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 Fei Yen Xing (WIP)

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PostSubject: Fei Yen Xing (WIP)   Wed May 30, 2012 8:16 am

“And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad. The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.”

~Character Information~
Fei Yen Xing
The Swallow
Appearing Age:
February 20

Fei Yen is among the smaller individuals, and is often overshadowed by most of her peers and companions. She has a very slender frame, and looks almost scrawny even when compared to others of the same height. This is due to her being a whole eighteen pounds underweight, and although it doesn’t seem like a large number, it has impacted her overall appearance greatly. It isn’t difficult to count her ribs through her skin, and there’s very little meat on her bones. Most of her mass is composed of well toned muscle, however she is quite far from being the strongest in physical terms. Others will occasionally crack a joke about the wind being her worst enemy, saying that it might blow the small young woman away.

High cheekbones frame slightly rounded eyes. The irises have a rather odd colour, settling for a mix between brown and purple, which creates an odd effect. These eyes rarely display any strong emotions, often remaining blank or slightly sad looking. A tattoo is located on Fei Yen’s right cheek, just under her eye. It takes the form of a series of five jagged, uneven marks. The outer edges are a dark, dull orange colour, and the inside is coloured a pale red. The significance of this mark is unknown as of yet.

Fei Yen doesn’t do much with her hair, and only spends a minimal amount of time on it. Her thick locks are an odd, blackish blue colour, and trail down to rest just below her shoulder blades. Her bangs are swept off to either side and parted in the middle, with the longest strands just brushing the tops of her eyes.


Fei Yen’s choice attire often attracts some odd looks, especially when she wanders down the streets of Karakura town. She dons a form fitting, pale burgundy tank top that looks as if it was once a long sleeved t-shirt due to the torn areas around the arm holes. The bottom of the shirt has been ripped off to reveal her stomach, and a large rip on the lower, right side is held together by four pieces of string. A portion of the sleeve still remains on her left arm, and both arms have bandages wrapped around them. A cream coloured cloak rests on her shoulders, and occasionally hides the lower portion of her face. A pattern on the bottom half of the cloak greatly resembles the tattoo on Fei Yen’s face, although the colours are less vibrant.

Her black shorts are quite small, and only cover a quarter of her thigh at best. The lower portion of her thigh is wrapped in bandages, and her long, black boots start just above the knees. More white strips of fabric have been wrapped around the boots, with two rather thick bands on the left boot, and one above the ankle on the right. Another section holds the sole of the right boot together, and is wrapped around the middle of the boot.
Fei Yen has acquired many unique gadgets over the years, and the ones she chooses to keep on her person at all times tend to attract quite a bit of attention. A pair of red goggles that closely resemble the ones seen by skiers wraps around her head. The frame and band of the goggles is silver, and an odd looking device is located on the left side, just above her ear. The second item is located on her left arm, starting at the top of the back of her hand and trailing down to her elbow. The portion on her hand is composed of three, thick strips of metal, each with two holes on the edges of either side. It’s connected to the latter part of the device by four bars that are fit snugly together and two curved pieces that go from one part to the other. This second piece is shaped like the bottom half of a bowling pin, and has two engraved lines around the bottom narrow half, as well as an odd engraving just above that resembles a magnifying glass. A metal, skull like object is located on her right shoulder, and it serves as a clasp to hold the cloak together whenever she pleases.


Fei Yen is an incredibly reserved and quiet individual. Her voice is rarely heard, and she never initiates a conversation, choosing only to speak when asked a question. When she does stand with a group of people, it’s always on the outskirts; close enough to listen, but never giving her opinion on something. Due to this, she is often considered to be one of the more antisocial, solitary Vizard. She never talks about herself, whether it is about her past or dreams for the future. Even the people who are closest to her only know a tiny amount about Fei Yen, making her quite the enigma.

Although Fei Yen chooses to keep her nature and certain traits a secret from the world, there is one trait that can never be sealed away. She boasts an incredibly strong resolve, and will do anything to complete the task at hand, regardless of how much strain it will put on her; as long as it doesn’t end the lives of the innocent, she couldn’t care less about the cost of winning a fight.

Major Depressive Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder lie at the heart of Fei Yen’s personality. These two things have taken the colour out of her world, and she is incapable of restoring the light to her now darkened mind. She cannot find the good in anything, especially herself, no matter how hard she tries. Self-esteem and pride are two things that Fei Yen has not possessed in such a long time, that she can no longer remember how it feels to be proud of oneself. Her OCD has her straightening crooked pictures on the wall, fretting over asymmetrical things and washing her hands to the point that they bleed, as well as many other things. Certain noises, like people chewing, the clanking of metal utensils, snapping and thousands of other things drive Fei Yen insane, and if they aren’t stopped within a certain amount of time she will often flee from the area. This unfortunate trait is one of the major reasons she isolates herself from groups; not because she dislikes people, but because she can’t take all the noises.

There are times when Fei Yen can no longer stand due to the disorders that plague her, and she will have quite the mental breakdown. It almost always ends in tears, although other strong emotions like anger have been displayed before. These episodes are seemingly triggered by nothing, but when they come it can be predicted by the sudden anxiety she displays. When that happens, she will retreat to an isolated area, too ashamed to show the world what ails her. Her favourite place of retreat is her quarters in the Squad’s barracks, which is located in far, eastern area where few tread. On the days in which Fei Yen has succumbed to despair, one can hear a wide range of noises, from angry screeches, the sound of furniture being upturned and destroyed to frantic sobbing.

Underneath the silent, reserved shell and hidden by the darkness that has been cast by depression lies a vulnerable, sorrowful soul in need of a friend. She doesn’t believe that she fits in with the other groups of Shinigami, and when she sits alone, she tends to watch them enviously, wishing desperately for the horrible, all consuming sensation of loneliness to go away. Fei Yen longs for someone she can pour her heart out to, some who can lend her a shoulder to cry on, someone for which she can do the same. The dreams that don’t end with her death are ones in which she finds that friend, but when she wakes in the morning, despair washes over her as she realizes it was only a dream. Unfortunately, her fear of losing such a person is far too strong for her to set aside, and she continues to watch from the sidelines, hoping in vain that someone will come along someday and drag her out of the darkness that colours her world.

~Abilities and Skills~

Ninjutsu Master
It’s quite surprising, but Fei Yen did not learn Hakuda until she became the fifth seat of the Second Division, which also meant that she was apart of the Onmitsukido (the lack of knowledge of the art was due to her dislike of it). As such, all of her time before (and even after) had been dedicated to learning and mastering all of the Eighteen Disciplines within Ninjutsu. While some of her skills in the certain disciplines are merely average, she is proficient in the majority of them.

Hoho Expert

Between her light weight and just having a natural talent for it, Fei Yen is quite adept at the art of Hoho. Before she left, she was among the fastest Shinigami in the Soul Society, with only a couple others at her level. She is quite capable of out running Lieutenants and even some Captains. Her endurance could use some work, but she usually makes up for that with sheer speed.

Resolve of Steel

Fei Yen boasts an incredibly high resolve to finish a mission, regardless of what it costs her. She is quite open to being cut up, blown up, and disintegrated and so on, as long as she completes the task that has been given to her. She will stop at nothing, even immense pain or possibility of death. This is partially due to her total lack of regard towards the state of her person; Fei Yen couldn’t care less if she died. In fact, she would welcome it, so long as she got to complete the mission beforehand.


  • Ninjutsu
  • Hoho
  • Zanjutsu
  • Will give it her all in battles
  • Unhindered by extreme pain
  • Has good observational skills

  • Suffers from severe depression and OCD, and is mentally unstable
  • Is quite open to being chopped up, and keeps going no matter what
  • Hakuda
  • Has poor social skills, and doesn’t open up to others easily
  • Has extreme trust issues
  • Isn’t open to change, and often panics when something new is implemented
  • Is incredibly overprotective of anyone who befriends her because she’s afraid of them dying and leaving her all alone again

Ex-Lieutenant of the Second Division, Ex-Commander of the Patrol Force, Ex-Commander of the Detention Unit
Tier 2-1

~Character History~

Before Death Arc

Fei Yen was born on February 20, 1797 in China. Her parents were of average wealth, and had two children after Fei Yen. They were a happy family. The father was a fisherman, while the mother, who was born and raised in Japan for most of her life, stayed at home to take care of the children and the house. Fei Yen joined a dojo that taught the art of Ninjutsu when she was five years old.

Tragedy struck the family in 1805, when Fei Yen was merely eight years old. When her father was returning from a week long fishing expedition, the boat he was aboard ran aground and capsized. Twenty seven people drowned, Fei Yen’s father included. This event began the depression Fei Yen would suffer from for the rest of her life. The feeling of despair over losing her father, whom she had been very close to, only worsened when her mother announced that they would be moving to Japan to stay with their grandparents.

Between her father’s death and the fear induced by being in a new environment, Fei Yen withdrew from the world. This phase would have most likely been only temporary, but the other children at school began to pick on her for being different from them, which only made the young girl withdraw even more. The only thing that kept her going was Ninjutsu, as she had managed to locate and join a nearby dojo. After two years of living in Japan, Fei Yen had managed to make friends with a girl named Tsukiyo. The two were very close, and the bond between them only strengthened as they continued on into high school.

In 1812, tragedy struck again, unfortunately during the first few months of high school. Fei Yen’s two younger siblings and mother had been slaughtered after witnessing another murder, leaving the fifteen year old alone with her grandparents. However kind the elderly couple may have been, there was little they could do to heal the wound of losing so many loved ones.

Three years later, in 1815, Fei Yen found herself sinking deeper into a pit of depression once more as her grandparents passed away, and even though it was due to natural causes, it did little to take the edge off the pain. Still, she managed to make it through with Tsukiyo’s help, and continued to live, no matter how grey the days were getting.

The breaking point happened two years later. Tsukiyo claimed that she could no longer be friends with Fei Yen because she wasn’t popular enough, and left her to fend for herself. It turned out that Tsukiyo had been using the young woman for her own benefit, figuring that by helping the poor, unpopular child, she’d be praised by everyone else for putting up with her, and that she was. Unable to take it anymore, Fei Yen claimed her own life three days after the incident; April 7, 1817.

After Death Arc

Fei Yen did not linger in the World of the Living, as it contained far too many horrible memories for her. She ended up in the second Rukongai District; a lucky break, as it was one of the nicer places. However, she always stayed near a river by the outskirts, sitting by the bank with her knees pulled up to her chest and her head down. She rarely moved from that spot, ignoring the hunger that coursed through her system and made her weak, not realizing that it was a sign that she possessed reiatsu.

Had it not been for a fateful encounter, Fei Yen would have died in that spot. It had been like any other day, with the now emaciated soul just sitting there, wallowing in depression, when a girl of about the same age came along. She asked only a few questions before literally dragging the pathetic soul to her home. Later it was revealed that the girl’s name was Tsubame. It took awhile, but Fei Yen began to trust and like Tsubame, and they forged a strong friendship and lived together from then on.

A few years later, they enlisted in the Shino Academy, and both made it into the Advanced Class. Tsubame was quite the socialist and enjoyed bringing light into other peoples’ worlds. Whenever she saw someone alone, she had a tendency to go over and check on them, and it wasn’t long before four more individuals became apart of Fei Yen and Tsubame’s group. The six became very good friends, and they graduated from the academy together.

Shinigami Arc
Despite being separated into different divisions, the six still remained good friends throughout. Fei Yen was apart of the Second Division, and she slowly began to climb up through the ranks. For the first time in her life, she felt alive and happy. She had friends who cared, and she had a purpose in life. Fortune continued to smile upon the group of six, and they all became higher ranked members of the Gotei 13, and Fei Yen managed to claim the position of Lieutenant. After the death of the Third Seat, she was promoted to that seat, which also made her the Commander of the Detention Unit of the Onmitsukido.

Everything was going great, until she and her friends with some other officers were sent out to the barren wasteland of Hueco Mundo in an attempt to figure out the cause of the recent increase in hollow activity. During the third day, they were ambushed by several Arrancar, and four of the six friends were slaughtered along with two of the other officers. Fei Yen, Tsubame and the surviving Shinigami managed to get back to Seireitei, but Tsubame later succumbed to her injuries in the hospital.

After that, Fei Yen completely broken. She was lost in a maze of darkness, a world of grey, and there was no way out. Shortly after, the Lieutenant of the Second Division was slaughtered, and she was forced to step up to the plate. However, Fei Yen’s time in office was short lived. Roughly five years after being appointed, it was deemed that she was mentally unstable, unfit for duty and overall dangerous. She was stripped of her rank and condemned to the Nest of Maggots; a place that she had guarded and kept watch over during her time as the third seat.

Ten years after she was confined to the Nest of Maggots, a group of Shinigami defected from the Gotei 13 because the Central 46 wouldn’t let them use a human soul to test out their experiment, which was centered around hollowfication. A few of them managed to sneak into the nest, and quite a few of the prisoners were killed due to their lack of cooperation. Fei Yen didn’t react in the slightest to the intrusion, and allowed the rogue Shinigami to do what they wished; she was past the point of caring anymore, and was wishing for death. However, they injected an anesthetic into her, so she is unable to recall any of the events after that.

Vizard Arc
Although the events occurring in the Soul Society during the night of her Hollowfication are still a mystery to the former Captain, the fight against her inner hollow is a rather vivid memory that still hasn’t faded overtime, partly due to the hollow’s tendency to bring it up every moment she can. After the battle, Fei Yen woke up in a field out in the middle of nowhere, but still in the Soul Society. To this day, she isn’t sure why, but she fled to the World of the Living, knowing that the Central 46 would order her execution should she be found.

At the current day, one can often find Fei Yen wandering about Karakura City, either by the river or on top of a tall building. She tends to hang around the outskirts of the city and generally avoids other people quite a bit. She still has some difficulty with controlling her inner hollow as well, mainly due to her fragile state of mind. Fei Yen has also been known to take on assassination and intelligence-gathering jobs for a small fee; even a Vizard such as herself has bills to pay.

RP Sample

The rough, rusted iron grip of the borrowed blade felt so different than the soft, comfortable fabric that was wrapped around her zanpakuto. The balance was off as well; most likely due to the fact that a large chunk of metal had somehow fallen off the left side of the dagger. How that had happened, Fei Yen was not sure; the knife had been presented to her in this poor condition, and she had not been bothered to question why it had been mistreated to the point that it could no longer keep together. Ah well. It was no concern of Fei Yen's if the knife was usable or not; she was more than capable of killing people with her bare hands anyway.

The woman was jerked from her thoughts when a sudden, loud BANG resounded throughout the dark, filthy room. Her eyes darted around, scanning the shadowy crevices for the source of the noise. Old furniture covered with plastic sheets, shoes, clothing, beer bottles, cigarettes... The place was a complete pigsty, completed with a thick layer of dust to top it off. Yet there was nothing there to have caused the noise. Curious. Deciding that there was nothing in this mission that could possibly harm her, including the target, Fei Yen threw the concept of using stealth in this mission out the window and stood up from behind an old, dusty chair. Her brown eyes scanned the room once more, and came to the same conclusion as last time; there was nothing here... Or so it seemed.

"Turning invisible won't get you anywhere with me as your opponent." She said softly to the silence that hung in the room. It was not broken afterwards, until the woman let out a rather hefty sigh. She hated it when people tried to prolong their deaths; it wasn't like it would work. Without raising the hand holding the knife, she merely flicked her wrist, and the weapon traveled across the room at an incredible speed, embedding itself in what appeared to be air. A rather loud, masculine scream resounded within the four walls, and a man seemed to appear out of nowhere, tumbling to the ground with the rusty dagger sticking out of his lower back.

Fei Yen took her time as she walked over to her target, who was now writhing around in pain on the floor. She wasn't concerned that he might try to run; after all, he couldn't. She had struck him right in the spine, severing the nerves connected to his lower body with one well-aimed throw. She took a few moments to watch him, before placing her foot on his throat and pressing down, hard. The man grabbed her foot in a desperate attempt to pull her off. He started making horrid, choking noises as he tried to fill his lungs with air, but to no avail; Fei Yen was much stronger than he, despite the size difference, and it wasn't long before he was lying stone-cold dead on the floor. The assassin removed her foot, revealing the bruised skin underneath. Blood had pooled out onto the floor by now, staining the debris covered wood a dark red.

Fei Yen didn't spare the corpse a final look as she walked out the door, empty handed. There was no need to retrieve the knife; it wasn't like it would help the buffoons who had employed her anyway.

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PostSubject: Re: Fei Yen Xing (WIP)   Wed May 30, 2012 11:10 am

~Zanpakuto Information~

Hitonomi (Swallow)
Hitonomi’s sealed form is that of a ninjato, which is a blade that was specially crafted for shinobi and kunoichi. It has a black hilt, and a small black tassel hangs from the pommel. The brass guard is circular and has a very simple design. The blade bears no curve, unlike the katana; a normal trait of the ninjato. The sheath it’s carried in is black, and it’s located on Fei Yen’s back, attached by a black strap that goes over the shoulder.


~Shikai Information~

Release Command:

Tear through the clouds and flood the world with their tears, Hitonomi.
Hitonomi’s sealed form is that of a ninjato, which is a blade that was specially crafted for shinobi and kunoichi. It has a black hilt, and a small black tassel hangs from the pommel. The brass guard is circular and has a very simple design. The blade bears no curve, unlike the katana; a normal trait of the ninjato. The sheath it’s carried in is black, and it’s located on Fei Yen’s left hip.


Ability Name: Sen’nokaze (One Thousand Winds)
Type: Elemental
Range: Medium
Duration: Four posts. Has a four post cool down as well.
Huge gales of wind seem to come from every direction with a force that rivals that of a small tornado. It affects everything and everyone in a five kilometre radius of Fei Yen. While the attack itself doesn’t do any damage, the debris that gets kicked up by the wind can certainly be harmful, and it makes moving a little tricky.

Ability Name: Aori (Gust)
Type: Elemental
Range: Long
Duration: N/A
Aori can be used at any given time as long as one of the blades of the Kusarigama is in motion- whether it be a downward strike or simply spinning it doesn’t affect the move at all. It alters the wind currents to revolve around the moving portion of the weapon, and is then released in one go. It can cause quite a bit of blunt force trauma, to the point that it will break a person’s ribs or knock them back several feet.

Ability Name: Kaze no Kiru (Cutting Wind)
Type: Elemental
Range: Medium
Duration: N/A
Unlike Aori, Kaze no Kiru does not rely on blunt force trauma in order to cause damage, but rather a 'cutting edge' so to speak. The one thing the two attacks share is that one portion of the Kusarigama must be moving in some way, and that the wind is gathered around that part and then released. However, instead of crashing into the opponent, it cuts them. Multiple waves can be sent out at the same time, although they will decrease in size when more are released simultaneously.

~Bankai Information~

Ability Name:
Type: i.e. mele, elemental, etc
Range: Self, Close, Medium, Long
Duration: If applicaple

Ability Name:
Type: i.e. mele, elemental, etc
Range: Self, Close, Medium, Long
Duration: If applicaple

Ability Name:
Type: i.e. mele, elemental, etc
Range: Self, Close, Medium, Long
Duration: If applicaple

Ability Name:
Type: i.e. mele, elemental, etc
Range: Self, Close, Medium, Long
Duration: If applicaple

~Spirit Information~


If Hitonomi were to materialize in the World of the Living and walk down the streets of a town, she would receive the most terrified of looks, and undoubtedly an ambulance would be called. She takes on the appearance of a young girl who could be no more than fourteen years of age, appearance wise. The shock factor comes from the large gash that begins at her left temple and goes straight across the empty, left eye socket before dropping down on a diagonal to cross the bridge of her nose, where it ends. The wound bleeds an impossible amount, and never stops. If she were to tilt her head to the side, the sticky red liquid would simply cascade down like a waterfall of red.

Her soft, shoulder length hair was coloured white at some point, which is evident by the white tips of some of the strands of hair near her shoulders. However, the never ending flow of blood that pours out of the wound has dyed her hair a light pink colour, with the bangs that cover the now empty, left eye socket coloured a darker shade. Her right eye is round, and the iris is coloured an odd purple colour. What little skin that hasn’t been obscured by blood is incredibly pale, almost white in hue. Hitonomi wears a black kimono, which creates a sharp contrast with her pale complexion.

The world in which Hitonomi resides in has been gradually growing darker as the years have passed, just like the blood that pours from her head has increased in amount since the day she revealed herself to Fei Yen. At one point, the forest that is Hitonomi’s home was bright and chipper, but now it’s merely a shell of what it once was. The trees have all turned grey and died, and the ground is barren and devoid of nutrients to aid new plants in growing. An eerie silence fills the area, as there are no creatures in site. The sky is forever dark, but there is no moon or stars. In the middle of the forest is a clearing where Hitonomi usually stays. A huge stump with a diameter of ten feet lies in the center of the clearing; all that remains of a once proud tree that stood above the rest.

Like her master, Hitonomi is a very quiet individual, although her outlook on life does not necessarily reflect that of Fei Yen's.
Inner World:
Appearance of your inner world where you communicate and train with your zanpakuto spirit
Training Specialty:
The special training that your zanpakuto spirit can give you within the inner world realm that cannot be achieved through training outside the zanpakuto realm

~Vizard Information~

Mask Appearance:

[center]Mask Duration:
10 posts

Additional Abilities:
Increased Strength: Fei Yen’s muscular strength increases a tenfold when she dons her mask, which increases physical power in general. Her combat abilities become even more deadly, especially her Ninjutsu.

Increased Speed: As if she wasn’t fast enough before, Fei Yen only gets quicker after pulling out her mask. She is quite capable of leaving an afterimage when she moves, although she prefers not to, as doing that takes up more energy than necessary.

Hollow Abilities
  • Cero- Fei Yen charges it by holding out her hand, with the palm facing the opponent. Her thumb is bent inwards, and the cero forms in the center of the palm. Unlike the average cero, Fei Yen’s is incredibly narrow and shaped like a tube with a three centimetre diameter. It makes up for lack of range with incredible power and speed.
  • Bala
  • Regeneration- A fairly common trait in hollows. However, major wounds like broken bones, dismembered/mangled limbs and so on will not heal; the most major of wounds that will heal are ones that reach the bone, but that takes a considerably long time. Minor cuts and bruises are healed pretty quickly.
  • Garganta

  • Increased strength
  • Increased speed
  • Is capable of healing minor-medium wounds
  • Can cure toxins, although it’s difficult and takes a considerable amount of time

  • Regeneration will not heal broken bones, damaged organs, etc.
  • Cero has a small range
  • Can’t always make use of the Garganta

~Inner Hollow~




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PostSubject: Re: Fei Yen Xing (WIP)   Wed May 30, 2012 2:18 pm

Quote on top, "Mad World" by Michael Andrews & Gary Jules Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Fei Yen Xing (WIP)   Wed May 30, 2012 2:22 pm

Approved. I don't see an issue, char isn't OP, no godmodding-enabling abilities... Good to go. Only question is: are you allowed to have more than 2 char.s? Or are you getting rid of one like Riox?
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PostSubject: Re: Fei Yen Xing (WIP)   Wed May 30, 2012 3:13 pm

From what I saw in the c-box Mage said she lol
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PostSubject: Re: Fei Yen Xing (WIP)   Wed May 30, 2012 9:47 pm

Yeah, mage gave the go-ahead, so I got rid of Ryousuke and created this one... I'm still working on the zanpakuto, though.
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PostSubject: Re: Fei Yen Xing (WIP)   

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Fei Yen Xing (WIP)
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