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 Reshoma Kujaka (Finished)

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PostSubject: Reshoma Kujaka (Finished)   Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:06 am

~Character Information~
Name: Reshoma Kujaka
Nickname/Alias: "The white Dragon"
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1 feet tall
Weight: 154 pounds
Appears 24, is actually 234 years old.


Clothing: Is in the appearance picture.

There is no other way to describe this Shinigami. He is just not a bad person, he does not have any anger problems once so ever. He does what ever his superiors tell him to with out back talk, and he also does it with a smile on his face. No matter how many times he has gotten in trouble for things he never got mad. He is pretty much a very laid back person when it comes to getting all stressed about things. He does not think living life worrying about things is the way it should be. So he lives his life out not worrying about the future, instead he lives life out one day at a time. He does not let his being laid back get in the way of doing what he is told and things.

He is quiet the funny person as well. He is always making people laugh, or he at least thinks what he says is funny. He is kind of pathetic, he laughs at most of the stuff he does. He often finds other people trying to be funny not funny at all. He does do funny stuff though, mostly because he does stupid things. This is one of the main things he has that is not good. He does stupid things and he does not pay attention to hardly anything. If he focuses on one thing he will forget it and start doing something else. Nothing really makes him focus unless it is a very interesting battle. If something does not interest him he seems to forget about it all together. Other than that he does everything right.

His best side is his brains. This is why everyone puts up with him, he is extremely smart. No kind of problem stumps him in anyway. Problems that make him work to figure out make him extremely happy. He you could say is kind of like the captain of squad 12, he just does not care for the taking apart things very much. He does like figuring them out though. Nothing as of yet has stumped him and he gets a little cocky with his smarts. He loves making strategies to out smart someone, he just does not think it though enough sometimes. If it goes wrong he will not have a back up. This really gets people pissed off at him, he usually laughs about it though.

During battles he does get a little more serious. He just does not turn into a mindless killer. He keeps his mind on target as hard as it is for him he still does it. He does not talk smack to his enemy, instead he enjoys telling them they did good jobs. He is a good sport, but if killing the enemy is part of the job he will not hesitate. His attitude makes his enemies wonder about him, because he still laughs and and acts stupid during a battle. Even with a serious look from him has a smile. Which probably comes from the fact that he loves kids and that is his main priority. Over all everyone likes his ways, they like him and the stuff he does.

Drunk- He does not exactly like drinking all the time. But he loves to drink when someone has either forced and gave it to him.

Research- This is his #1 hobby, researching things and finding out about it. Finding out how it works and such really gets him pumped. He could just sit in the same place for hours researching.

Development- He does not exactly love doing this but he does not hate it. He would rather do development work than drink or stuff like that.

Data and analyzes- When fighting someone he likes to put in his data base what his opponents moves and strategy seems to be. He finds it funny to do so while it also helps him out.

kids- He loves spending time with kids. He often does things for them. Like bringing them food and candy. Nothing will stop him from helping a child out if he or she needs help.


drunk dreams- Every time he gets drunk and goes to sleep he worries about dreams. He hates having drunk dreams. He always dreams out a clown that is trying to kill him.

Dream clown- He hates this clown, he wants to kill it so bad. He just can not exactly kill him because he is a dream. But he swears up and down that it has a mind of its own. He says its not a normal clown and that he does all kinds of things that freak him out.

Death- He does not fear himself getting kill as much as he does a kid. He does not know what he would do if a little kid got killed.

lectures- He dreads and totally hates lectures. He just can not understand why people want to be all stuck up and worry about things all the time. He mainly fears lectures because he is afraid when he does something stupid that he will lose his position in the Gotei 13.

~Abilities and Skills~
Stamina, Speed, strength

Over the years his stamina has grown so high, that he can fire kidou after kidou one after another with out ever getting tired. He can hand to hand fight with anyone and win simply from just wearing his opponent out.
What else would you expect from the captain of squad 1 though.

His flash step is one of a kind. When he flash steps he can move 100 yards with just 1 step. Fully showing how much of a master he is in speed.

He may not be the biggest of people, but he certainly is strong. He would not really be called a brute, he does not go around smashing things, instead if needed, he will use Hakudo to crush his opponents. An example of his strength would be that he can punch a wall of a building many times his own size and cause that side to crumble like it was nothing more than a sand castle.

  • Strengths

This guy has the will of a thousand men, he can come through even the hardest of situations. He will protect and give his life for the Soul Society. His will is almost unbreakable, even if he is in a situation where he can almost not stand, he will rise and keep fighting.
  • Weaknesses

He is somewhat a hot head, when someone really pisses him off he rushes into things. Sometimes getting into situations that he can not handle. Being hot headed does have some advantages at moments, but it clouds the mind and makes a person not think things through all the time.

Rank: Captain of squad 1, Head captain

~Character History~
Before Death Arc:
Reshoma was not your average person in this date and time. In fact he was a great and powerful samurai. He was not known for his skills with a sword per say. No he was known for his smarts and great battle strategy. No one could match his mind in this era he was above everyone in smarts. When great battles were going on he was writing battle strategies. He was not just all smarts, he was very skilled with a blade. He beat many opponents, some were much better than him with a sword, but his mind and quick thinking over whelmed them.

Young life:
As a young boy him and his family were poor. They lived in a village that was ravaged by a terrible group of people. They always came and stole rice and mainly treated the village like it was nothing more than a tool. Reshoma's father made him work every day to make sure they had enough rice for everything. This really made Reshoma think about things, what if he was to stop this group of men. He did not know how to wield a Katana just yet but he was very smart. So every day after he was done working he went home and started writing. Making planes of making the men go away. What he ended up getting out of it was a kind of creepy but workable plan. His plan involved a kind of flower that grew back in the time, it was a poisonous flower. You could ground the seeds up and spread the powder that was made around. To keep anyone from knowing it was him he snuck around and spread the flower powder into all the bags of food that had been prepared for the evil men.

After the men came and took the food Reshoma knew that would be the last time he would be seeing them. When everyone else was sad about giving them the food, Reshoma gave it to them with a smile on his face. His parents wondered why he was so happy. When the next time came around for them all to give the men food they never showed up. Everyone smiled with joy but they still knew in their mind that the men would return. Reshoma knew different about it though. Because the next few times that the men were expost to come they never showed. Reshoma was so inspired about this that he felt he had what it takes to become a warrior and defend people. This was the actual only time he had ever thought about what he wanted to do. The rest of his life had been worrying about being killed by bandits. For a while though he kept this a secret and went a while with out doing anything.

Finding the sensei:
A few years after he ride the village from the bandits, Reshoma picked up training with a Katana he had forged by himself. He trained everyday after he had finished his work. He had became fairly good wielding a Katana, but he was not as good as he could be. He was very lucky though, what happened to him is something very few can say has happened to them. A group of samurai came to his village. Their leader was a very famous Samurai, he had won many batttles and he was ranked amount the top in this era. They had just happned to stroll though this town in search of food and water. Rather it was Reshoma's luck or destiny, either way Reshoma quickly picked his things up and went to talk to the Leader. The leader was a very quiet and kind man. He mainly did not say much, but Reshoma made him think about his childhood. Reshoma told him about the bandits and what he had done, while also mentioning the fact that he had been training with blades as well. The leader honestly did not know why he was so influence to allow Reshoma to come along with his group. In the end the leader allowed Reshoma to come along, it took a lot of Reshoma aggregating him though.

Samurai State:
Traveling with his sensei the leader of the group of samurai. Reshoma had become a great and skilled Samurai. His sensei not only tought him how to use a sword, but he also help Reshoma enhance his brain skills. He had become a great samurai but he had yet gained the best samurai state. He still had some time to go before he could become one of the best. A war was starting, it was a bad thing, but it would be what gave Reshoma his best moments. Him and his sensei were hired to do a very secret and hard mission. The mission was to sneak into an enemy camp and kill everyone in the camp. The mission said to kill everyone, but there were a lot of kids in this camp. Unlike his sensai he would not kill the kids, he wold never touch them. His sensei did not care he was going to finish the mission, but Reshoma would not allow it. He shood in the way of his sensei and fought bravely. In the end he lost but he was able to wound his sensei enough to make him retreat. On that day Reshoma realized he had been fighting on the wrong side. He choose on that day to switch sides and fight for the good.

The legend and death:

The more the war went on the more Reshoma became known and the more he became strong. Having switched sides to fight for the good Reshoma was head of a large organization. He was a big part of these battles that went on. His battle strategies were legendary, and his sword skills were amazing. The only person to rival him was his sensei who had stayed on the bad side of the war. Reshoma and his sensei fought many battles against each other. Reshoma was more forgiving and tried to reason with his sensei. It was not until a final battle between the two that his sensei finally changed back to being good. It was too late though, he was way to damaged to continue on in life. Reshoma and his sensei had one final battle and Reshoma won. Before his sensei died they had several things to say. Reshoma figured out the reason his sensei became an enemy. He wanted to make sure Reshoma could live up to the pressure and do what was right.

Several years after that battle, Reshoma had become a very powerful and good samurai. Some would say he was the best there was, and that was partially true. It was not until his final few hours of living in the human world that he learned just what all he could do. After the war ended he returned to his village to say hello and visit before leaving out again. It just so happened that on his return visit a beast of enormous power was attacking his village. What seemed to Reshoma as a dragon with a skull head was actually a hollow. No one had ever seen such a monster, and there was no one more ready to attack the beast more than Reshoma. The hollow and Reshoma fought validly, but in the end there was no winner. Reshoma cut the head off of the beast, but the beast cut Reshoma in half. Reshoma lived just long enough to say bye to his family and smile about the best battle he had in a long time.

After Death Arc
Reshoma was buried and his grave was rejoiced often. Everyone still felt that Reshoma was there watching over the village and protecting them in the after life. In a way they were right, Reshoma was still there, his spirit was lucky enough to be tied to the whole village. He wondered around for years watching and wondering what had happened. He wondered often why he was not completely dead. It was not until one day, A day that made many remember the day Reshoma left out with his sensei, that Reshoma's eye's were finally closed. His eye's stayed black and it seemed to him like years past but in a way it felt like minutes. Reshoma awoke to a new world as a young boy just like in his childhood. He was in a new life one that gave him more options of doing what is right. This new world was the Soul Society.

During the time he was dead, he saw a bright light flash before him. He had no emotions he was dead, but he was still able to see this light. This light showed him many different paths he could have taken during his life. Each one came out with him dieing at different times and places. It came to click to him that even the most simplest things can changed a person. After a while the light faded, and that is when Reshoma began to walk around in a world with no life. It was as if he was walking through a land filled with everything he had seen when he was a live. He could see people, after a while he knew he was dead and assumed he was a spirit. After all those years he had many, many things to think about. He knew not that one day he would walk and live again, but he sat back and remembered his past and smiled. He had no regrets, he lived his life the way he wanted and died. That was when his eye's finally closed and it seemed as many years pasted. He finally awoke as a young boy, he had hardly any memories of what he had done. Many times during his life he could catch glimpses of his life as a human. He did not know that those glimpses were of his past.

Shinigami Arc

The academy:
Life as a young boy flew by, and before long he started attending the shinigami academy. His first years were a little hard, he could not get truly learn much. He was equally skilled in everyone of his classes. He thought he was a bit slow, most of the kids had a class that they were better than other students in. This just made Reshoma mad and forced him to start training more and more. After a while his skill with a sword started to to show. Being a samurai in his past life seemed to have left that skill with him even now.

After learning to use the sword more, he picked up Kidou a bit more. His kidou teacher became impressed with his persistence in learning more. So some days Reshoma stayed in a school a couple of more hours and practiced with other higher level classes. Not too long after that Reshoma was given a ranking up paper which gave him the rank of an elite student. He had to finish the year he was in out as a normal student, but the next year he went in as an elite. That was the year his was able to graduate. Training with his sword and kidou so much greatly brought his stamina up and made him a pretty strong student.

Not much happened in his final year, he just trained and trained. His teachers knew he was ready to graduate, and when the year ended he would. During his graduation with the other students he passed as one of the uppers. He was not the top student, but he was a upper. All of the uppers were given the special gift of picking which squad he or she wanted to join. Reshoma had already discussed this with his teachers, they recommended him joined either squad 11, or 5. He went with his Kidou teachers advice and joined squad 5.

Squad 5 and the talk:
Just like the rest of his life, being in squad 5 seemed to fly by. He felt his skill was not being used to its full potential but he never complained. He went on several missions with his squad. He saw many of his new friends and allies killed in front of his eye's. His Captain saw how strong he had become and promoted him to Lieutenant. The lieutenant before Reshoma had been killed and Reshoma now seemed fit for the job. He never really felt right about being put as the lieutenant, he had became friends with the one before him. Reshoma would never argue with his captain, so he took the promotion and became the Lieutenant.

During his years as the Lieutenant Reshoma grew stronger and stronger. At first he was one of the weaker lieutenants, but during his final days as a Lieutenant he became the strongest. He was still not pleased with his life. To him he had not accomplished much, yes he was the Lieutenant of a squad but he still wanted more. So one day he talked one on one with his captain. He asked him what all it takes to become a captain, and how does one become a captain. The captain explained, but he wondered why Reshoma wanted to know. Reshoma simply explained that he wanted to become a captain and gain more strength, and become one of the top Shinigami in the Soul Society. Reshoma explained that he knew it sounded like he simply just wanted to gain power with no just cause, but that was not the cause. There was a reason he wanted more power, he wanted to protect every one. To many times he had saw his friends die, and he no longer wanted to see that. His captain took Reshoma's words in, he thought about what Reshoma had said. Only smiling and saying to Reshoma "that is a good reason." Reshoma thought he was being smart but he was not. Reshoma thought his dream to be only a dream and went on with his day.

RP Sample

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PostSubject: Re: Reshoma Kujaka (Finished)   Sat Sep 22, 2012 12:05 pm

HA! That last bit under stamina was lovely.

What else indeed...

Right then. Proceed to the Zanpakuto making.

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Reshoma Kujaka (Finished)
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