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 Sen kinzoku kirā - Kyuzo's Zanpakuto

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PostSubject: Sen kinzoku kirā - Kyuzo's Zanpakuto   Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:54 am

~Zanpakuto Information~

Name: Sen kinzoku kirā (metal killer)


Ability Name:Dash and slash
Duration:short/1 post
Description:its a easy move where he gets increased speed and dashes and slashes the target.

~Shikai Information~

Zanpakutō Power:
Basically its like in his shiki his blade comes out from his hands...if you know of x-men, spike [if you dont know who spike is look at spirit below].... kuzo is like him but with metal blades instead of spikes.
So blade spikes come out all over his body and he can control to hold them in or shoot them out, But he can use them when they are out till his bankai.But the blades coming from his body hurt him, but because he is a man of war he has learned to cope with the pain.

~Bankai Information~

~Think of thousands of them forming underground shooting like a homing missile, going to its target~
Abilities:His bankai is where he touches the ground and he can control the blades but they cant fly they only track the enemy underground then explode when it hits target. [dont think of a fiery explosion, his sword multiplys and shoots in all directions stabing everything (but it owner -kyuzo-).] Its like byakuya's bankai but again its metal "spikes".Think of thousands of them forming underground shooting like a homing missile, always going to its target.

~Spirit Information~
But think of the spikes as blades~

Personality: Sen kinzoku kirā is the total opposite of kyuzo, hes loud,annoying,rash,and non-stealthy at all.Sen kinzoku kirā relies on his powers as kyuzo relies on his trained skills.

Inner World:

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Sen kinzoku kirā - Kyuzo's Zanpakuto
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