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 Kazou Emyia (done, as far as I can tell)

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PostSubject: Kazou Emyia (done, as far as I can tell)   Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:59 pm

~Character Information~
Name: Kazou Emiya
Nickname/Alias: n/a
Height: 5’7’
Weight: 175
Age: 19


Standing at around the average height for a human Kazou he has looks that would catch the attention of many around him, though whether for them being good or looking just plain weird most wouldn’t be able to tell you. With white hair and red eyes he looks like and has even been classified as a rare albino human, and his paler than normal skin tone for a Japanese male adds credit to this. The problem with this classification is that many times albinos have problems with their health that are obviously not apparent on Kazou.

Kazou is lithe and thin, with muscles that were obviously built for speed. Scars can be seen in more numbers than normal around his body; although, there aren’t so many that it couldn’t be explained away by something like being a martial artist. His hair looks ruffled as if it was constantly messed with and only cared for enough to not mess with it himself. Kazou’s face seems to fit in perfectly with the image that the rest of his body gives off, smooth and thin it seems mostly untouched. Showing only a practicality for usefulness, nothing seems to be added on or not useful on Kazou’s person.


When not attending formal events that requires the person to be well dressed Kazou seems to favor semi-formal clothing and for some odd reason most associate with his supposed albino traits black trench coats. Generally wearing dark colored button up shirts and trousers dark colors seem to be the focus of his likes and taste in clothing style.

Even his clothing style could be called practical (even the trench coat). What doesn’t have pockets is loose fitting enough to move freely about in and be comfortable in.


Kazou is a very advanced speaking focused young man, always to the point and blunt in what he says. He doesn’t seem to be the type that mocks in the middle of combat unless it brings an advantage to him, choosing instead to save his breath and time to search for something he could use. Guided above all by his moral code and the voice of his father’s teachings every action and reaction he takes goes in accordance with what he truly believes needs to be done. As a result of this only the few friends Kazou has see much emotion from him at all, as he doesn’t show much more than determination or angers towards those he fights.

Kozou’s interactions with the spiritual world have been very limited so far. He knows that there are those people with swords going around and that there must be others like him, but so far all he has seen so far has been minor hollows. This will reflect in how he reacts to anything of the spiritual world. Towards hollows he harbors a deep hatred that would to conflict almost the instant he sees them doing he could view as wrong or evil. Arrancar and Visored would be watched very carefully to see if they do anything he could consider bad as well, though as they look and act more human they would get more leeway than most hollows (he’d at least ask why before attacking). As Kazou has never interacted with Shinigami before he’d react to them like he was trying to figure out how exactly he should view them. Bounts and anything else would receive much the same treatment: suspicion, but given a chance to prove how they act one way or another. The one exception to his actions would be to other Fullbringers. Seeing someone like him would drive him to try to find more about them, to connect.

In general life and actions when not in a fight most people would see in Kazou a confident and scarily focused young man. Even as he walks through a crowd he always seems to slip through it like he’s not even a part of the world. Ethereal and liking to be in mostly small groups very few know him deep enough to see anything but an oddity. Someone so focused on control that he doesn’t let anything past him.

There is more for those that know him though; more than the surface appearance of the creepy stare and grim lines. There is a reason Kazou follows the code he does so fiercely, why he always seems to be so restrained. There is a dark force held back in his mind, always tempting him with easier and more brutal tactics. A thing that if followed would turn him into the monster he tries so hard to hunt down. For every good action and path he sees Kazou’s mind provides a path equally dark and often times simply easier to follow. If ever he gave in completely Kazou could turn into a monster worse than most in the world. And so Kazou never lets go, never allows it to win in him, his goal to become a hero always on his mind.

This leads to Kazou’s drive, the reason he fights. Ever since discovering his power, with his father’s constant support behind him Kazou has aspired to become one of the heroes he watched on the tv and heard about in stories. Inspired by the environment around him he started to get a real interest in heroes like Van Helsing, Constantine, and Vampire Hunter D. It is in fact why he started dressing as he does, finding the appearance cool at the time and simply growing to like it enough to adopt the look as he grew.

Rank: Tier 1 Rank 3

Special abilities:
Way of Light: An ability unique to Kazou this ability manifests as swirls of light swirling around whatever object it is being used on. So far Kazou has discovered two uses for this ability. The simplest is a form like Telekinesis, yellow light swirling around the object of focus and moving it. This form of the power can vary in strength depending on how much light is available, to moving something half the size and weight of a car to only being able to move some keys about. The other form this power can take is minor illusions of light, giving the same sign of use as the telekinesis this can cause objects to seem to blur in one spot, making it harder to focus and hit them.
Fullbring Activation: Light focusing around the cross on Kazou’s neck, the cross transforms in a flash of light into an odd looking gun held in Kazou’s right hand. In this form the gun takes the form of a nine millimeter looking silver gun with a golden cross inscribed into the sides of it. Kazou’s right arm glows with yellow light as it is in this form.
In this form the focus of light spiritual energy becomes the bullets for the weapon to use, becoming so tightly focused as to become like the spiritual version of a bullet as it is shot out. The light focused on Kazou’s arm becomes like a force field shield that can block melee weapons and projectiles, growing more powerful in daylight though it does work in darkness as well.

Curiosity’s Reward: Driven to find out more about his ability Kazou has grown to the point where it is almost constantly active, influencing his abilities. While in any type of light he is able to move slightly more swiftly than a normal human could. Sunlight is especially effective in this department, driving it to become more apparent if he doesn’t focus on not being suspicious. This light also acts as a shield that surrounds him, slowing attacks by just a bit before it can hit him. In absolute darkness this ability is void.
Fullbring Activation: When his Fullbring is active this ability becomes more apparent, increasing his reflexes and becoming a bit better of a shield that can shield him from debris and minor elements or simply lessen a blow by a small amount. As his arm can become the focus of light in this case absolute darkness does not nullify this ability, though it will lessen it. Sunlight will still increase it.

Swift Movement: Through experience and need Kazou has learned the secrets of moving faster by making the spiritual particles more malleable. While this speed can increase in light it will not disappear in darkness, though it will become tougher to use and slower in operation.

  • Strengths

Grows stronger in any type of substantial light (sunlight, high light areas). Through this can go up to half a rank in strength in bright light
Faster than average for someone on his level

  • Weaknesses

Weaker abilities in very dark areas (room with no windows, cloudy nights with no moon). Through this can go up to half a rank lower in strength in deepening darkness.
Less strength in comparison with those of his level

Other Information
Hollow arc:

Kazou’s life started in a pretty normal fashion considering his appearance. Tested and confirmed for being an albino his family at first were very nervous in how to act around him and treat him. It was a good life in context, his family accepted him and he had friends all about. He even got a sibling before he was two years old; A sister who came about a year and a half into his life.
It’s when he was two that his life truly changed. During a walk with his mother through the park in the later portions of the day a monster appeared out of nowhere near the edge of the forested portion of the park. Going for Kazou the masked monster was blocked as his mother gave her life to save his. His father and the police found him sitting and crying by the mauled body of his mother, the hollow having fled after its meal to avoid the shinigami it had felt coming closer.

Child Arc:

Life in the Emiya household drastically changed from this point on. Their father, someone who was on the force beforehand, retired from his position as a detective into a desk position to make sure that the children he was now alone in raising wouldn’t lose their father as well. That isn’t to say he was dealing well with his grief though, quite the opposite.
Work became their father’s world, something to escape in. It was to the point where Kazou and his sister were pretty much left alone to their own devices. It was because of this that the changes to Kazou weren’t apparent to their father. The sun wasn’t affecting Kazou as it should have a person in his apparent condition, he acted exactly like a child his age should have, which he shouldn’t have been able to act as. The teachers may have noted this as slightly odd, but as nothing seemed wrong and they weren’t really required for anything involved the oddity was passed by. It wasn’t until an incident four years after their mother’s death that the father truly came back into the picture at all.
Kazou discovered his powers when he found a bully in the schoolyard picking on one of the friends he had made recently made. Getting angry at the incident the then six year old boy intervened the only way he knew how, punching the bully from behind. This culminated in Kazou’s friend suddenly finding somewhere else to be as the group of older bullies that had been picking on his friend turned towards Kazou himself with thunderous faces and obvious intentions.
Now Kazou had been normally left alone because of the teacher’s close attentions to him beforehand. Despite there being nothing apparently wrong with him he was noted with a medical condition that naturally led to the teacher’s paying more attention to where he was in case something happened along the way. All of this culminated to Kazou being completely scared witless when put into the situation he was in, and in this fear he found something he wouldn’t have imagined.
As one of the group came in to start the beating a light seemed to appear around him, invisible to the other’s but as if in plain sight to Kazou’s eyes as the bully’s forward motion suddenly reversed harshly at Kazou’s bidding. The other bullies seemed to pause at that, looking with wide scared eyes at what had just occurred before slowly backing off as Kazou turned his attention to another of them with a suddenly wide and devious smirk. All the while Kazou could see the glow of the necklace his mother had given him at her death.

To Now Arc:

Needless to say the information of the conflict reached his father’s ears soon enough, though not exactly in the way you would expect. Entranced with his new abilities Kazou had immediately started trying out the surrounding light technique as soon as he got home. He didn’t even notice as his father came into the room and dropped his bag in shock as he saw what was happening. Glancing at his son he spoke out in a greeting that sent the item his son had been dealing with to the ground as he quickly turned to share the exciting news. To his puzzlement Kazou’s father did not seemed as excited as he had been, more fearful then anything else in fact.
Thus came the conversation that would define his life, though his father certainly didn’t know it at the time. Afraid his son would be taken away and experimented on if anybody else knew what he could do his father took the tactic of convincing his son to keep his powers a secret, like a superhero would. Most of the conversation went by Kazou’s head, but the term hero was definitely heard and acknowledged.
So the powers were kept under wraps for years with his father suddenly starting to stay around and watch carefully. Everything would have continued as it normally would have except for one thing he hadn’t expected to happen from the conversation he had had with Kazou. His son had taken him seriously when he had said what he had about being a hero, the thought of being able to protect others like his mother was too tantalizing a thought for Kazou to let go of. He bugged his father left and right for a year before his father started to finally give into trying to teach him how.
Most of what was taught was off the top of his father’s mind, but it wasn’t long before he started to really get into the lessons he taught as he saw his son going so hard for what he wanted. He didn’t really believe at the time that Kazou would seriously follow through with his new dream, but he saw the opportunity to teach and get involved with his family again too much of something to resist.
Throughout the years Kazou grew in power and skill as he learned what was needed to become what he wanted. His discovery of hollows and the first step of his power came about once he reached 12 and started attracting hollows like a magnet. Once it started it never stopped, hollows appearing left and right along with the beginnings of those swordsmen in black trench coats. Though it took resulting property damage of a few fights for his father to fully believe him, he quickly became an advisor to Kazou as it became apparent that something he didn’t even know about was starting to revolve around his son.
Trying to get his son to promise not to do anymore fights until he was considered ready he started seriously trying to do what he could with what little he knew, very thankful that his daughter didn’t have the same things his son apparently did.
Kazou himself had less and less to fight on as more of the swordsmen started to show in his town in accordance to the fights that were going on. Planning for his own college and career so that he could lead at least a somewhat normal life on the side he got accepted to Karakura Town’s college and dorms.

RP Sample:

Kazou stared at the masked figure in front of him with a frown on his face as it growled at him. It was amusing how he always seemed to fight these things at night, it was like they purposefully avoided the city during the day; maybe it was because those blacked clothed swordsmen seemed more about during the day? In the end he guessed it didn’t matter all that much as the hollow’s form dashed towards where he stood.

Snorting in contempt at the attempt the monster was doing to get him Kazou disappeared from his place as the being smashed into the pavement, looking in confusion as the human disappeared amidst the smashed sidewalk. “Oh quit,” it heard as light flashed into existed behind him, “I’d rather my father doesn’t know about this thanks.” The teenager seemed to have a dark amusement radiating off of him as a gun that had appeared out of nowhere leveled at the hollow as it turned towards the teenager hesitating as it saw the glowing arm that was holding the odd human gun in his hand.

“What are you?” it growled out in irritation and the beginnings of fear. Kazou simply gave a malicious smirk as he pulled the trigger and a bolt of super-focused light energy pierced through the hollow’s mask, “The hunter.” He mocked the widened eyes as the hollow disappeared before him.

Giving a sigh as his gun reformed into the cross on his chest Kazou shrugged back fully into his coat before starting to walk off at a fast pace. It was the last week before he would be off to another city altogether and he didn’t need to get caught out where there was a lot of obvious property damage and violence. It wouldn’t look very good on his record to be arrested for property damage, and even more he didn’t really want to get caught by the energy signatures he could feel even now approaching his location.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazou Emyia (done, as far as I can tell)   Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:49 pm

All looks good

If ya could put your fullbring here: (it gets approved sepratly)


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PostSubject: Re: Kazou Emyia (done, as far as I can tell)   Fri Sep 28, 2012 1:56 am

seems fine gets my approval
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PostSubject: Re: Kazou Emyia (done, as far as I can tell)   

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Kazou Emyia (done, as far as I can tell)
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