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 Akatsuki Higashiyama

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PostSubject: Akatsuki Higashiyama   Tue May 15, 2012 4:13 pm

~Character Information~
Name:Tsukiyomi Higashiyama
Nickname/Alias:Tsuki or Yomi
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 126 lbs
Age: 219, Looks 19


Hollow Hole Location: Collarbone

Aspect of Death: Solitude

Personality: Tsukiyomi is shy, quiet (when she met new people), smart, and funny (got it from her father), at the same time once people get to know her.Know how to respect her elders depending how there treat her. Yomi been alone for a ever long time, always alone and she always thinks if anyone would care for and stop her loneliness for good. She a caring and playful person and she likes to mess with people (only the person who care for her or found her alone and calling them big brother or calling them their nickname)

~Abilities and Skills~
1) High-Speed Regeneration
2) Cero - using her hand forming a triangle shape
3) Sonic Boom Sonido - Can use this to move instantly, she learned to this move from Grimmjow and she still learning how to use and control it, this creates a wave and make a sound also can paralyzing her enemy with it.
4) Shock Wave - Fling the blade with her finger causing a shock wave sound to her enemy causing them to only hear a ringing sound in there ear not allowing them to scene when she going to attack.

1) Illusions
2) Speed
3) Stealth
4) Swordsmanship

1) Cute Things Even Animals
2) Sweets
3) People making fun of her Height/size
4) Trust


~Character History~
Before Death Arc:
Tsukiyomi is shy, quiet (when she met new people), smart, and funny (got it from her father) at the same time once people get to know him. Tsukiyomi was born of a new full moon, she is the daughter of the noble family, Higashiyama. When she turn 8 years old she started to have a small spiritual pressure while practicing her prayer. When she was 12 her spiritual pressure grew even stronger while doing a ceremony and a festival. During the festival Hollows started to show up because of Tsukiyomi's Spiritual Pressure, Tsukiyomi's mother and father took her from the Hollows and tells her to get help but the only problem is that only her and her parents can see the Hollows. when she when she went to get help nobody didn't want to believe her, after went to homes she went back and she find all the people lying on the ground not moving and she also found her parents dead. Tsukiyomi found herself alone and no one to take of her.

When days go by she started to going to shrine to learned how to be strong enough to fight for herself and try to control her spiritual pressure. When she went back to her family noble home and learn the basic things she need to know about controlling and that's when she started to take things in her own hands when she ever see those creatures again.

Hollow Arc:
When she turn 15 years old she was attacked Hollows while leaving her family noble home. At the time, she didn't know what they were, so the female started to fight with them. But realizing quickly that she wasn't dealing with something wasn't normal, (she though it was just demons cause she didn't see them for a long time she was a little girl) started to flee for her life. It took both of the Hollows to take her down, she pushes the Hollows off her with spiritual pressure knocking them down. Her body started to lost feeling and she couldn't move while breathing slowly staring at the sky moving slowly. As a spirit, Tsukiyomi stayed away from the other Hollows, knowing how to deal with them. Day by day goes by Shinigami didn't come to save her and send her where she can be save at last but nothing happen, causing the chain to eat at her, making her become the very thing that killed her and her parents in the first place, A Hollow. Turning her a Hollow, she only evolving the way of a Hollow to the point where she now became an Arrancar and became an Espada.
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Akatsuki Higashiyama
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