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 Blood and Honor

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The German


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PostSubject: Blood and Honor    Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:00 am

~Character Information~
Name: Logia Brandt
Nickname/Alias: The German. Drachen.
Height: 192cms
Weight: 82kgs
Age: Mid 20's by appearance Dozen centuries old.

Appearance: Logia Drachen Brandt is a large man. Standing at a tall of height of 192cm's and weighing at 82kgs of mostly agile and highly toned muscles. With broad shoulders and big hands he easily gives a very daunting aura when he takes on a fighting stance. Logia has dirty blonde hair that is well kept conisdering its length. His ears and eyes still visible as his styled hair does not impair vision or hearing. His face is unscarred and handsome. His skin is somewhere between tanned, pale or glowing but nonetheless healthy. He would have been Hitler's perfect example of a Aryan, the chosen race if it had not been for his eye color. Though initially a normal bluish color Logia's diet and activites has given him a green like eye color. Some say he may be disease inflicted but that is what happens when one devours humans.

His facial appearance seems to be mostly a smirk or a grin. Putting on whichever is needed for the situation. However a feeling he usually gives is ominence. Though normal humans might not feel it anyone spiritually aware will find his presence somewhat, daunting or uncomfortable. His Reiatsu is quiet difficult to place due to his diet, eating different races over the years. His Reiatsu color currently takes on a white color with slim black outlines.


Logia Brandt's preference in clothing seem rather quiet different from most spiritual beings nowadays. He prefers wearing suit styled clothings. Whether it be semi-formal or even a proper suit, those type of clothes is what he prefers. While most wear sneakers and converses and the likes he prefers leather shoes and the likes worn along with a suit. Though this is his preference in clothing these are not the only clothes he wears. He has at times simply worn a floral shirt, some board shorts and flippy flops. Just that time in Hawaii. It is quiet odd that He finds it not difficult to move around in suit styled clothing.


-The Comedian-
Logia likes a joke or two. Practical or just verbal jokes. They're not your daily snare and drum jokes performed at dinner shows but mostly to the situations. Subtle and simple. Not those that bring about a horde of laughter but a few giggles and chuckles here and there. He seems to particularly like slightly sexually connotated notes. Using this one mostly for lady counter parts. Never quiet frank, a subtle innuendo that will never be missed. Another style of his 'hilarious' personality is most likely mocking another while praising them. One could say sarcasm but just without the irritation or malice in his voice.

-The Bounto-
Logia isn't really proud or embarrased to be a Bounto. He seems to find it not quite natural but has accepted ever since his creation of his racial nature. He does not find it weird that he has to continue to eat souls for his survival nor does he blame it on anyone. Other races seem to frown upon him for doing so but Logia always has his reasons. Arrancar do it too, well they cannibalize to be precise. Shinigami, well they were the one who created them like that. Quincy destroy souls, At least they give the souls a new place to live in. Themselves. Humans, he apologizes to them.

-The ladies man-
Logia seems to enjoy the company of beautiful women. Not entirely a chaser but usually takes the empty seat to a lovely lady at a bar. His motives are never really quite clear. Whether he just simply wants her body for sexual pleasures or intend to consume her soul. Sometimes he seems to really want it, the soul that is, but he seldom does take the living soul of the women unless she is already dead or dying. He seems to friendly with women, using a soft hand yet when the situation arises can become rough.

-The Rich-
Logia's isn't quiet rich but nonetheless enjoys an extravagant lifestyle. Fine dining and wearing expensive clothes. It is difficult to say where his funds come from but he always seems to have enough money to do what he pleases to. One could suspect living off rich women but that is yet to be made clear. Logia never sleeps in one place for an extended period of time. Sleeping in hotels or houses of the women he seduces. He has his own residence but seldom visits the place.

-The aloof-
Logia seems to be aloof of the things around him. Not caring about his status as a Fugitive and an outcast of society but Logia is always aware of his surroundings. It is not a farce Logia is simply able to monitor his surroundings while emersed in other businesses. Staying on the same matter, Logia who seems to live the life a matured jock is highly intellegent. Easily remembering things he has seen once or twice.

-The warrior-
Logia is by nature a warrior. It was what he was created to do and it comes naturally to him. A ruthless fighter who enjoys the heat of the battle and will don a sadistic smile when he trully enjoys a fight. His fighting stlye may appear to be braindead brute force and but in truth is very well thought out. Calm minded and attacking so that the enemy is driven into a corner. Logia is not new to torture and is not afraid in doing it himself.

Rank: Tier 3-3

Special abilities:

Kurztritt- Flying Step- Kurztritt is simply the Bounts version of Shunpo/Sonido and the like. He is as versed in this art as a master on the same level as he would be.

Close Quarter Combat Specialist. - Logia is a dangerous opponent to engage in close quarters combat. Known to be highly skilled in hand to hand combats or with short blades. He is fully aware of the human anatomy and where their fatal or cripple points lie.

Expert Marksmen - A capable marksmen that is able to take even some trick shots. He is without problems accurately hit moving targets while he himself is on the move.

  • Strengths

Veteran of war - Logia is a Veteran in the art of warfare. Specifically he is a well experienced and seasoned fighter. Having accumulated a large amount of battle knowledge through experience Logia finds it easy to adapt to battle situations.

  • Weaknesses

Logia has an issue of killing unarmed opponents. This however does not apply to those who are still able to kill him even when unarmed. This is due to his peculiar personality.

Other Information

Child Arc:

Logia were one of the first few to Bounto's created by the Shinigami. He was very young then it had merely been only two weeks since he had been created. When he was declared stable a week later after creation he was undergoing a few tests. Back then he was wearing the white shinigami outfit. Wearing sandals and a white top. He wasn't still quiet sure what was what. A boy who appeared to be 9 years of age. Upon his 2nd week of creation would be the freak accident. Where the lab underwent some malfuction to this day, hidden, forgotten or unexplained reason. Explosions, deaths, disappearances, those who were injured to the point of retirement. But it was then that he had been aided by other older looking people to break out of the Shinigami realm. They came to a place called the Human realm. His name was Logia Brandt, a young boy. German by decent. Made to speak Japanese and German fluently. In the early years that he grew up many things were taught to him, realized by discovery or unlocked from his programmed body. In his teenage stage of life they were identified as Vampires. Appearing first in ancient times as blood sucking demons. It was true somewhat. They did drain the life out of people but it wasn't their blood that they took it was their life force or commonly known as the soul.

Growing up Arc:
It was only at a later stage had the Ritual for Logia's doll was carried out. Bit oh lime bit oh he wasn't really sure but things were done and he had his own doll. Finding it difficult to control it in the beginning. One too many times being attacked by his own doll and only saved by his peers. However as time would move on Logia would grow with his doll and begin to gain superior control over it. They continued to appear as vampires for the next few centuries. Coming to a stage where they struck fear into humans. Creating myths such as wooden stakes, holy water, garlic and all that. It didn't affect them in the slightest. To be fair Logia did find it annoying from the splinter he could get from grabbing a stake but alright. His group of bounts or vampires agreed to pretend the above items would harm them and stayed away from these items. The reason was simple it somewhat gave the humans an assurance of sorts a false security. With that Bounts could take easy pickings when they really needed to. Especially those vampire hunters. Though some of them were aware of a spiritual being. They would later be known as fullbringers.

There was another reason why they agreed to such. They were drawing too much attentions to themselves. Soon destroyers were hunting them down and firing blue lazers at them. Shinigami were coming in large throngs and Cornering Bounts. They had been large in number in the beginning. They even had a hierachy of sorts. Calling the most powerful Bounto, Count. Yes yes, funny. However that was the truth. There family or group was huge. What with that crazy bastard who fused with his octopus, what did the humans call him? Cootulu? cuthlu? something odd. And that hairy bastard who liked eating furry animal souls. He liked Mexico for some reason. They never really stayed in one place for very long. Moving on and making sure they weren't being watched too closely. That was another policey he remembered.They always remained in site. to be monitored and followed. That was some odd way of not attacting panic to the situation. something about what the eye sees believes and assumptions and what not. At least he was able to learn many langauges. English was easy. french was confusing but nonetheless something he learnt. Spanish was good after getting used to all the mustaches. Ah Let's not forget Latin in the good old garlic days. It sounds similiar to Greek nowadays.

Power Arc:
Speaking of which. He rather did enjoy the battles of the Roman empire and their conquest for the World. Spreading their influence quiet a large end. There was that slave boy. What was his name. Larik? Anywhom. Yes the Consulate and the Senate were something worth living to experience. What with their savage methods of entertainment they called a circus. he wouldn't have minded them if it wasn't for the blasted Toga they always wore. It was just too breezy. Their women were quiet ugly too. Egyptian women on the other hand.... Julius, that man had good taste in women. Getting over his dead roman bride pretty quickly and sailing all the way to egypt for that Lady. What was her name? Claypatron? Nevermind. However as time went by The bounto became bit too relaxed. Enjoying life too much Shinigami and quincy began hit and run tactics. Picking off those who lingered just a bit off from their group. They would be over powered by numbers and killed. reducing their bodies to ashes.

Eventually the whole lot of them had been hunted down. Losing more than 90% of the group. Logia at the time was able to survive. having picked a different travel plan to the group after Rome. He had wanted to visit Germany. His supposed racial background. The country was in ruins. Suffering some treaty bullshit after losing a war. But it wasn't long after Logia had arrived did Germany start to pickup once more. Logia watched as Nazi's reigned terror on the whole of Europe and some parts of Asia. It was amusing what his people could do. Wipe out whole races and cities. it was entertaining for a while but after a while he got bored a made stachio kill himself. It was probably after that. did Logia's unique personality form. Enjoying the boom of America and such. Moving around the world and living an extravagant life. Wearing his expensive suits and enjoying night of fine dining with beautiful women. Logia 'Drachen' Brandt. A bounto living in the 21st century. Enjoying the modern life to his fullest. A unique man in his own sense yet just another brick in the wall. Wearing his suits and living how many humans do. How will his story continue?

RP Sample:
A ceiling painted with greek gods and their realm of the heavens. Walls lined with fine marble pillars, decorated intricately with vines of historic knowledge. Huge pieces of whole stained glass that each told a story. A Crystal Chandelier that lighted up the whole grand ball room. Normally It would have been an open space for people to dance about in Expensive evening dresses created with the finest silk from the east and decorated with the most precious gems of Asia. But today the Ballroom was taken by a series of huge tables. Heavy and strong. Made from pure gold they said. The shine was rather distracting so the table had been covered by fine white cloth. But the white could not be seen. Hundreds of silver platters laid ontop catered for odd beings called Bounts. The Platters had a whole orchard on them. Ranging from fresh fruits to even the most exotic and bizarre looking spiked delacies. A hand reach for an orange. It rolled the fruit around in its hand, weighing and throwing it gently in the air before catching it. People were talking around him. They all looked important wearing suits made from different centuries and made with different racial styles. Logia himself sat in a black slacks, white dress shirt and a waste coat. He lacked a tie but looked quiet formal. However that was about the only thing that looked formal on him. He removed the leather glove on his left hand joining his bare right hand in playing with citrus skin. He seemed un-interested in what was going on. Politics amoung his race as they decided what to do with their future. Logia looked around. The walls lined with butlers and servants waiting to serve their vampire masters. Strange he thought. How they stood there emotionless all the while waiting on the predatory animal who at any moment could devour their souls. He craned his neck as he wanted a better view of all the servants. One caught his attention. Young and fragile. Holding a bottle of what was most likely Bordeux wine. She walked soundlessly over to an arab looking man and poured a glass of the red froth. When he drank it looked like blood. Logia grinned how appropriate it was. Logia lazily raised his arm, clicking once for the servant girl. In the same manner as before she walked over to him and also poured him a glass. Logia would lean back and look at the girl all the while she poured the wine. Ah so young. So innocent. She was not his taste. He'd wink, managing to break a wine stain on her cheeks. He grinned again. Turning to his wine, he'd let it sit for a while before drinking. "What is your opinion on the matter Brandt? or are you too busy looking at the fraulen?" Logia would turn to face the speaker. He stopped playing with the orange, placing it back on one of the platters. "We need to stop moving together in such a large group. It attracts too much attention." Logia would simply state this and return to his own business. He wasn't ignoring the meeting. He would have liked to but it was a serious matter and needed a fraction of his divided attention. What he said was what he wanted to say. The group moved in a large group and would leave behind a wave of terror and deaths. It was only natural for Shinigami and quincy to easily follow and track them. If this continued they would once again suffer the same fate the Count's vampires had suffered a few decades ago. Logia would have none of that. He watched as the light passed through the glass, leaving his hand stained red with blood. Such a sweet and bitter aroma it had. plaguing his nose and causing his mouth to water. He'd take a sip. Roll it with his tongue and breathe in a little air. Ah. So it wasn't Bordeux wine. Nonetheless a vintage and wonderful taste. Funny, no matter how he looked at it. They appeared to be drinking blood and not wine.
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The German


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PostSubject: Re: Blood and Honor    Tue Oct 16, 2012 4:43 am

Done for Now
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PostSubject: Re: Blood and Honor    Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:16 pm

seems good ^^
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Mizu Masuta

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PostSubject: Re: Blood and Honor    Sat Oct 20, 2012 1:29 pm


now for the doll Very Happy

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
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Mizu Masuta
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PostSubject: Re: Blood and Honor    

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Blood and Honor
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