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 Takeshi WIP

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PostSubject: Takeshi WIP   Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:18 am

~Character Information~
Name: Takeshi
Nickname/Alias: Shorty. Devil
Gender: Male
Height: Four Foot Nine
Weight: 90 Pounds
Age 193, 18



Takeshi wears the normal shinigami outfit. It normal is too big for him but he manages to usually cut it up to the right height for him. Because of his size he has to have custom clothing for himself. Takeshi in the human world wears baggy clothing and looks much like a gang member. Baggy pants without a belt, rather baggy shirt and loose fitting hate with lots of bling.


Takeshi is a rather lazy bastard, he doesn't like doing things just for the reason it isn't fun enough for him. Being lazy has it's benefits, he can sleep all day, when he does work he can be as sloppy as he wants and still have fun with it. It's all about fun to him, if it doesnt include cutting something open, explosions or levelling a city of hollows or two then he is not doing it.

~Abilities and Skills~

Master of Sciences- Being a master of Sciences he can invent many things that help others.

Spirit Stitching- He can make stitching out of reishei connecting two things together. It creates small write stitching that can go nearly to anything from his fingers. It can also act as stitches on his body. The ropes of stitching can be easily cut and can extend 30 meters.

Zanjutsu Mastery- He has perfected his own zanpokuto. He is also head of Zanpokuto research giving him a rather strong sense of how different people use their zanpokuto.

  • Takeshi has a rather nice natural strength of speed due to his size. His size makes him harder to catch and detect which is a plus. Takeshi often uses it to his full advantage to sneak up on people and kill them in the most painful way possible. Not only that but he is rather flexible and agile.

  • Takeshi also has strong throwing arms being able to throw anything light weight at a rather insane speed with enough precision to hit a pigeon square in the eye. This is because he can focus and calculate all the mathematical equations in his head with the physicist of things.

  • Takeshi is rather good at figuring out someones techniques by comparing them to that of a zanpokuto. He compares what he knows about zanpokutos, the race, and how he believes they were created, and observes how they use their powers.

  • Takeshi is not one for strength at all. In all honesty without using two weapons he would barely be able to block a normal zanpokuto clash. This is also thanks to his small size leaving him weak psychically.

  • Takeshi also has low defences. The way he blocks would be to get the opponents weapon stuck between his and twisting it away from them. However that usually only works for sword or staffs, daggers and things like that. Bigger heavier weapons would shatter his defences.

  • Another weakness of Takeshi's is his own sadistic nature to torture his opponent, and cause absolute destruction around him. He like to torture and put people in pain when he fights them for real. Any other time and in the process he likes destroying as much as possible.

Rank: Squad 12 Lieutenant

~Character History~
Before Death Arc:

After Death Arc

Shinigami Arc

RP Sample

~Zanpakuto Information~

Name: トリック·オア·トリートTorikku oa Torito (Trick or Treat)
Appearance: 2 Kadochi Blades, seen in his apperance.
Type: Teleportation and Kido

~Shikai Information~
Release Phrase: Find Your Mark, Kakurenbo

To release Torikku oa Torito Takeshi takes his zanpokutos and throws them in any direction saying it's release phrase in the precess. Soon the sword disappear into ripples in the air. Soon after they disappear they come flying back through where they came out and back into his hands with their new form.

  • Passive:

  • Active:

Ability Name:

~Bankai Information~
Bankai Name:

Kirātorikku· oa· Torītodeddorī
(Killer Trick or Deadly Treat)

  • Passive:

  • Active:

Ability Name:

~Spirit Information~
Inner World:
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Takeshi WIP
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