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 Kazan - Rikku's Zanpakuto

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PostSubject: Kazan - Rikku's Zanpakuto   Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:59 am

~Zanpakuto Information~

Name: Kazan (Volcano)

Her zanpakuto is a standard looking with a brown handle wrap. However it has a red diamond shape on the base of the actual blade just above an ie-reguarality in the blade its-self

Type: Combo - Duel element of Fire and earth, creating lava element when in bankai.

~Shikai Information~

Once Rikku has released her zanpakuto it extends and forms a double ended black blade that when held up right is a bit bigger than she is (almost 6 foot). Each of the blades have an ieregular shape to them. From the tip of each of the blades flames can be seen coming from them

  • Passive:
Elemental Controll (Fire & Earth)

  • Active:

Fire Abilities
Ability Name: Fire Ball
Type: Elemental
Range: Medium to Long (300m max)
Duration: 1 Post
Description a standard fire attack that uses fire from her zanpakuto to launch a large ball of fire from her zanpakuto to deal considerable damage to her opponent due to the force and the burning

Ability Name: Phoenix Spit
Type: Fire
Range: Medium to Long
Duration: 1 Post
Description this attack creates many smaller fire balls for her to fire at an opponent in a wide spread. She carries out this attack by spinning the blades infront of her. The attack resembles a quincey’s bow attack due to the speed of the rotation.

Earth Abilities
Ability Name: Terra Fold
Type: Earth
Range: Where she cuts with blades
Duration: Will remain in form for 10 Posts or untill destroyed
Description by cutting the ground Rikku is able to cause the ground to lift quickly protecting her from oncoming attacks. She can position these cuts during a battle and use the area later
The ground springs from the cut area and several can be created at once. Stronger attacks will be able to get through these walls simply weakining them slightly

Ability Name:
Type: Crushing Hand
Range: Medium (80-150m)
Duration: 5 posts
Description this forms a hand created of earth and rock erupting from her zanpakuto and can either grab her opponent or stop attacks. The hand can be controlled by Rikku as she pleases

~Bankai Information~

Name: Kazan Shin'en (volcanic abyss)

once she releases her bankai she gains wings made of lava
Also a large golum made entirely of lava forms behind her to move as she commands independant of her own actions. Also oozing in poison. This golum is impossible to cool down. As an experiment she had Mizu use his water to cool it down continously and do all he could to cause it to harden but it proved impossible. She also tried this with ice type users

  • Passive:
Remains from shikai

  • Active:

Ability Name: Cover
Type: Lava
Range: within eyesight
Duration: 1 post to create the lava remains 5 posts in total then forming pillars. after the 1 post drawing the circle after which she can slam the lava down on an opponent
Description this attack forms lava all around the opponent trapping them within it. Rikku is then able to shring this hot trap to crush the opponent and make them a part of the earth. She draws a small circle in the air to signifiy this is about to happen

Ability Name: Lava Spit
Type: Lava
Range: Medium to Long
Duration: 1 Post
Description this attack fires lava in the same manner as phoenix spit

Ability Name: Molten Tsunami
Type: Lava
Range: Medium to long
Duration: maximum of 5 posts
Description this attack causes lava to form and travel towards an opponent at incredible speed. using her zanpakuto she is able to manipulate the movements of the tsunami’s flow. Lava maximum 50m high 100m wide

~Spirit Information~

Although it appears that Kazan should also be as mad as Rikku herself, this spirit however is level headed in comparason to her master. Getting a full conversation out of Kazan is alot more likely than her master if she happens to get distracted.
Often Kazan will bring Rikku back to her sences if she happens to be outside the zanpakuto at the time of rikku going off the rails

Inner World:

Vast mountanious regions filled with active volcanoes

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Kazan - Rikku's Zanpakuto
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