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PostSubject: -Len-   Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:27 pm

~Character Information~
Name: Len
Gender: Female
Height: 4'5
Age Actual=31, Appearance=19

most people don't actually see her true appearance she she covers it up with her robe and hood, the hood shrouding her face almost completely e, and ever if you get her hood off, her head is completely covered in white bandages besides the eyes, but if you ever do get her hood and banadges off, one thing you'll notice she has different then most people, something she prefers people didn't know and most people dont know. She has cat ears. Along with that her teeth appear to be pointed.
while she does wear the normal shinigami outfit, it noramly has a hood attached to it along with her wearing her bandages, however when not in the SS, mostly in the human world she prefers to wear her own set of robes she likes to wear.

Len is quite energetic and tends to never slow down in what shes doing. However she is also extremely shy around people she doesn't know, only people of a important higher rank she seems to be able to talk to but gets kinda silent, when shes in a big group of people, she will tend to quickly either hide somewhere or hide behind someone she knows. She is quite nice however, not liking to be mean to anyone, however if one tries to remove her hood, she tends to be mean quick. Len also has one side, a lot of people people will tell you about, Len is quite the pervert. While this normally only deals with people of the female gender, she does however sometimes pick on males tho it is very rare. She doesn't seem to have boundaries wit her pervertedness either, almost groping anyone she feels like. This tends to get her in a lot of trouble, however luck for most, she prefers to stalk her Captain when shes off duty rather then other people, due to her captain having certain......traits.....She also has a small collection of 'certain' types of magizes under her bed along with a few hidden places in squads 2 Barracks .

~Abilities and Skills~
( you said seated officers get 2 so)

Hoho: while not a the fastest around or anything like that, Len however has show great skill and potential in Hohō, she even learned shunpo before she even entered the academy

Hakuda: she also trained in Hakuda quite a lot, and while not the most skilled, she does have skill in it.

  • Strengths

silent movement: Len for the most part, moves very silently, however those that are more trained could most likely still hear her move.

Speed: Len is quite fast

Better senses: her senses, mostly hearing and sight are much better naturally then normal, allowing her to see and hear stuff at night as well, however one thats skilled in stealth most likely can sneak by her easy. Her smelling is also increased, and see seems to be able to smell the differnce between people by smell, as she says everyone has there own unique smell. however she pretty much needs to be on top of them to do this.

Joke strength Perverted stealth: seemly whenever she's trying to do something perverted, she becomes almost unsenseable.

  • Weaknesses

sound: powerful sounds due to her ears can hurt her immensely, most likely causing her to stop fighting due to the pain.

Thief: while for the most part she has kicked the habbit and tends to steal things once in a while and tends to get in trouble for it.

Joke weakness Perverted bad luck: she tends so have very bad lucky when doing something perverted as well, nearly always stopping her, or getting her into to trouble.

Rank: squad 2 ( 1-3) seated officer 9

~Character History~
Before Death Arc:
N/A born in the SS
After Death Arc
No one really knows were Len actually came from, its just known that a girl with cat ears wandered out from the forest one day. Many people were for the most part scared of her, and treated her badly, she tried to make friends, but it never ended well. Along with this no one ever gave her food, causing her to steal the food instead to survive. She tried hiding her ears but it never helped, This caused some problems, however it wasn't for a while did anyone did anything about it. But when they did send shinigami to try to fix the problem they soon found out that Len was much faster then all of them.

This went on for weeks, they could never catch her, and due to the fact it wasn't a high threat they didn't send anyone better to deal with it. However one day, Len almost got caught, the shinigami had set up a trap. As she ran away from one group another formed a barricade in front of her. However something deep insider of her felt if she got caught they would kill her. So with every amount off power she had, she reached inside of herself and pushed herself, then in a blur she vanished. The shinigami were shocked and quickly tried searching for her. Len however had shunpoed on top of a house and was laying there almost fainting form the loss of energy. But being amazed by this trick she had just used, she knew she could keep away from those shinigami.

She started to train this new found power she had discovered. However even after all the training she was doing, she couldn't do more then once or twice before almost passing out. This allowed her to evade capture from the shinigami quite easily, that was intill that day happened. She had just stolen some fish from a home and was fleeing from shinigami as normal, however after a short case they had stopped, this kinda bugged Len as she liked the chasing. She then saw a woman standing a few feet infront of her blocking her path. Len quickly moved past her only for the woman to seemingly appear in front of her again. Every time she would seem to get past her, she would just appear in front of her again. When she finally got sick of it, she tried to use her trick and get away, but she still blocked her path again. Len was out of energy and knew she couldn't get away even if she tried so she gave up then and there. The woman took her to the shinigami that were supose to catch her, however they didn't take her away. The woman then told her, that if she went to the shinigami academy that Len wouldn't have to pay for what she did, and she would take care of it. Len agreed and joined the academy.

Shinigami Arc
Len jonied the Academy and started to train herself. She for the most part didn't make a lot of friends as she kept to herself. However she worked hard and showed potential in Hoho and Hakuda. She contiuned to hide her ears doing this time fearful of how they would react. To her if they found out. And after a few years of being at the academy she finally made it out. She ended up joining the 2nd squad due to her skills. Thats when she discovered that the woman that had got her there was the squad 2 captain. Which made her happy.

RP Sample
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PostSubject: Re: -Len-   Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:43 pm

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