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 Yoh [WIP]

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PostSubject: Yoh [WIP]   Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:14 pm

~Character Information~
Nickname/Alias: Torch
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet 4 inches
Weight: 170 pounds
Age close to 500 but looks young 20's

Clothing: Often will wear simple clothing that is normally current style of the human world. He is often seen these days wearing jeans and normally a tshirt with a jacket over top. Both ears are pierced and he normally wears two studs in them, nothing ever too flashy. His shoes are normally regular black or brown shoes nothing too special.
Hollow Hole LocationRight breast opposite of heart's area.

Aspect of Death Rage

Yoh is a partier, he loves to have a good time getting drunk and destroying things. He views most people as just beings who are there for him to find amusement in, no matter whom they may be. He has littler regard to others personally feeling on him and will not hold his tounge back.

He is a bit of a flirt and will often cross the line with woman, especially when the liquor starts flowing in him. He has been known to harrase woman and treat them like personal property until he is done with them.

As his aspect of death indicates Yoh has a bit of a temper. In saying that I mean he will pick a fight for any reason, cut him in line fight, look at him for just a bit too long fight. He likes to cause a bit of a havoc among the others around him and needs to be kept on a tight leash when around strangers.

Unlike most hallows though Yoh is decently loyal, once he deems a person as an worthy friend he will normally stick with them, that is unless they get under his skin. He doesn't often keep close friends but those that are lucky enough to get in his good graces will not have to fear being scorched alive.

~Abilities and Skills~
Sonido Expert: Yoh is able to use sonido to its most extrme speeds. He is able to leave a flicker after image of himself that will last for 5 seconds after he invokes Sonido. The skill is second nature to Yoh causing little stress or exhaustion to his body. He is best at using it in short spaces allowing him in combo with his abilities to to achieve high damage output. His speed makes it hard for those not trained to see at these speeds to even catch a glimpse of his movements.

Bala Master- Yoh is able to use large amounts of bala in quick succession. Being a higher ranked Espida the balas are heavier in damage than normal hallows. Yoh has perfected the skill to the point where is is his go to attack strategy.

Pesquisa Expert: Yoh has a high ability to sense and track others not only based on their spiritual pressure but is able to sense others based on body temperatures. It is a useful skills since when most try to hide their presence from others they don't think about their natural heat signature. He can track people up to half a mile away based on heat patterns.


Natural resistance to fire, 30% resistance
Heat Signature reading


Snapping Flames- Yoh creates an aura of flames that will surround his lower body. The flames will be able to reach up to 15 feet away from Yoh dealing minor burns. On contact with someone, or something that has a spiritual pressure or is made up of spiritual pressure a small explosion will occur sending that person several yards back and dealing decent wounds.

Melting Aura- Yoh makes the reitsu around him glow a red color, this aura can spread up to 20 feet away. The area touched by the aura can have it's temperatures heat up to incredible amounts capable of melting right through even steel. Sadly though he cannot use this ability against those that are living, minus plants.

Exploding Force- Yoh is able to coat any limb of his body with flames. This will increase his physical attacks natural damage since it will also cause 2nd degree burns on contact but contact will also trigger a powerful blast able to deal decent wounds and send an enemy back a few yards.

  • Strengths

High destructive force
Nearly impossible to follow speed.

  • Weaknesses

Rank: 5th Espida

~Character History~
Before Death Arc:

Hollow Arc

Power Arc 

RP Sample
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Yoh [WIP]
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