expel the Arrancar from their Seireitei occupation? In this effort, do you HAVE THE CAJONES to stand by the Humans to help them reclaim their world from apocalyptic chaos, or forever be lost between these tiding decisions‽ Call upon your innermost self to recreate the bonds between others and force them to last.

    Remember, the choice is always yours.

What is Bleach Lasting Bonds?
  • Bleach: Lasting Bonds, is an Alternative Universe role-playing site based on the world of the famous manga Bleach created by Tite Kubo.
  • Lasting Bonds is an alternative take on the world of Bleach. Some things are different, and no characters from the canon of the Manga exist in this world. While the world is otherwise very much the same, all the characters will be original.
  • Lasting Bonds is a literate role-playing site, though we do not consider ourselves to be too advanced. The staff has experience with role-playing and supports its members to improve themselves while having fun with interacting the other members and characters of the site.

What is different about Lasting Bonds?
  • The site and the staff of the site is focused on the actual experience of role-playing. While the characters of the site are divided by a rank system that governs their hierarchy and general level and the best ranks will be assigned at the beginning of the site, we will give everyone equal chances of improving their characters. Our systems allow everyone to raise the level of skill of their characters, increase their power and experience and rise through the ranks. All the while developing epic plots through interactions with others.

  • The site also has tried and working mission and invention systems created by the Webmaster of the site. This ensures that creative minds can fulfill themselves by creating useful inventions for their races, while everyone can attain more of the points of the site to improve their characters. The staff on the other hand will make sure that the missions are kept up to date, so that everyone willing can participate in them. Some missions can also be created by the leaders of the races.

Why join Lasting Bonds?
  • The site has a lot to offer and can offer an interesting role-playing experience in the world of Bleach, while having an user-friendly interface.
  • The growing community and the chance of meeting many different new people. We do not discriminate on anyone without reason and are open to all members who can keep up with the level of the site.
  • Easy to jump in. So long as you have nothing against the main Administrators of the site, the staff can prove interesting and helpful. Our desire is to help even newer role-players to get into the world of role-play and have a pleasant experience. Though we admit that everyone can't get along perfectly, which is why we won't make any claims on the quality of the staff.
  • Custom mini-arcs that build up to encompass the overall plot of the site as a whole. Smaller stories connect and intertwine to create a larger plot that anyone can take part in.
  • Use Experience points to improve your character and buy new equipment. Create your own ideal character through hard work and a hopefully unforgettable experience.
  • While activity in role-play is a given, the site has a whole lot more to offer. Many fun times can be had in the chatbox and the 'Talk Show' are can be used to discuss anything, even things entirely unrelated to the site or role-play. Users can publish their own works and gain feedback from the other users.
  • Just to have fun as a person who enjoys writing. While we are particular on maintaining order, what matters to us the most is the enjoyment of role-play!

Our Button: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" title="Bleach: Lasting Bonds"/></a>
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Mizu Masuta

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PostSubject: Re: Bleach- Lasting Bonds   Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:55 am

Linking back "Guests can't post external links or emails."

Shall try again within 48 hours

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Mizu Masuta
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Bleach- Lasting Bonds
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