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 Gijinka - Robert's Zanpakuto

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PostSubject: Gijinka - Robert's Zanpakuto   Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:51 am

~Zanpakuto Information~
Name: Gijinka
Type: Elemental
Not Unlocked yet
~Shikai Information~
AppearanceWeapon in pic
  • Passive: Robert can manipulate the shadows which are projected by light onto the ground and other surfaces. These shadows are unique in the fact that they can be hardened for use as weapons by "extracting" them from the original object.

  • Active:

Ability Name: Shadow Skull Arm
Type: Elemental
Duration:last for 10 post.
Shadow Skull Arms is a technique used by Robert for numerous means. The arms themselves appear from specific locations on the Boys body dependent upon their intended use.

In its offensive form the arms are capable of ripping and shreding an opponent's body, Alternatively the arms can be used to draw objects towards the user allowing robert to re-attach his limbs that had been previously severed(Severed limb must have been saved 5 post after lose to re attacth) and cast away by an attack.

~Bankai Information~
  • Passive: The users Shikai Begins to drip away turning into Shadows that give of a purple Hue. the Shadows have Double the power of the user and gives Robert Free Form Manipulation of them.

  • Active:

Ability Name:Shadow Shield
Duration:Last 15 post.
Whenever Robert is about to come to harm, a shield of Shadows made from his Shikai will automatically surround and protect him. The shadows will react regardless of Roberts will, even protecting him from self-inflicted injuries.The shield is capable of withstanding considerably strong attacks and projectiles, and can be hardened to a point where it's stronger than steel. The Shield is as strong as the user's Zanpaktou so anything that could break a Bankai can break the Shield. However the Shield Once Broken by a Strong enough attack will simply Regenerate after 2 post cooldown.

~Spirit Information~
Personality:In most cases, he comes off as a bit of a joker with a cheerful demeanor. He also prefers to be optimistic and treats every situation as such. He also has a great sense of humor.
Inner World:
Not Unlocked yet
~Visored Information~

Mask Appearance:

Mask Duration: 2 per Topic

Additional Abilities:
Quote :
Passive: Robert can manipulate the shadows which are projected by light onto the ground and other surfaces. These shadows are unique in the fact that they can be hardened for use as weapons by "extracting" them from the original object.
The mask Additional Abilities both factor into this Passive For Rips Shikai and Bankai. it First off Increases the power of the Shadows he manipulates allowing them to become as hard as Diamond when the user wishes.

Second it allows Rip to manifest a Copy of his Inner hollow made completly of shadows to fight beside him aslong as his mask is on. The Copy is Actually Rips Inner hollow using the shadows to manifest itself for a moment. The copy has all the Shinigami Abilitys of Robert at the current time.

Hollow Abilities:a Ability called dark pulse once Rips mask is fully formed on his face his body sends out a blast of energy causing the area to become Dark as if it is night time. This Gives him unlimited Shadows to manipulate.

Strengths:With the Copy fighting at his side and the Shadow manipulation Rip becomes a deadily enemy even if he loses His Bankai in this mode.

Weaknesses:Once the copy is made of Rips inner hollow since it needs a Certain amount of Shadows it takes Rips Zanpaktou once it forms itself then gives it back after the copy vanishes. With the lose of his weapon rip can no longer use his active abilitys.

Inner hollow
Personality:Battle driven is the common thing with most hollow. Like others, Prat is the same. He enjoys battle but more so the winning. Teamwork is not his thing even though he will continuously do it as time goes on. prat has the divine idea that he is alone in the world. He tends to use anyone and anything to get his way. Still, he does have feelings, though, he doesn't express them to the open. Adding to his Idea he is alone in the world he thinks that Rip is a dream and he is the real one. the same reason even though he looks almost just alike Rip he covers himself in shadows to change his apperance to the one in the pic.

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Gijinka - Robert's Zanpakuto
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