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 Hongo Matsuena (WIP)

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PostSubject: Hongo Matsuena (WIP)   Sat Jul 07, 2012 6:24 am

~Character Information~
Name:Hongo Matsuena/Kigan-ō Otoko-gui(The Hollows Name)
Height:5' 9''

Appearance:Normal, as far as dress and looks are concerned he has brown eyes, black hair and wears the local high school uniform almost constantly.The only thing odd about him is that even in his human body signs of his inner hollow corrupting him are visible with a small hole located on his heart. Usually packed with gauze and cotton and wrapped rightly tightly to prevent it from bleeding all over the place. His skin is extremely pale and he shows signs of anemia.Of course he always wears a metal plate inside the bandages over the hole to prevent it from being hit in the event of being attacked. Despite such a debilitation his body is fairly well built from fighting with local thugs.

Clothing:The local high school uniform in karakura most of the time. Tightly wound bandages and a metal plate on his chest. A ordinary grey and white T-shirt, blue jeans with a belt in the loops and a pair of steel toe shoes and leather gloves with metal knuckles.

Personality: Normal at first until he is set off by the right trigger then he becomes a rather twisted and psychotic individual. While in such a state he cares nothing for his own life or anyone else's and in his own words he lives to slaughter as many creatures human or otherwise he can until he himself is put down.His insanity is reflected in his eyes even when putting on a normal facade. As such he has no actual friends and doesn't care to make any. While King is in control he is very relaxed and calm despite being so beastly when doing something.

~Abilities and Skills~
Specialty:Hollow powers, Brawling(Street fighting)

Abilities:Hollow Powers
  • He can use them at will more or less, though depending on how they are used they are either strong or weak.

  • His powers and inner hollow drove him insane so he's as likely to kill himself as anyone else while using his powers himself without kings interference.

Rank:None (equivalent to a 5th seat in power)

~Character History~
Before Death Arc:

After Death Arc

Shinigami Arc

RP Sample

~Zanpakuto Information~

Name: Akuma no Teiou(Demon King)
Appearance:A ordinary looking blade nothing special or out of place.

~Shikai Information~
AppearanceBlade vanishes as Evil engravings appear across his body.Hollowfication begins shortly afterwards the body takes on a less human form and resembles a beastly hollow.
  • Tamashī no shūshū-ka (Soul Collector)
  • Chūkū ni naru koto (Hollowfication)

  • Kōtei no satsujin (Emperors Murderer)

Ability Name:Soul Collection
Duration:constant during shikai and slightly stronger in bankai also constant
Description:Due to inner hollow and corruption the engravings absorb souls killed by King and stores them once every engraving a total of twenty is filled with strong souls. Causing gradual changes at first and a complete metamorphosis once filled. The filled engravings can also be used to satiate hunger and to heal the body should the need arise.

Ability Name:Hollowfication
Duration:Until Shikai is canceled
Description:The inner hollows full outward phyiscal form takes hold over the body changing it into a beastly hollow monster. Kings Intelligence remains as normal though most movements become better as it is a form King enjoys more.

Ability Name:Emperor's Murder

~Bankai Information~
  • Chūkū no shinpo ni naru tame ni(Stage two Hollowfication)

  • Ten'nō,sābanto to,shikei shikkō hito
  • Akuma no shoyū-sha
  • Inosento surōtā(Innocent Slaughter)

Ability Name:

~Spirit Information~
Appearance:Refer to Hollow Appearance
Personality:Refer to Hollow Personality
Inner World:A black sky, endless mountain ranges surrounding a massive fortress with doors of obsidian. Inside the fortress is but three rooms The entry hall with a throne high above everything else where King rests. While far below a small box containing Hongo is situated. The last room is covered in gore and blood and is sealed behind a door no one can open but King and Hongo.It's purpose unknown save to King himself.

~Visored Information~

Mask Appearance:A Solid Bleached Bone White Oni Mask with black markings that look exactly like his Shikai covering the left side of it.

Mask Duration:None when summoned by Hongo or King(the hollow), forms regardless in shikai and bankai.

Additional Abilities:Has to Devour weak Hollows to maintain his body,Without using Shikai he can use a weaker version of the first two active powers so long as either his hollow or himself dons the mask.

Hollow Abilities:Cero,Bala,Hierro,pesqisa,Sonido

Strengths:Feeding on hollows allows him to get stronger over time.His mask can be used at any time at will by king or hongo. King himself seems perfectly sane considering he's a inner hollow.His mask can be summoned while in his human body as of yet it has no powers when summoned as such.

Weaknesses:Hongo has more or less been fully possessed by King. He can't use shikai or bankai without King in control. Hongo himself while putting up a front of sanity is anything but due to the long exposure and possession of King the hollows nature corrupted his mind making him rather psychotic sociopath, if anything manages to set him off
Common triggers are violence, Urging from King, and the need to devour hollows in order to live.Summoning the mask while in his human body is taxing and unimaginably painful as it causes the hole in his chest to expand rapidly causing death in the worst case scenario at this current time.

Inner hollow
Appearance: Looks a lot like the host though much more refined visually, dressed in garb like a royal king. At least at first when angered his form changes into a monstrous beast that is a cross between a wolf and a dragon with teeth the size of houses and a body that can fill a canyon.
Personality:Calm and collected as well as highly arrogant while not insane he does relish in beastly actions and even acts as such himself. Easily angered and when angry will try and decimate anything and everything to destroy what pissed him off. He is the personification of Hongo's evil nature and as such is very human in regards with how his evil is expressed arrogantly forcing anyone he can to call him King. While lusting after anything and everything he finds worthwhile. He claims to be a saint of evil when asked if he believes in morals or even a god by unaware humans shortly before killing the person in question.
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Hongo Matsuena (WIP)
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