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 Mephisto "Hakai" Ilithiss (WIP)

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PostSubject: Mephisto "Hakai" Ilithiss (WIP)   Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:39 pm

~Character Information~
Name: Mephisto Ilithiss

Nickname/Alias: Hakai, Ilith

Gender: Male

Height: 6 feet, 3 inches

Weight: 202lbs.

Age Unknown


Mephisto Ilithiss, at first, looks like something unearthly even in humanoid form. There is nothing abnormal or grotesque on any place upon his body, not even the slightest pore of skin, the smallest scratch. He is incredibly, gracefully, and youthfully ancient. But that is what makes him so eerie. His hair is long, black, and surprisingly thin causing it to easily blow with the slightest brush of air. His skin appears to be a bit more pale than normal, and almost radiates in light. Although, the chances of any sort of ray of light touching his skin is extremely rare. At all times, conscious or unconscious, a black mist like shadow follows him where he goes. This shadow cannot be seen by weaker beings and acts like a moving blind spot for anyone affected making Mephisto hard to spot as well as track. This shadow also works on cameras and other surveillance devices. Lastly, and most noticeably, Mephisto’s eyes are black with blood red iris and black pupils.


Clothing: No clothing can be seen past the shadow, although there are rumors that he wears a large cloak that the shadow encompasses.

Hollow Hole Location: The location of Mephisto’s hole is unknown to everyone except himself. This is because of the shadow and appearance with his resurrection. It is located in the middle of his chest but high enough to touch the neck.

Aspect of Death:
Mephisto has been given the aspect of destruction, but had previously been titled with the aspect of emptiness. The change was due to a change in rank, and spots had been opened up for another espada of the aspect emptiness.

Mephisto Ilithiss has a very dangerous personality: he is full of hate, rage, loneliness, and despair. Truthfully, he could be 4 different aspects just from his personality. Although, that’s why destruction is the perfect aspect for him. All these emotions have been eating away his conscience, reasoning, and sanity for countless centuries. With the power of many, he is destroying himself, and replacing what’s left with his own monster. He never appears this way, but he is always feeling these things due to his disappointment in life, existence, and death. If you were to talk to Mephisto, he would only engage in conversation if needed to or if he wanted to kill unwanted time. Either way, when Mephisto does talk, his voice sounds soft and mysterious. It usually has the impression that he had existed for over millennia while never aging a second.

~Abilities and Skills~

As with other espada or hollow, whose specialties travel through the far and wide range of possibilities, one would speculate on sight the shadows to be the specialty of Mephisto. This is neither true nor untrue, as they are a unique and well controlled ability, but there is something else that truly defines him. Silent strength, or quiet power, would be his most clear and well known specialty. Because of the origins of his birth as a hollow, Mephisto can move next to instantly through any place with a shadow. Besides this, even without shadows, his movement remains at the same speed but the lack of shadows makes him more noticeable in the range of a being’s perception and instinctual reflexes. Due to the shroud in perception and already timeless speed, if you’re a captain or below, not being on full guard any moment can mean death.


Mephisto has no name for any of his natural abilities that aren’t related to his true power or resurrection.

At a point where an opponent is weakened, Mephisto can create "physical lies". They are illusions created from his own darkness inside that have physical shape. Since they are shadows, they are real, but since they take on the appearance of illusions, they are fake. During this time, Mephisto's movement is not hindered, but if he is forced to focus on something else, the illusions seem to pause for as long as he's preoccupied. This ability lasts for 4 posts and can only be disabled if Mephisto is critically injured or killed.

Mephisto can manipulate and even create shadows any place where his reiatsu falls upon. He can also manipulate the 'depth' of the shadows. This determines how powerful they are. The power of the shadows can incinerate nearly anything (besides zanpakuto) it comes into contact with. It doesn't exactly seem like burning, however, because the victim feels no pain, and no sound is made.

Sonido - I don't believe that I have to explain what this is. Mephisto's sonido is naturally faster than almost every Espada/Arrancar, but he does not use it often. This is because the speed at which he travels through his shadows is faster than his sonido, and he cannot combine the two.

Hierro - Mephisto has no hierro. In fact, he has the polar opposite of a hierro, and that is what his shadows are. That permanent "cloak" that surrounds him absorbs and consumes practically anything besides zanpakuto, although the spirit itself can be consumed when in astral form. The amount of damage depends solely upon how far you threw something into the shadows. This cloak covers everything around his body, except for his face, and covers below his feet as well. The only reason why he doesn't destroy the floor as he walks is because he uses his powers to remain floating above it until he brushes the cloak aside or it (somehow) dissipates temporarily. This also has contributed to the development and efficiency of his speed.

Cero - No need to explain this one either. This is Mephisto's basic black cero that is usually outlined in red.

Gran Ray Cero - A special form of cero reserved for all Espada no.s 0 - 9. Mephisto's gran ray cero appears all black with a web-like aura (much like in the avatar above) that seems to writhe around the edges of the cero.

Bala - A less powerful cero, but can be fired up to 20 times faster than a normal one.

  • Strengths

1) Incredibly fast
2) Hard to locate/detect
3) Master of zanjutsu
4) High intellect
5) Always has a focus on his goals
6) Completely destructive powers
7) No conscience, no mercy

  • Weaknesses

1) Can be a lone wolf
2) Avoids conversations and most contact
3) Unknown details from his past often haunt him
4) Will not rescue a comrade in danger even under orders
5) Does not participate very often in missions or objectives

Rank: 6th Espada

Level: 4-1 (I will do any requirements necessary for the higher numeros or king for the authorization for having this power. Although he is 6th in rank, there's a certain reason why that's located under the "Power Arc" section. I also need it to speed things up on this site...)

~Character History~

Before Death Arc:

Mephisto remembers nothing before his death and can only recall the raw feelings of the time. The only feelings he knows was that he felt immense fear and hate.

Mephisto Ilithiss was born long, long ago during the dark ages of Europe about 1,712 years ago. During this time, nothing had been recording or keeping track of how humans lived and died across the world. For the Gotei 13, immense hollow infestations were hindering the progress of research and creating a living hell for the lives of humans. Mephisto was among those humans trapped in the darkness of his own satanic home. He was born from his mother after she had died horrifically at the hands of men, instead of hollow.

The townspeople were literally going insane one by one. Nothing was done to help solve the problem. Even worse, the town was a small one. Mud covered the streets, rain came daily, and hollows came rarely. This would have seemed to spare the people, but the anxiety of an impending attack slowly ate their souls away before the hollow could. That was except for a certain day when a certain child was claimed to have been found on the outskirts of the rolling hills to the south. A child had been found below his mother who had been savagely impaled on the limbs of a dead tree along with numerous others. The scene shrieked death and pestilence, and the people who had discovered this bloody tree had nearly began to burn it when the cry of the two day old Mephisto rang out through the roar of the newborn fire.

The child was immediately brought back to the town, but no one knew what to do with him, let alone take responsibility for him. The people were already nearing starvation, so with their own interests in mind, the baby was left in the local church. The priest there was not the nicest man, but he cared for Mephisto, hoping that he would survive. Therefore, he made sure to educate and rigorously train Mephisto how to use a sword later as he grew up. The day that he turned 17, a hollow had come to the gloomy wasteland. In desperation, some townspeople managed to light a gigantic fire, illuminating the hollow's shadow, and killing it. It had been driven by the fire to a nearby cliff where a few of the men injured it's mask before driving it off.

Mephisto was among those few men that had killed it. And with this experience, he began to praise death. Two months later, one of the neighbors had been driven insane from the shock of the attack. The man proceeded to kill his wife and friend, and would have assaulted more until the blade of a sword had sliced the top of his forehead cleanly off. Mephisto had killed again. And he didn't see a problem to it. Death to those who opposed life. Death to those who opposed his life. The sword was seeming to become a part of his own arm, and the edge, his will.

More and more slowly began to be driven mad, and as a result, Mephisto was appointed as the town guard as well as the public executioner. Years passed, and the population of the town began to fall lower and lower. It was sinking into the mud that was made from the crying heavens above. The heavens. Mephisto hated the heavens. He hated them for crying down on his town. The heavens were weak, and Mephisto was strong. Strong enough to save his town from the rain, and the wind, and the storms... And the hollows. Yes, he must be strong enough by now. He had killed so many, he had ended all of their lives, and without a moment's hesitation, so of course he could beat back this cursed darkness. And so, as the heavens continued to only cry upon his little town, darkness came to answer Mephisto's doubts.

It was not like the other monsters. This one was not anything able to be seen or heard. It was a monster that would deform you. Invade every part of you, and dissolve you. It would boil and bulge the skin, and blue demons appeared where you feared most to stare you in the face from the one place you held comfort in. The demons would kill each other with a violent 'pop' when one tried to rid of them, but all in vain. The bodies of family members forever remained unknown from just the sheer and disgusting transformation, and the burning to hinder the monster. It was nothing Mephisto had ever faced, yet he had faced it every single day he had lived.

In the face of an enemy he could not defeat, Mephisto lost his only possession he only truly had for himself. His mind seemed to be stolen by madness. Insanity appeared to him as a release, and he shouted out at the heavens for becoming the thing he had been killing for. He wandered throughout his land, looking for anything worthy of tearing brutally down. He wanted death by his side in insanity as he did in sanity. He wanted a friend to be made out of death, and death obliged. Travelling now in his mid-twenties, Mephisto landed in a new continent over the sea of blood laid out before him. The monsters seemed hard at work. The hollows too.

The city appeared just as gloomy and dark as home did. But that would not hinder the mind of a man without a mind to hinder. Upon entering the city, he immediately had come into contact with a hollow, but fate was on his side, and he escaped from it as it's attention was drawn to an unsuspecting man. Now, wasn't this curious? Mephisto had seen the hollow. It just drove his conscience deeper, and on one of his rampages, the legend of the Vampire of Transylvania was born.

After passing out in a nearby alleyway, Mephisto had sunk further than anyone before. The insanity he faced was so deep, so solid that it was making himself doubt his own thoughts as being his own. More and more, his mindlessness was, ironically, driving him back into sanity.

He was sane again. It had taken seven more years, but he had reached sanity by being insane. Now, he was something worse: evil. Not the evil like before, not as evil as he had been in his time at his hometown. This was real. This was dangerous. It was a cold fire, a shadow, darkness, that was running through his mind. However, it was short lived. At the age of 29, he was publicly beheaded after being tried and found guilty for the murder in the city of Transylvania. He was then staked through the heart and thrown back into the earth. The last thing he had looked at in his life had been up at the sky. The sky that was now clear of clouds, and the sun that burned through his eyes fascinated him as much as the fire that threatened to burn him along with his mother at birth.

Death Arc:

The next thing Mephisto saw was neither heaven nor hell. It was dark, filthy, and with a pitch black sky filled with howling wind. Mephisto, unfortunately, was still trapped on Earth. A soul chain had now attached itself to his chest, and he felt it slowly deteriorating. An unconscious fear gripped his heart like a vice, but as he looked around the execution grounds that he was now chained to, he slowly realized that no one was there to answer his questions. No one was there to help prove whether he really was dead or alive, or maybe even in hell.

He wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, so there he sat in the mud and the rain on the empty execution grounds, waiting for his existence to be eaten up by his own self. The loneliness of the cold, grey clouds stole heat from him. The clay like mud greedily tried to pull him down into the earth and dirt that had accumulated throughout the ages. Death had taken from him what he thought he never had before: power, and the right to live with power. Now, he was encompassed in cold, chained to the place of his passing away, too weak to even carry on to the afterlife.

Mephisto felt empty. Void, lonely, cold, weak, and hollow. His plunge into insanity had given him an unconscious confidence in his abilities, and his awakening into his brief but frightening period of evil hate had confirmed what he had only bet his faith and life on. But in the short period of about a week, he had lost all of his emotion. They had been consumed by the darkness inside himself just like the monster that drove him from his home. No one was here, no one would listen, and no one could see.

Months later, as the sun had just barely broke over the hills and trees scattered throughout the landscape, came a person. A human... A live human. Mephisto, even with his hope lost, couldn't help but have his blood warm at the sight and anticipation of his or her arrival. The human got closer, and the silhouette took the shape of a woman. As she approached nearer, Mephisto saw that she was holding a bouquet of flowers. As she reached the site, she placed the flowers down in front of Mephisto, who tried to get her attention. Strangely, nothing he said was being heard by the woman, and his fears were confirmed when she bent down and started praying for her falsely accused sister who had been burned at the stake there.

It was all hopeless. Nothing he said would ever be heard by anyone, yet he kept trying to engage in conversation with the woman. He knew that nothing would work, yet he clung to the hope that one day she would hear; that one day she would be able to see Mephisto, and that he could feel a bit alive even for once. As she visited more and more throughout the months and following years, he would watch and listen to her praying to God. Why? Why was she praying to the leader of a heaven that would only cry? To something that would never help, but always watch the sufferings of others..? It made no sense. All he knew was himself, his own power, and monsters. There might as well be nothing more.

Mephisto's life was a life escaping darkness. A life to attain power enough to kill the evil that spread across this cold chunk of dirt called Earth. However, no matter how far he ran, darkness always seemed to catch up with him. It came to this city a day after the woman's prayers, but Mephisto wasn't frightened or even payed it too much mind. At the moment, he was more focused on the little shrivel of a soul chain that he had left. Fire consumed the city, and people ran every which way to escape the invisible enemies.

The girl who had been praying was running. She was running towards Mephisto, and he felt helplessness for a human for the first time since his death. She fell in front of him with her side bleeding from a wound, and she began praying. All the time, Mephisto stood watching her. Then he knelt, and finally lay down, watching her call to her crying god as death was coming to her, and the end for him. He could feel his heart about to fade, and he could see the all too familiar white-masked beast lunging forwards towards the two. Blood, the thing Mephisto once craved, covered his face as the arm of the hollow stuck hungrily through the body of the woman. Slowly, his conscious faded away as he despaired at the sight of a blinded woman being consumed by a laughing demon.

Then, he disappeared without a trace. Only a confused hollow remained, but then wandered off back towards the city to attempt to satisfy this endless hunger of his. Where Mephisto had gone was a mystery and obvious. His disappearing was odd, but any Soul Reaper that should have helped that bloodied city would have known that he was making his way to Hueco Mundo.

Hollow Arc:

In the beginning, there was nothing to be felt. Nothing but a sharp pain, a hunger, that did not reside within his stomach. It came from what was not there. No soul would ever be able to fill his, but he needed it. He needed it. He could not see himself. Wait... He couldn't see himself.. Was this really true..? Was this a joke.. No time to look. No time to worry. Just feed, nothing else matters as long as you feed. No souls in Hueco Mundo could answer his hunger. It's no problem, really, he'll just eat what he sees. Why would there be a problem? Ah... Something finally moved in that dark landscape. Something enough to satisfy this hunger. A blur and it's over, but it did not work, so then what happened? Only look back down to where it was, and it will never be revealed to you. Only what you have become has now entered your range of focus. A shadow, and nothing more, but more than a shadow could wish for. Look back up to that landscape of sand. Look even more up to the full moon illuminating your fate only enough to begin to dream what you've become. Carry on, and search out your inmates; search out your other selves in this land and share your pain, it's all you can do for now. Just keep hunting.


What fills a life in the darkness? No one he ever met knew. Not that they had the time left to stay alive long enough to answer this. Of course, Mephisto never asked this, instead, his being screamed this. Who's to say what he had become. Again, no one knew. He was a hollow without a mask to hide his emptiness. Nothing to personify his loneliness. He was, purely and indefinitely, a shadow. A shadow that would wander in search of his fellow selves: his fellow shadows that would only be seen to him. He had decided, he must find the shadows, and maybe, just maybe, one would have come across the answer in this madness. Maybe one could have found the answer to that universal question "why?" that would fill his stomach.

Many years passed, then decades, then centuries, as Mephisto the empty shadow roamed feeding on only his brothers of shadows. No one knows why he had deliberately targeted them besides Mephisto himself, but they do know that he was persistent beyond imagination when it came to surviving to reach his goal. The form he took was a completely intangible shadow, but he often remained in the shape of a humanoid figure with wings and eyes as open as the hole in his chest. As he grew in power, he realized that the hunger was only growing, and the emptiness branched off and bore hate from it.

Mephisto Ilithiss, the cursed hollow with nothing to hide and nothing to lose, made his decision one night. A night that was lost in time that would mark his future for what it would be. He decided that if power only made you hungrier, he would consume all of the power he could. He would devour everything and welcome the hunger and the pain, and one day, he would have a power greater than no other. And it would be all thanks to his immense and immeasurable hunger. He did not care what he would feel, because he would use his power to find the fullest soul, the fullest solution, to his eternal problem. And once he had satisfied his ravenous appetite with the false pleasure of consuming that which was fullest, he would move to the next, and the next, and the next. It would not stop until he decided to consume time and space itself. He had to fill his emptiness. He had to quell his greed. He had to exact his hate. He had to destroy this loneliness, and in the process, himself. Destruction to everything, and fear for everything.

Power Arc:

Hollows did not feel fear, or anything for that matter. Anyone who is familiar with the spiritual world can tell this even from the briefest encounter. Although, one hollow, one shadow, was driven to the human world to hunt and feed on fear and destruction. Mephisto spent many years haunting humans, driving them to insanity, and devouring them when they were ready to welcome death, instead of help from the heavens. Nothing could save them, nothing was strong enough to even see Mephisto, or so he thought. A shinigami had come into the area where Mephisto was haunting, and immediately was able to locate him. Mephisto had, literally, encompassed the entire town in his shadows. When the shinigami broke through, he was immediately attacked by the humans that were driven insane, and by some that had even been invaded by Mephisto's hate that rang through his shadows. They were the ones that were almost ready to die. Almost.

The shinigami, now trapped within the Mephisto's illusions was tricked cruelly into believing that all of the humans were still sane, but satanic. His judgement clouded by the attacks and illusions, the shinigami was blindly possessed by Mephisto and led to kill a multitude of humans before regaining his normal state of mind. He then lifted the illusion long enough for the soul reaper to acknowledge his work, and then created fake hollow that began to attack him. Although, Mephisto had made them incredibly weak besides the fact that he was sending them in by the dozens. The shinigami, now in a blind rage, began to slaughter the hollow as well. But, Mephisto wasn't done yet. This man would become his little experiment before dying. He wanted to see just how differently they behaved compared to humans. He wanted to see how hard he'd have to push to break him.

The hollows that were being slaughtered so quickly began to behave strangely. They started to hesitate ever so slightly in their movements. Then, Mephisto gave the hollows killed a new face. As the shinigami killed them, their masks would tear off, revealing the tortured faces of screaming humans, further deformed by the soul reaper's blade. He then made the image of the slaughtered humans flash and glitch almost with a loud resonance in the murderer's mind. The shinigami had begun to lose his sight. He began to lose hope.

The torture ensued for hours, and not even the other shinigami suspected a thing. A bubble of shadow distorted the focus of anyone who happened to look at it. It was not invisible, but it was not perceivable. This was worse than just being out of sight, it was out of one's thoughts, and out of their range of sensing. Then, the bubble lifted after the seventh day, revealing the carnage that the shinigami had created. But, besides this, and the exhausted and now broken shinigami, a massive reiatsu poured down from the sky where Mephisto was. Where Hakai Mephisto Ilithiss stood motionless.

The pressure was not that of a simple hollow anymore. During those days, something had transformed inside of Mephisto that was making the shadows deeper. Something that was giving him a much sharper mind. In a flash, he made his way back to Hueco Mundo, leaving his living test out for the scouts to find. In the end, they would be killed too, and then the shinigami as death finally released him.

After more decades flew by, and Mephisto kept to his idea of consuming the scarce shadows to starve himself mentally, he was introduced to the King. He was something indescribable, with red and white scales, a horrific mask that fused into his body, and two large swords that would have been better described as a hunk of metal pulled straight out of the earth's core. What he had taken interest in was not Mephisto's power, but Mephisto's interests itself. After all, what makes a hollow is his desire for power, and to what new levels he's willing to throw himself into to achieve it past all of the hunger and pain.

The King offered a position for Mephisto in his army, but he knew better. It would only limit his movement and harden his search for his brethren to consume. So, Mephisto refused and disappeared back into the shadows of Hueco Mundo. Although, he had now set his sights on the King's second in command. He was also a hollow that held powers of darkness and destruction. After more years of hunting, Mephisto returned for the dark hollow. He made sure to release a large amount of presence in his reiatsu upon his entrance, and offered the King his allegiance if his second in command beat him in a fight. With a lack of entertainment pestering the King and his men for centuries, he immediately and gladly agreed.

A savage battle ensued that scarred the landscape vastly, and further impressed the King. Although, Mephisto had only been using his raw power to fight instead of his abilities. Realizing that only this much was needed to push his opponent to the edge, he couldn't help but feel a dark and sick pride fall over him. It felt more empty than anything, but it was still there as he continued to maul his opponent. In the end, Mephisto never once displayed his abilities, and had defeated his unlucky opponent. The King did not mind at all due to him being satisfied by the entertainment that the battle provided. And then, hell came to greet the lifeless body laying at Mephisto's feet. In a graphic splitting of his body, he forced himself to devour the hollow of darkness that he had faced. The reason for his unorthodox method of consuming him was only because of the sheer strength the opponent had despite being defeated. They were both powerful beings, but the influence of the shadows consumed further changed Mephisto. He was starting to grow. And the King saw this.


Mephisto's appearance was now, and finally, solid. He had a body. After ages of searching, he had finally found a body. The shadow remained as well, but now surrounded him in an ominous aura that made the surrounding hollows back off from the impression that they were about to be consumed by the darkness. In addition to his black aura, when beings stared for too long at it, they would lose focus inside of it, also making appear like fire, sometimes smoke, or even water. He was now closer to being true shadows. He was closer to the power he could only dream of at the moment.

After further centuries past lost in time, Mephisto finally made up his mind to destroy the King and his army. And, that was exactly what he did. With his accumulated power, he had fully grasped the concept of his existence. Now, he realized that only devouring shadow, even while boosting his power exponentially, would only take him much too long. The only reason he had done so in the first place was because he was a less evolved hollow with a confused sense of existence. He consumed the King in front of his army after claiming that Mephisto was not powerful enough to do so. He was proven wrong after being taken by surprise from Mephisto's now released abilities, and Mephisto would have been immediately defeated if it weren't for this. After the battle, Mephisto begun to evolve once more. He had already been close to doing so, but he needed one last push to get him over the wall. That push was the death of the King, and in doing so, Mephisto's body took on a human form and even adopted a sort of zanpakuto. He was still, however, cloaked in his timeless darkness, but it was deeper. The black and baleful power seemed almost too deep to be able to properly exist, as if it would end up sucking itself into oblivion... However, that was just the first layer of new power for Mephisto.

Now, after defeating the King, Mephisto chose to claim the title of King of Hueco Mundo and claimed the crown of the throne of skulls. For many centuries more, Mephisto remained in power, eventually meeting more powerful and interesting hollow that had evolved into espada. They were all recruited and tested: if they could manage surviving a fight with Mephisto without him in his resurreccion, they could join in on the next free rank. If they were defeated or too weak, Mephisto would consume them. And then Las Notches was born into existance. After years of residing within, Mephisto began to travel frequently into the human world, often causing trouble along the way. He was beginning to get bored, but more importantly, it was getting harder to find good food. Eventually, Mephisto decided that he would demote himself down from the rank of King to Espada No.6 in order for new successors to rise up to the throne. Along with this, he disappeared into the human realm, now waiting for the two sides, Shinigami and Espada, to go to war and produce more worthy prey for Mephisto to feed on. After more than a few decades, he was forgotten about by the Espada. Successors were not told of his existence, yet the 6th spot mysteriously remained occupied, and this was enforced throughout the generations. He will not stop until he has reached the top and beyond, and will wait for however long to achieve this. And now, after being let down by the tides of war only rising to the edge, he will now decide to step in and make them overflow.

RP Sample:

Night was just starting to fall past the horizon that would trigger the sky's dramatic transformation in colors. As the first cold breeze blew by announcing the end of day, and beginning of the laborer's retirement for the many hours to come, the small town now seemed more bright than it had during daytime. There were houses dotted across this large hill with lights still burning inside, and families awake together at their dining tables getting ready for supper. However, through the burning light flowing from the houses, another, more bold sight could be seen from above. There was a square to the north of the small town that had flat, combed grass and trees lining the edge of a wooden stage centered in the little clearing. From the strange glowing of decorative lights to the cheers and laughs of the people below, it was clear that there was some sort of festival going on.

There was food and drink flying all through the place as men intoxicated with their blurred happiness danced and stumbled sloppily about. It was more of an adult festival than something for kids, like an Oktoberfest in the midland. Some sat down on the benches to the side, some were up and active as ever, and some were by the stage either watching the shows or participating in them. Among the men to the side, there sat three men: two enjoying large mugs of beer and one sitting to the side quietly watching the hype and commotion. The two men that were drinking looked young and lively: The one to the left had long, black hair much like that of the quiet man. He had smooth skin like him too. The one to the right was a bit more gruff, and boasted the appearance of a lumberjack. He had brown hair and thick eyebrows with a small horizontal scar under his right eye. The silent man, however, seemed much different than the two. He was wearing a long sleeved black shirt that seemed to emphasize the contrast with the article of clothing and his own slightly pale skin. He also had on grey jeans and a pair of black and blue shoes.

The man similar to the silent one faced him and spoke with a wide smile on his face, "One hell of a party, eh?! It's sure lively this year, and the drinks are amazing!" His friend, the brown haired man, playfully pushed him and fumbled to find the right words, "Hey.. Hey I haven't seen 'em around town, maybe he's new or somethin'..?" The brown haired man laughs joyfully at the thought of another newcomer to the small village and extends out his hand towards the quiet man, "Th' name's Shane, Shane McGraw, and this here's Jordan Tully," Shane gives another shove at Jordan and smiles again, "Nice to meet ya, mister-...."

"Caine.. Locus Caine. It's nice to meet you as well." Locus shakes both the men's hands in succession, and Jordan soon speaks up before he could give a chance to introduce himself. "So you're not from around here? A traveler maybe, or a relative?" Upon finishing his brief inquiry he takes another few gulps of the gigantic mug before shoving Shane back, who proceeded to fall back against the bench laughing hard and cheerfully. "Yes. I'm from elsewhere in the country, but I'm not a relative. I was traveling and decided to stop by, and that's when I spotted this towns festivities taking place in the square. I take it you two have known each other for a while, judging from your appearance..." Shane and Jordan quickly forget about the explanation of Locus's stop in town and turn to face each other, and then back to Locus. The silent, almost void man from before seemed gone now, and was replaced with a smiling man gracefully keeping his composure among the energetic cluster of noises and people.

"Oh, me and Jordan? Nah, hav-" Shane stopped mid-sentence and briefly hiccuped, causing Jordan to laugh, and a grin from Locus, "Haha, 'scuse me, yeah we haven't known each other for too long, but he might as well be a long lost brother to me. But he's waaay better'n me than a lot of stuff, and he's got some interestin' traits about him too. This guy may not look it, but he's pro'lly one of the strongest men in the town, and even more so, stronger than me!" Shane spoke with an air of pride to be friends with such an interesting person. Jordan leans back haughtily and raises a hand while he speaks, "Oh, it's nothing much really... I've just been around a lotta places, probably kinda like you, I've seen my fair share of strange things.. I remember one time I even almost had a heart attack ice climbing in the north, anything can slip like butter at anytime since ice ain't nearly as hard as rock.." Locus stands up and laughs loudly, "Well, I'm sure! I would be petrified of even merely looking down from such a thing!" The three men laugh, and all stand, "Maybe I should have a drink or two, and on me, I would not dare hinder the spirit of men with their soul peering out from his windows to his mere pocket change..!" Smiling and agreeing, Shane hangs his long arm around Jordan and Locus as they continue to head to the bar, laughing and talking along the way.

They all walk into the bustling bar and sit down at the counter while Locus asks the bartender for drinks. "Say, Locus, what kind of profession are ya in? You just have a way of sayin' things that reminds me of some professors in my time.." Immediately after Jordan, Shane chimes in, "Yeah, and th' way ya act and behave 'n all." The bartender then places three glasses of beer in front of the men, and Locus proceeds to take the first drink. He then places it down and answers, "Well, I was well educated in my time. Now I work as a.. ah.. A it's a form of high class business that involves extracting information from certain people. I'm a master at getting from place to place... I have yet to meet someone quicker." After saying this, Locus checks his watch and turns to the two and smiles, "Ah, well, it seems my time is up. I have to get going now or I won't get to the next town. It was nice meeting you two, I'll be sure to pay a visit someday soon." Locus rises and brushes back his hair in a graceful fashion and starts to walk off. Jordan and Shane both yell out their goodbyes in the noisy bar and turn back to the counter as Locus makes his way through the crowd. "He was pretty nice, it's not often we meet someone like him 'round here." Shane takes a swig of the beer Locus had bought for the two, and then from the mug they previously had on them, "Yeah, he's a bit weird though, but that just makes 'em more interestin'."

Jordan turns back to catch a glimpse of Locus one more time, wondering where he came from, or why he had been sitting alone on the bench in the first place. Just then, Jordan's eyes widen upon seeing Locus's hand, and moments later, the rather wealthy looking man he had walked past began convulsing crazily. There was a loud cry from those at the man's table, and crowds gathered and tried there best to aid the man who was now foaming at the mouth. In a sudden shock, Shane rushed over to the man, checking his pulse. All that he could feel was the coldness of the man's skin. Shane turned back to Jordan, horrified, but then a face of curiosity spread over him. Jordan was motioning towards where Locus had left, and was shouting, "His hand..!! He slipped some drug in the man's drink from his hand!!!"

Shane jumps up, and he and Jordan quickly exchange glances. Then, there was another cry to the right of Jordan as another person succumbed to the violent, deadly, and spontaneous convulsions. Another cry sounded, and one by one, everyone in the bar was now knowledgeable enough to tell that they could be the next victim as well. Quickly, Shane shouts out the next courses of action, "Jordan, stay here and look after everyone, I'll try to catch up with Locus!!" Through the screaming and confusion, Jordan nods while Shane sprints out of the bar. His heart was beating much too fast. What was happening..? Why were other people starting to die?

As the heavy sound of panting approached the square stage and screaming, Shane came to a complete stop. He froze up, and could not summon up the faintest of breaths from within. Everyone lay on the ground with foaming mouths and distorted and misshaped bodies. However, in that state of oblivion, he managed to spot Locus out of the corner of his eye, sitting on a bench with his back to Shane. He appeared calm, focused, and deadlier than he was minutes before. slowly, yet surely, Shane stepping in closer and closer into the shadow of Locus. "Why..? WHY!!!??!" Shane yelled out above the distant screams to Locus incredibly loudly. Now, a fire had started to erupt behind the stage, and with the light, a small detail was revealed to Shane. He walked silently and faced Locus, only to freeze again in confusion. Locus Caine was dead, and blood covered his mouth as he sat there motionless.

The one thing Shane managed to say at that time was little more than a whisper, "Why........?", and with that, he ran back to the bar. The scene was no different inside. Everyone was dead, and more blood was flowing from their mouths as well. No... This was different. They were cut up and shredded. They had wounds all over their bodies, and hadn't just suffocated. The picture was pricking and scraping at Shane's courage. The longer he stood there in fear, the greater his fear was becoming. That pulsating, red shade was being poured over his vision as well as his judgement. And then, he heard a cough.

A man to the far side of the room started to wheeze and hack, and Shane sprinted over and inspected what damage had been dealt. The man, as his conscious began to fade, rose a shivering finger towards the sky. A warm, wet and moist feeling brushed down Shane's cheek, and rolled over past his lips and onto the lifeless corpse he was now holding. Then, he looked into the man's eyes. He showed fear, but a lingering one. Almost as if he hadn't been pointing to the sky. As an apparent dripping sound finally revealed itself to the oblivious Shane, he looked up to find himself staring at hell.

The torn and dismembered bodies of the last of the townspeople all crowded and mashed up into the small space that the roof provided were being hung by a moving, writhing cluster of squirming shadowy figures. Shane did not think, and was not thinking. His legs pushed up, moved in a circular motion, and pointed his body towards the nearest exit from the looming orgy of death. By the time he had realized he had, in fact, gotten up, he was already at the door, but was knocked back as something blocked his path. The smiling, happy friend named Jordan was hung n front of him, and had knocked him back. He looked like a puppet being controlled by these grotesque shadows that were tearing through the sanity left in Shane. But no, Jordan moved. At first, it was slow and fluidly, but then suddenly stopped when his arms were up parallel to the crimson floor below them.

Instead of consuming him, they lurched into him, as if a rubber band was snapping back into it's previous shape. Jordan smiled, and looked up at Shane with his red and black eyes that he had showed Shane when they first met. Jordan walked over to Shane, flowing like a shadow, and leaned in close to his face. His hand brought up Shane's chin and stared straight into his shivering eyes. Shane then used the rest of his earthly power he had left in his existence to speak, "J...Jordan..???" There was a brief silence as Jordan's eyelids sank down somewhat, almost in disapproval. Again, that predatory, ominous, nerve-wracking smile crawled over his face. "No. It's Mephisto." And with these three words, the world would fade to black as Shane was consumed by the shadows.

Now telling his true name, Mephisto strolled eerily out of the bar as his cloak of shadows surrounded him. His sickening smile seemed to be contagious to the atmosphere, and the town soon went up in flames as the black shadows lifted Mephisto into the air and above the small town. His smile abruptly faded as he turned away and shifted off through the air with the shadows trailing behind him. It was always good to brush up on his methods once in a while. He looked back down at the town, and now, there were people. Many people, and in fact, almost the entire town was still alive. Although, they were all writhing and screaming. They were grabbing bats and weapons they had around them and attacking each other, even biting and consuming them. They were all alive, and they were all killing each other in their fake insanity. Well, I hate it when I do all of the work. They'll all eat each other, and stave their thirst with the blood of their families, and I am the only one to benefit... Weak. Mephisto then scowled, and soon disappeared into the night. Below, the townspeople would all end up dead, and the ones who still had bodies afterwards would be found bloated and bursting with the remains of their own friends and family. The thought made Mephisto smile. He was tired of waiting in anticipation. He needed a war. NOW.

~Resurrección Release Information~





Mephisto, in this form, DOES have names for his various abilities. He retains all of the basic abilities he has when not in his resurreccion.

1) Blood-Hunt - This ability requires that he pull back his surrounding shadows into his body. This concentration and collection of reiatsu allows him to create shadows wherever he likes within the range of his spiritual presence. With this concentration in effect, it creates the illusion that Mephisto has acquired a boost in power. However, that is not the truth, this is his natural strength because the reiatsu returns inside of him to it's origins of creation. Basically, it's his real strength. Mephisto does not use this often due to how vulnerable it leaves him.

2) Duo Reges (The Two Kings) - This is more of a technique that branches off of the original ability than an actual one. The original ability is that Mephisto, after consuming a being of equal or greater power, can shape shift into a combination of that being and himself with the same abilities only at half power. Again, this can only happen if the being he consumes is stronger or just as strong as Mephisto. This is where Duo Reges comes into play. The last thing that Mephisto has ever consumed that had greater power than him was the previous King of Hueco Mundo that he had fought with (Power Arc). After activation, half of the previous king's powers and half of Mephisto's combine to create Duo Reges, which is also the being's name. The king's perks included as follows:

- Incredible strength added.
- The original two blades, "Steel Flames".
- Armor and added hierro.
- Increased spiritual presence and reiatsu.

The King's Powers: The previous king of Hueco Mundo could ignite fire that cannot be put out by using his reiatsu. The powers are like a version of Mephisto's only with flames instead of shadows. However, whatever the flames touch, that area receives a delayed and compressed form of combustion that causes the area in contact to immediately explode. Combined with Mephisto's powers of shadow, the flames become black outlined in red, and writhe more violently than a regular flame. The flames are now more fluid and faster motion-wise, and can be "thrown" to different areas similarly to Mephisto's Blood-Hunt ability. Although these powers are gained, Duos Reges power is equivalent to Mephisto's, because it is only the certain traits and abilities that are changing, not reiatsu. This lasts for 5 posts.



Technique Name:






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PostSubject: Re: Mephisto "Hakai" Ilithiss (WIP)   Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:24 am

No edit stamp. Just wondering: Is this still being worked on?
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PostSubject: Re: Mephisto "Hakai" Ilithiss (WIP)   Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:49 am

Yea he is still working on it
Vanishes at weekends i believe Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Mephisto "Hakai" Ilithiss (WIP)   Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:49 pm

Hell yeah I vanish on weekends Laughing

I'm still working on it, right now I need to finish up the RP sample/Abilities sections.
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(Done with the RP Sample)
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hmmm giving a quick look over even though i am ment to wait

Shadows, do tell me this wont leave you with a complete defence like Dante? it may be wondered why Mizu didnt give in and worked a web away from being captured, but the reason being next to no damage was taken by Dante therefore neither did Mizu. After all Mizu being half human would most likely of made whatever Canaan wanted him for useless so i wouldnt of minded being carted away but as similar rank and no damage taken = me becoming a royal pain in the ass

now that this is justified Shadows?

also rank reduction 4-2 reserved for head of race (espada 0) recomended 4-0

I shall leave the rest alone for now Very Happy

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
To be forgotten is worse than death

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PostSubject: Re: Mephisto "Hakai" Ilithiss (WIP)   Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:13 pm

No, the shadows are not like a special defence, more like a reiatsu-resistant hierro. Since it doesn't destroy zanpakuto, a powerful swing can do damage even if the only thing it hits is the shadows and not Mephisto. And of course, while Mephisto controls the shadows around him they will leave him open when he preforms certain attacks (like the one or two I think I typed up there..). The abilities I'll keep putting in will have their own respective weaknesses that will give other people chances to attack. And the shadows are not (technically) solid. Anything besides zanpakuto it destroys when that thing/object enters the shadows. How much damage you take depends on how much you've been thrown into it. With this in mind, it would not be possible to "bind" someone with my powers, meaning that attacking is the only thing I can do (since the defensive part is already the shadows powers in the first place).

As for the ranking.. 4-0..? Thought there was only 4-1 to 4-3... Oh well. Anyways, I'll agree with the whole "reserved power level" thing just because I'm asking for a lot in the first place, and the fact that if I RP for enough time I can rank up anyway (but that's going to take a loooooong time I think). Although, since my character was THE King of Hueco Mundo and voluntarily gave up his position, I'd think 4-1 would be a more logical power level.
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PostSubject: Re: Mephisto "Hakai" Ilithiss (WIP)   

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Mephisto "Hakai" Ilithiss (WIP)
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