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 Kotonashi Zeikke (WIP)

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PostSubject: Kotonashi Zeikke (WIP)   Fri May 25, 2012 12:47 pm

~Character Information~
Name: Kotonashi Zeikke
Nickname/Alias: The Smiling Bandit
Gender: Male
Height: 5'08''
Weight: Around 150 pounds
Age 225, appears to be in his mid 20's.

Clothing: Zeikke appears to wear a generic Shinigami attire. From the black cloak and pants to the white under garments, everything remains the same as your ordinary Shinigami. However, the issue isn't really what he wears, but how he wears it. Yes, most of the time it is worn as typical for a Shinigami. Yet in battle, he completely removes the top half of his uniform. Revealing his toned chest, stomach and arms to the world. As if giving the enemy a target to aim at.

Personality: Zeikke is what some would classify as the "natural born leader". However, this aspect is shown in his actions rather than his words. He holds himself with just the right amount of self confidence. Not too little to doubt himself, and not too much it turns into arrogance. He knows where he stands. Yet he will always push himself further than his limits. Through his fighting style he reveals a burning desire to break through to achieve his and his allies goal. This same burning desire causes him to be a bit hot headed and defensive of his allies. Something that forces him into making rash decisions which often puts himself in danger. While he keeps his distance due to a lack of trust in general, he will always defend his allies if the situation arises. They are what he calls his family, after all. Even if he doesn't like them, they still bleed for the same cause. However, he won't put his life on the line for just anyone.

His attitude to people seems to differ depending on his respect for them. Likewise, it differs if he genuinely considers someone a friend. To those of a higher rank than him, he has the utmost respect. He speaks to them formally, adding Taicho or Sotaicho before their name, or their respective title. If he considers you a friend, rank only comes into play if others are watching. Alone, he almost becomes like a brother. The older one, who teases and annoys you to the point you want to explode. Yet all the while he does it with a smile, and when the time comes, it is him who will offer a shoulder to cry on. The one who will put his own life on the line to save you. However, this reward is only open to those who deserve it. They must gain his trust, and with it gain a place in his heart. Once he befriends someone, he has an innate nature to be able to fight alongside them with precision and excellence. With him by their side, they are likely to feel he improves their fighting capabilities just by being there. It is that which makes Zeikke so unique. He is inspirational, capable of giving his allies the belief in themselves that is so valuable in a battle. It is this that makes him the ideal member of the first division.

In general, however? He is a good man whose heart is in the right place. He is open to speaking to anyone who he considers an ally, and will always try his hardest to assist them in any way he can. All the while juggling paperwork and, well, work in general. All they need to do is ask him. If they make the first move, and he can help, he will deliver. He doesn't have all the answers, but he will always try to offer the advice he can.

Yet even with all this, his past still lingers slightly within him. He is the "Smiling Bandit" after all. Since his return to soul society, it has appeared that a lot more 'pranks' between Shinigami divisions have occurred. Beneath everyone's noses, he has managed to get six Shinigami to fall victim to the water bucket overhead prank. He is just as much of a mischievous little bastard as he was when he was found in Rukongai. But he is so successful at doing it when nobody is around that he is yet to be caught.

~Abilities and Skills~
Kido Prodigy: Zeikke is quite simply a Kido prodigy. There is no other way to describe it. During his early years as a Shinigami, his Kido was considerably stronger than anyone else of his level. Likewise, he could perform higher level Kido than any other graduate. He can perform Kido without incantation, double incantations and power Kido up by speaking the incantation while it fires. Many believe he is the most likely candidate for the next Captain of the Kidoushu (Kido Corps).

Zanpakuto Master: Zeikke's mastery over his Zanpakuto seem to be of a different distinction to a sword master. No, he has mastered the fighting style his Zanpakuto manifests. Through training with his Zanpakuto, his fighting style has become just that. His swings are naturally faster that his opponents, capable of swinging his sword twice in the time most people of his rank can swing their sword once. He is also incredibly accurate. If it wasn't for his skill with a sword, he would have certainly been in the fifth squad.

Potent Reiryoku: Zeikke has a rather unusual aspect to his Reiatsu. It is certainly no heavier than another of his rank. He uses the same amount of Reiryoku as everyone else to perform attacks. However, the difference is in the potency of it. His Reiatsu feels thick and full of power. Likewise, this potent Reiryoku is full of power. When he uses Kido, it's damage / sealing capabilities are equal to that of a Kido being fired from someone two ranks higher. For example, at 3-2, he can fire Kido as well as a 4-1. This Reiryoku is very precisely controlled, and is likely the reason for his excellency in Kido.

  • Strengths

Can battle at any distance
Inspirational in combat.
  • Weaknesses

Rarely uses Hoho, as he considers it weak.
Has a lack of trust for people. It takes a long time to gain.
Will through himself head first into danger to save an ally, even if he knows he is outmatched.
Rank: Squad 1 - Lieutenant - 3-2

~Character History~
Before Death Arc:

After Death Arc

Shinigami Arc

RP Sample
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Kotonashi Zeikke (WIP)
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