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 Our Plot

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Mizu Masuta

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PostSubject: Our Plot   Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:13 am

Ok folks heres out plot, it is simple but at the same time quite complex

Each race can move freely between worlds even if they are human, simply find someone that can open a portal for you unless you can open one yourself

This is the only absolute plot line in our plot.

Now the complex part
Our plot is actually determined by player choice. Decions you make durrin RP shall determine the events in RP. (i.e. this could be a war declaration, creating an aliance with an unconventional ali, etc)

So let your creativity flow


Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
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Mizu Masuta
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PostSubject: Re: Our Plot   Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:49 am

I'm...going to elaborate on that.

Current Events wrote:
Both the Shinigami and Arrancar have been struggling to build up numbers. Without a Sotaicho in office, the Shinigami have been running about in aimless directions in an attempt to keep the peace. Meanwhile, the Arrancar have been fussing and fighting for that seat of power. A victor emerged by the name of Canaan, an Arrancar who has yet to reveal his true form but has managed to deal a devastating blow to the Soul Society by taking out captains, the 11th Division Captain, ever since he held the title of Segunda Espada. Since then, he has done nothing but bide his time and make plots to attack the Shinigami. Now he sits in that seat of Kingship, leading the Arrancar against the Shinigami. During his declaration of war he fatally wounded one of the Shinigami, ironically it was the new 11th Division Captain, but didn't kill him so that the Shinigami may know what was coming for them. Can the Shinigami elect a Sotaicho to protect them, and will this new leader repel the aggressive Arrancar?

On Earth the humans seem to have been mostly quiet. While the Shinigami try to hold the fort on both grounds, every now and then a human will pop up who shows some ability to hold their own. Just as quick as they come, they seem to go. However there are two souls who seem to have unknown intentions for the Human world as well as Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. Are they just passing influences or master marionettes?

The die has been cast, lines are being drawn, and more souls are joining causes or forging their own path. What the future holds is up to the individuals, is up to us. Support the war, start your own, or kick back and watch the bloodshed, it's all possible.

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PostSubject: Re: Our Plot   Sat Sep 22, 2012 12:10 pm

[ This is going to be updated every time something interesting happens. Why? Because I keep getting the same questions. SO rather than everyone be off center with what's going on and such. If you don't feel like reading through topics to keep up to date on the latest killings, maiming, challenges, fights, agreements, drama, love affairs, so on and so on, just look here whenever you see a new post. ]

A pack between a human and an Ex-Shinigami has paved the way for chaos and destruction. Whether this pact will last or not has yet to be seen, but what is known is that nothing good (for the greater population) can come of this. The Arrancar have been relatively quite so far, but that isn't always a good thing. Within the walls of Las Noches the Shinigami can only speculate what goes on. Likewise, Shinigami activity in the human world has lulled. It could be related to the resent attack they had from a lone Espada, or it could be due to some other internal conflicts. Whatever the reason, the Shinigami are beside themselves as one of their most sacred rules was casually tossed aside.

Valintine, the Ex-Captain of the Second Division, has recently reentered Soul Society and the Shinigami's military. Not only is he reinstated into their military, but he has separated the Onmitsukido from the 2nd Division, as it once was, and has assumed control of it. To make things even "better", the Onmitsukido is under command of Central 46 once more. What plans are in store for the Soul Society with this masked man in charge of it's assassins?

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PostSubject: Re: Our Plot   

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Our Plot
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