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PostSubject: Riven   Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:41 am

~Character Information~
Name: Riven
Nickname/Alias: Ghost (by authorities), Sightless (by the criminal underworld)
Height: 5 foot 10
Weight: 141lbs
Age: Looks 19. Is just over two hundred.


Riven's skin is almost flawless. If you were to view the parts he showed, you'd see nothing but smooth skin, perfect by nature and design. To touch it is like touching silk. It's smooth, and always seems to be warm at all times during the day and year. His thighs, left collarbone, and back tell a different story though. Marred by scar after scar, they tell a horrifying tale of his life to date. How he came to be who he is today. The palms of his hand and soles of his feet are the same way as well. Marred to the point where the lines in both areas have been replaced by scar tissue. His collarbone area has been branded by a Chi-roh (see Fullbring app for a picture). He usually keeps these areas covered, but every now and then they show themselves for the public to see. Honestly, Riven forgets they are even damaged some days. Most of the time he goes about his evenings and days, should they be exposed, like nothing is wrong despite the horrified look on some people's face. Really, those scars mean very little to him and thus they get ignored. If one were to inquire about them, he'd simply dismiss them as "a lesson in obedience".

His hair is short, soft, and almost always messy unless he went through the effort to straighten it. It is an easy going brown color, nothing dark, but not too light either. There are some sandy colored highlights in his hair as well. Despite being blind, his eyes are not gray. They are a beautiful shade of sapphire. Despite his pretty little peepers, his blindness is how people identify him. Most who request his services usually only say "The blind one" People either know him or they don't. His long eyelashes often get him teased as most comment on his "girlish appearance" those are the same people who usually hire him to do their dirty work. So he puts up with it.

His body as a whole is rather lean. Those who first look at him wouldn't expect him to be able to lift half his weight let alone wreck a building. Of course, such a thought is usually put to rest after fighting him. Despite his lithe form, this male is capable of throwing quite the punch...or kick. The muscle definition under those clothes is clear. He worked hard to make sure they stood out on his body as per his orders. Now, he's not like a muscle bound junkie or anything like that. But at this stage in his life he does take pride in what he has, and works to maintain it.




Riven is a quiet sort. He doesn't like being disturbed and often gets lost in his own mind. He is the kind of guy who would remain silent among a crowd, observing, learning, but rarely speaking. It's not that Riven is going for the whole...coy, "I'm a badass, and you're a piece of trash." vibe. No. He's just rather introverted. He feels exhausted by being around a group of people, and he really hates working in teams. He is incredibly loyal to his friends though, which comes from his history of being forced into submission. He rarely speaks out against orders, and always completes them to the letter. Which just means people need to be very specific when they tell him to do something. Riven will not alter or change plans based upon anything, willing to follow them to the bitter end. Riven has trouble adjusting to situations where he has free will, he often suffers from panic attacks from such situations. Suffering from a need of control, it's why he has become a thief and a hitman. He needs a sense of direction, someone to tell him what to do. The only other piece missing is someone to punish him should he fail.

Riven's past as a slave has made him rather...strong willed. This is nothing more than a ruse though. Riven is not dominant or controlling in the least bit. He can barely make choices for himself, let alone tell others what to do. Put him in a position of power and he will collapse. Give him a choice to make and he will suddenly find it hard to breathe. Now. This is not to say that Riven cannot make ANY choice for himself. An example would be he is capable of choosing HOW to kill, or ways inside buildings, other such things like that. Most other things, however, this boy needs someone to tell him what to do and how to do it.

Anger isn't something he understands. He has never felt angry in his life. Even when watching people who he would call "friends" die, he felt no anger. He was never taught anger. Only submission. In fact, emotions as a whole make very little sense to him. He doesn't get how people could be so carefree or insubordinate. This doesn't mean he cannot experience emotions. He knows what it's like to be happy, or sad, or jealous. Anger, defiance, those kinds of things are unknown to him. Beaten out of him to the point of no return. His body has physical reactions when he feels these things. So at this point in time his body and mind reject thoughts of such emotions. They simply will not be felt.


Special Abilities:

Soul Sight: Riven, due to being blind, developed his senses to such a heightened degree that it effected his Fullbringer abilities. He can now see souls. He can see the truth inside of people, basically meaning that he can see one's true intentions as it pertains to him. He can deduce one's nature based upon their soul. It is how he sees if one is worthy of being his master. Soul Sight applies for everything. He can see objects, elements, people, animals, etc etc.

Rank: 1-3


Soul Manipulation: Riven is incredibly gifted in this aspect of his life. As a Fullbringer of his caliber, he is incredibly adept at manipulating the souls of objects. This has it's advantages in the form amplifying his attack powers, his speed, running, jumping, etc etc. IT also allows him to change the shape or properties of an object, which allows him for...comfy living to to speak. Through Soul Manipulation he can better understand and use objects. Having been subjugated to training with this ability since he was little, it goes without saying that at this point in his life he is a master at his art (again, for his level). The battlefield is his weapon.

  • Strengths




  • Weaknesses

Lack of Mental Stability

Other Information

Hollow arc:
Child Arc:

To Now Arc:


RP Sample:

This post IS NOT one I made up on the spot. Hope that's okay. I took it from a previous RP I did. It's still basically the same detail and post length I'll post here.

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PostSubject: Re: Riven   Fri Oct 05, 2012 12:11 pm

Seems to all check out...

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