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 Vivi or Plague (WiP)

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The Blaine

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PostSubject: Vivi or Plague (WiP)   Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:43 pm

~Character Information~
Name: Visario Vivi
Nickname/Alias: Plague
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 172lbs
Age 763, 21


Clothing: Plague prefers to wear a dark grey pinstripe shirt whose stripes are black. It has a high collar which he turns upward, it is short sleeved and has white buttons. Plague's pants are black and he wears a pair of dull black dress shoes.


Personality: Plague while manipulative loves to joke, and unless his inner hollow, Cynth, is talking he is generally a nice person. In combat he prefers to play with his opponents, or finish them off quickly depending on the situation. He is cunning, and a constant thinker often accused of setting up his opponents and goading them into moves allowing for a quick finish or a playful jab depending on his mood or is Cynth is present.

Around his peers Plague is respectful yet sarcastic and always eager to put in his two cents. However he is rarely long winded and prefers not to get involved in pointless squabbles. Helpful rather than hindering Plague prefers to make inroads but he is always progressing towards his goals.

Alone Vivi is constantly plotting, though usually not against his own people rather towards his enemies and he prefers to train and keep his mind and body in peak form. While he enjoys fighting, he would rather talk with an enemy first and would rather abstain from a battle altogether unless he is irked which can happen quite easily and at the drop of a hat.

~Abilities and Skills~
Speciality: Kido, Close Combat, Speed


Speed- The speed of Plague is ungodly, seeming more like someone two tiers above him than his own level. His reactions are still on this level, and his reflexes are just as keen.

Cutting Power- Plague's cutting power is ridiculous, able to slice through most objects with ease. However he cannot cut through a zanpakuto without hitting the same area twice. He can even cut through reiatsu attacks launched by those his rank or below.

Kido Immunity- Anything lower than a kido in the 90s range shot by someone his rank or above cannot affect Plague, as such it is a good idea to hit him with physical attacks instead.

  • Strengths

Hand to hand combat is something Plague excels at and he knows all the pressure point of any creature's body. In combat he can think extremely fast and often seems steps ahead of his opponents.
Swordsmanship, Plague knows how to pressure his opponent's blade and can make them dance to his tune.
Analysis, with just a stray word or body position someone can reveal their inner emotions and almost even thoughts to the vizard. He can pick up on vocal inflections and facial expressions of the smallest kind.
Emotional manipulation is another thing that Plague excels at and can turn even the best of friends against each other.
  • Weaknesses

Snails- 'Those things are beings of pure evil and need to die, I will never get near them.'
Vacuum Cleaners- 'Whatever happened to brooms? They clean just as well and don't give off that awful demonic noise.'
Failure is something that Plague fears greatly and will make sure that this never happens at any cost.
Plague is rather bad at interpersonal communications and manages to piss off a majority of people that work with him.

Rank: 3-3


~Character History~
Before Death Arc:

After Death Arc

Shinigami Arc

RP Sample Standing out of focus at a table to the left of Pyrrhus and out of eyesight of both Greeks, Hiim would notice something was wrong. Well that is to say someone was much too aggressive.

-Harken back to a tale, a tale of woe and transfiguration-

Helmet, protection, before the arm of Pyrrhus was raised Hiim would be behind the golden bitch his hand would be already raised and touching the base of her head before the helmet was fully on. What was a helmet? Well it is something one would use to protect the skull, that is to say the brain something all bipedal humanoids valued. Any intelligent being would know it is the base of emotions, not that pesky heart. It is where thought is spawned and where creation is born. Where one can retreat from their normal life, or where one could analyse it. All it took was an instant and as such the symbiote simply made her arms waver and pause creating the little instant that Pyrrhus needed into an even longer pause holding the helmet as such that it blinded her to their actions. The blind were ones who focused on other senses, however a normal being who retained their eyesight would rely on it the most out of all their senses. This is an undeniable fact, after all what sense gives the brain more information than that of sight? None, smell, touch, hearing, hell all of that is dwarfed by the amount of attention given to sight and as such sight is the most relied upon, the most trained. Next, and by next I mean the next milisecond he began to shut off the body functions that is to say her thinking, movements, probably even life would suddenly stop. Life is precious, yet there are those who would wish to snuff it out like a used cigarette, users and abusers who cared little for anything other than the self. Selfish slugs who brought the whole existance as a whole down a few pegs, if only they could be removed. It was simple the first signal was the one that controlled her arms, that was manipulated such as to make the arms pause the timing did not matter but the signal told the arms to stay in place for over a minute. Time another concept is something that we created, or is it? Much debate rages about this and one cannot be sure what came first, life or time. If I were to wager a guess I would throw my weight on the bench behind the favor of time. Time is something that simply marches forward, it cannot be stopped, while there may be those who delay time, there were none who could stop it forever. Of course she would regain control of that impulse later once it now longer told the arms to pause, but there was other impulses. One such impulse told her heart to beat, that one was cut off, severed, shut off. Without the heart the body cannot function, it pumps blood. Most deaths occur when the heart simply slows down, this can cause a heart attack. When it stops almost nothing can make it start back up again. Even pleading cries from the brain cannot awaken the beast from it's slumber, sure it can be electrically shocked back into beating, but even then it is weaker. That action however cannot be done by someone with a still heart. The brain simply began to think that the heart was no longer there or needed for the body to function, a lie a truly large and dangerous lie. Lies are told everywhere, the true cornerstone of life some would say but I think that is much too cynical a thought. Those were the two impulses he affected in that instant, that milisecond that he was there. Such a short amount of time that even the feeling, or touch receptors would not be able to tell the brain he was there, well for her it may never tell her that he was there. The next he was behind Pyrrhus yet again arms crossed and a sneer painted across that symbiotic face of his. The woman was not going to take away someone so interesting, that could not be afforded.

~Visored Information~

Mask Appearance:

Mask Duration: 8 posts, 8 post cool down

Additional Abilities:
Speed- In his Hollow form Plague's speed doubles.

Cutting power- In his Hollow form Plague's cutting power doubles.

Hollow Abilities:
Inter Dimensional Travel- Plague has simply force his hands out and rip open the fabric of space while thinking of the place he wants to go. Of course this will not allow him to step into places unknown to him or places with dimensional blocks.

Strengths: Healing - Plague regenerates from any wound in this form
Weaknesses: Healing - However it does not become healed until after the topic, as such unless healed by someone else lethal wounds remain lethal.

Inner hollow
Personality: simply put Plague's inner hollow is a bitch who tells him only to maim or kill, she constantly picks on him in his inner world and enjoys to hit him as often as she can catch him. That being said the two are constantly at odds only on the surface, she is the reason why plague got so strong and fast. They share a bond that is as tight as her lady parts.
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Vivi or Plague (WiP)
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