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 Neah Walker fullbring (WIP)

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Neah Walker

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PostSubject: Neah Walker fullbring (WIP)   Fri Jun 01, 2012 2:36 pm

~Character Information~
Name: Neah Walker


Personality: Neah is a very kind and generous person. He is nice, caring, and well-mannered, always polite to people. Neah is kind and caring especially to children and the elderly. He is usually seen helping elderly people with there bags, or helping maintain there gardens and lawns when he is not at College. Neah has a strong sense of loyalty and will do whatever he can to help out a friend in need even if it will cost of his life. Neah tends to be the most comfortable when he is listening to music or playing music.

Neah like everyone else gets angry and upset though there are a few certain things that will really get under his skin. Such as disrespecting his father and family or hurting one of his friends. If a person should dare harm one of his friends he will do what they did to his friend and will not stop until justice has been given. Neah is usually calm and soft spoken person all ways know where his place should belong. Neah can usually be seen wearing a smile on his face though its just a mask to hid his pain that he has endured throughout his life. the only time that maske really comes off if he is with someone he trusts or is playing the piano or more importantly visiting his parents graves.

Neah can be a bit of a prankster when there are time of peace. He knows how to have a good time just like everyone else. But when the situation calls for it or when someone dear to him is in trouble, he become uttermost serious. Neah can be very serious, and will instantly try to come to their aid. He Is even willing to put down his life to protect his friends or his loved ones. Though neah is also a bit arrogant at times and stubborn especially if it comes to combat.

Neah has a deep love of fighting and music steming back to his early days with his father. Neah felt and was taught by his father that fighting one on one with your opponent is the best and only way to fight. He also feals holding back in a fight can be essental he can learn his opents true strength while he conserves his own. His love of music however comes from the happy days he spent listening to his father play. Though at times he likes to make a entrance by playing a song on a violin and have it echo around the area for dramatic effect.. Neah doesn't like to freely speak about others' pasts he feels that the person should tell the others at their own pace.


Special abilities:
  • Strengths

  • Weaknesses

Other Information
Hollow arc: Neah was born on the eve of the 25th of December. His mother was a spiritual aware person. Were as his father was a traveling musician named Mana Walker he was known through out europe and japan. Though his father had stopped traveling and decided to stay in Kakakura town when he met Neah's mother. It was love at first sight for Neah's parents. From the moment they met and layed eyes on each other they were almost inseparable. Neah's mother was in labor for over 12 agonizing hours.

Though tragedy would strike the happy couple. When neahs mother was eight months pregnanta hollow had attacked neahs parents. Neahs mother was sent into earl labor after teh hollow was killed by a unknown shinigami. Sadly Neah's mother passed away but she got to name him before she passed away. Neah came out screaming like a banshee like every baby does when they're first born. His father was still in shock at the loss of his wife that he failed to notice the the new life before him. The nurses had finished cleaning up the new born baby Neah and had put him in a incubation chamber. The nursescovered the body of Neah's mother up. Neah father couldnt hold his son without being the chambers built in gloves. After a while Neah's father finally took his new born son in his gloved arms in the premy chamber. Neah's father cried tears of both joy and sadness at the loss of his wife's love and the birth of his very first son.
Child Arc: Over the next few years Neah's father took care of him. Neah's father still deeply missed his wife but he still had his son so in a way he still had a part of her still. Even as a baby Neah would always crawl towards his fathers instruments. Neah's father would always crack a big grin at that and scoop up the infant Neah just before Neah touched any of his instruments, Neah's father would always say after he picked him up "your gonna make a fine musician someday son."

When Neah turned 5 his father began training Neah on how to read music. Neah was a quick study while studying on learning to read music. His father started Neah off with the piano for his sons first instrument. Neah took to the piano like a duck to water his father said. Though things began to change when neah became five. he began to see things that no one else could see. People that were there but with cut chains coming out of there chest. And sometimes he even so blurs of monsters though he pretended like he couldn't he thought they would leave him alone if they thought he couldn't see them.

And for a time it seemed to work they ignored him and he ignored them. At the age of 8 Neah joined the a prestigious academy in karakura town. Though neah was not very happy at the academy he was sort of a outcast and had only one real friend that didnt treat him like he was crazy and his name was shiro. Time passed and neah remained friends with Shiro, but then another tragedy would strike neah. He was 10 years old when he found his father on the floor of there home. His father was unconscious so Neah panicked and ran out of the house looking for aid. By the time he did his father was in worse condition.

His father was transferred to the hospital the doctors couldn't do anything apparently Neah's father had a heart condition that he was battling with for many years. Neah ran to his fathers room were his father was still barely alive. Neah cried tears as his father said "I'm sorry son looks like its my time I will be with your mother soon be a good boy for me I love you son...." With those parting words his father passed away. Neah took the loss of his father heavily because now he had no family left.

Neahs school work began to suffer as his depression of his father spread through out him. and for 6 months he rarely shopped up to class or did his homework, most of the time he was either writing music or practicing it. But his friend shiro got him through the tough times and shiros family became a foster home for him, he would soon return to normal after a good 8 months. At the age of ten he studied hard but still couldn't shake off the grief entirely. So for the next two years neah lived with shiro and his family they became a sort of surrogant family to him now though the one thing he kept from his father was a pair of white gloves.
To Now Arc: Neah at the age of 14 had nearly perfected the piano and had decided to take up the violin. then Another great tragedy befell neah when he was 16 neah was eating with his foster family when a large tentacle hollow came in finally sensing neahs spiritual pressure. The hollow went after shiros parenst first because after all they would be a easy meal for the creature. Neah tried to protect them but the hollow just smacked him into a wall. The hollow was about to kill shiros parents and just as neah regained conciousness he watched as shiro was picked first to be devoured while his parents struglgled against the invisble tentacles to them. was about to get killed by the hollow first. Neah screamed out "LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!" Then his fullbringer had activated his right arm became a adamantine claw neah killed the hollow.
Shiro and his family were afraid of neah and so they abandoned him so currently neah lives on his own
RP Sample:Neah lay in his bed with the curtains drawn and a the blinds down. He lay in his bed staring up at the ceiling as he tapped his foot on his bed slowly as if he were waiting for something. Then his alarm clock went off besides him. He reached over and turned it off. He smiled as he pulled himself up from his bed and said to himself "Finally its time!" He walked over to his closet and pulled on his favorite white trench coat and pulled out a box. He placed the box on the top of the dresser and pulled out his pair of white dress gloves he had received from his father. They are and would always be his most treasured possession. As he slid them on to his hands he felt the soft cotton layered insides.He flexed his fingers a few times and balled his hands up into a fist.He reached into his closet once again and pulled out a small case as he licked his lips and began walking out of his room towards the front door.

He had a look of excitement on his face as he locked his front door and put away his keys into his right front pocket. It had been a long time since he had been to Tsubakidai park. He walked down the stairs slowly his hands in his pocket taking his time with each step feeling like he didn't have a care in the world.The sun was beginning to set as he walked along the sidewalk towards the park. He and his father use to take long walks in this park when he was still alive. The sky had darkened to night as he reached the park, the street lights and the lamp posts light up one by one. Neah walked slowly into the park his eyes ever watchful as he saw people leaving the park. They were right to do so at night this park was rather unsafe. He walked slowly into a large area were there were lots of trees and a pat. "Now to set the bait!" He placed the case slowly on the ground as he clicked open the buckles on it and pulled out a violin and a bow. He placed his chin on the chin rest and placed his fingers on the strings and began to play a beautiful melody that was soothing yet at the same time their was a sadness in the notes of the song. The song echoed through out the area were he was standing traveling almost through the entire park.

Transform Appearance:

Fullbring Special:

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Ability Name:
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Neah Walker fullbring (WIP)
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