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 Tormenta - Canaan's Resurreccion

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PostSubject: Tormenta - Canaan's Resurreccion   Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:57 am

~Zanpakuto Information~

Name: Tormenta

Release Phrase: "Cuando cae la oscuridad, la luz del día muere" / "When darkness falls, daylight dies."


*Note: When swung this blade does leave a trail just like the one in the picture.

Type: Rapier

~Resurrección Release Information~

Upon releasing his power, one hundred lightning bolts shoot out of Canaan's body. A tornado surrounds him drawing in anything it can into the lightning storm for additional damage. Upon completing the transformation Cannan will dismiss the storm tornado. As per every Arrancar he undergoes a change. His change isn't terribly drastic though, but it has a multitude of perks.

The most obvious change is that his hair is now a navy blue color and is long enough to go to the middle of his back. His mask is also removed and becomes two lines of mask fragments that are dagger shaped down his eyes. His eyes change from their steel blue, to a violet color. His clothing changes to become a form-fitting white segmented armor with a white trim to it. This armor is light weight and very flexible, non-conductive of any element, and is also about half the strength of his unreleased Hierro, but also offers a second layer of protection on top of his natural Hierro. This armor goes up to the base of his neck, and unlike most Arrancar releases this arm is all black. Over his thighs there is large spot of white, over his shoulders it's white as well, the bottom of his feet, and his waist is also white. The plates over his breasts are also white, and a small circle where his belly button is located is white. His hands appear relatively normal (see Passive Abilities) in this form but are also black with the palm of his hand, back of his hand, and top of his fingers (the fleshy part under his nails) all being white. His Hollow Hole is still visible in this form, but his tattoo is nowhere to be least not anywhere he'll readily show in this form.

In this form he also has a long slender lion's tail (also black but the fur is white), about the length of his body. This tail possesses incredible strength (enough to level a building without much effort, so could break your bones or catch you in a death grip) and has no bones inside of it allowing it to be incredibly flexible. His feet are also covered with this material but are now digitigraded (meaning he walks on his toes now) which increase his speed and agility by high degrees. His eyes are also more cat-like now in shape and appearance too. His forearms and calves have blades coming out of it (think Grimmjow)


  • Passive:

*Synesthesia - In his released state his condition is increased which severely heightens his sight, smell, etc etc. This allows him to be way more combat effective.

*HSR - Just like in his sealed state, he retains his ability of High Speed Regeneration. It works much faster now than it's previous form.

*Retractable Claws's just what it says.

*Immunity to electricity - His abilities grant him immunity to electricity as his body is grounded.

*Retractable Blades - ....yeah also self-explanatory.

*Smoke generation- He can generate a thick black smoke from his mouth and hands.

*Air/Smoke manipulation - Same as before. He can do small things (make small shields, small harmless knock back blast, etc etc) basically things that won't be game changing so to speak.

*Smoke Form - Same as before.

*Enhanced Hierro - In his released state his Hierro is worlds apart from his previous Hierro.

*Enhanced speed and strength - His speed, due in part to the way that he walks and stands now, has more than tripled in this form, and his strength, despite how lean he is, has also immensely increased.

*Enhanced agility - In order for his feet to be altered in such away, it changed his entire leg bone, and muscular structure. This change increased his agility three fold, making the already nimble Canaan much more readily available to dodge multiple attacks with relative ease.

*Wind Cutter - A toggle ability, but only for the fact that he can still be of use to his comrades without harming them usually it's active though. All the same, this ability grants his physical attacks the side effect of having his punches, kicks, knee jabs, etc etc etc, be accompanied by small micro blades of air that surround said part in a one foot radius. This just means that a simple dodge is not going to be effective. The blades are capable of finely slicing through flesh and bone. The cut is SO fine that it may take a moment for the bleeding to actually occur or for the enemy to actually notice they were even hit.

*Supercharged - His hair as well as the fur at the end of his tail, is super charged. Touching it even in the slightest will deliver enough volts to cause severe burn marks on the skin as well as paralyze an enemy for 2 posts. His skin (his actual skin not the armor he is covered in) is also now electrically charged, but it's more of a high powered shock. It will not cause full on paralysis but it will numb the body part it came into contact will. Does not go through weapons. Has to be actual physical contact of the skin.

  • Active:

Ability Name: Smoke Screen
Type: Short Range - AoE
Range: 30 - 90 meters
Duration: Two posts

This ability opens up a hole on his shoulder, hands, and he opens up his mouth. By doing this he releases an extremely hot blast of smoke. If you inhale this smoke it will burn your throat and lungs without remorse. It can also cause 2nd degree burns along the skin. The smoke will fill the 30 meter range before it looses it's heat and becomes safe to wade into. It will continue to spread out for another 60 meters after that and just act as a smoke screen. The space here allows Canaan to move freely without being seen.

Ability Name: Drain
Type: Melee
Range: Close
Duration: 6 posts

With this ability, Canaan could kill any being that has blood. Drain pulls out oxygen from the enemy's body with each strike. Eventually the enemy won't have enough oxygen left in their body and they will die. Drain takes out enough oxygen to render that part of the body useless for two(2) posts.

Ability Name: Super Spark
Type: Ranged / Air
Range: 870 meters
Duration: 1 - 6 posts (depends on the form)

Super Spark is an upgraded form of Spark in his previous form. With Super Spark he can fire a total of six lightning bolts from his hands, and one bolt from his tail. His hair is gifted though, as he can whip it around to shower the enemy in little lightning needles. Getting struck by the needles will cause paralysis for 2 posts. These bolts (from his hands and tail)are capable of destroying buildings as well as paralysis for a single post. Super Spark can also be launched in the form of a large ball of lightning (from his hands) that can track down the target (will last for 3 posts before auto destruct occurs) Super Spark can also be used to form a Zanpakuto like blade for 6 posts. This blade can change it's appearance though to suit situations. Getting struck by the blade will cause numbness for 3 posts in that part of the body.

Ability Name: Insanity Cero
Type: Ranged
Range: 400 meters
Duration: 5 posts

This cero is his own signature cero. He dubbed it Insanity Cero for the sheer fact that it is far greater than a normal Cero, a shade less powerful than a Gran Rey, but it requires no charge time and is much faster than a Gran Rey. Insane qualities all put into one attack. The cero looks like a raging cyclone of wind and is rather hard to miss. Upon impact (be it with the ground, an object, or a person, it will shatter into hundreds of thousands of blades made of wind. From these blades come smoke that burns and blinds an enemy. This smoke also has the property of hiding Canaan's reiatsu. The smoke covers the area within 500 meters. This thick black smoke is impossible to see through and is under Canaan's control, which gives him the capability to keep it in place even against hurricane force winds, or to move it along with the enemy so that it seems to go on forever.

Ability Name: Elemental Fury
Type: Air
Range: Within his eye sight
Duration: 1-3 posts

This ability allows him to use the air for a variety of defensive and offensive techniques against other elements. It's a simple technique that involves the following:

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Tormenta - Canaan's Resurreccion
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