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 Stuff (First is a WIP the rest are done)

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PostSubject: Stuff (First is a WIP the rest are done)   Wed May 02, 2012 9:18 am

~Basic Information~
Name:Ito Sengo
Rank:Captain Squad 11

Name:[b]Encroachment of Evil
Appearance: During Bankai while under the influence of both his own Zanpakutou and his hitokiri mental state, Ito's Inner World will manifest itself as a semi illusionary image. Covering the battlefield not only in his terrible reiatsu, but also in a mixed field of flowers and a terrible battlefield piled high with corpses and other gore.
Ability:Upon activation anyone but Ito who gets caught in the battlefield side of the manifestation. Will hear in their minds the endless dying screams of lives Ito had taken. Each growing stronger as long as they remain on that side of the manifestation. Should Ito enter the battlefield section while another is in it Images of cruel whole sale slaughter will start entering the person's mind.

In order to resist and not fall prey to the screams or images the easiest is to avoid that side, or focus on Ito himself entirely as any mental straying will leave one open to the effects.
  • Demoralizes Opponents
  • Can drive them insane
  • A full manifestation of Ito's Evil Nature
  • Hard to Resist If not Arrancar/Hollow

  • Must be In Hitokiri Mental state
  • Completely Useless against Arrancar/Hollow
  • Doesn't Do anything on its own, Requires the other person to become inattentive.

Duration:Until Ito is Killed, He returns to his usual mental state, or He ends his Bankai.

Appearance:When Using It Ito's entire body becomes bigger. The Usual 100% usage of his bodies muscle mass escalates to 210%.
Ability:Causes Ito's body to hit harder with each strike, while slowing him considerably upon releasing the technique heavy damage will be inflicted to Ito's bones, joints, muscles and tendons.
  • Makes Him stronger and more durable

  • Makes Him slower
  • Causes Damage to his body when it ends
  • Exhausting to Use

Duration:Lasts for 5 posts normally, Cannot be used again until at least 10 posts have passed, It can be used in 3 posts again if given a good bill of health by a official medical based character. If used for longer than 5 posts Ito's body begins showing blatant signs of deterioration as the skin would rip in places while his body would pour blood from ruptured vessels and veins.

Appearance:The opposite of hypertension his body decreases in size becoming much thinner.This allows Ito to lower his muscle mass usage from 100% to average about 85%
Ability:Causes Ito's muscle fibers to relax becoming more limp and making him a bit smaller than usual.Making him faster and more flexible in the process.
  • Makes him Faster
  • More flexible
  • Lets him conserve strength
  • Lets him fight those not as strong physically as him without killing them

  • Reduces his Defensive ability
  • Reduces his strength behind his attacks noticeably
  • Takes a short period to return body to is natural state.

Duration:Lasts until he stops using it, It takes regardless 3 posts for his normal strength to return. Each posts before then is 10% with the final 5% being on the third post.

Name:[b]Flailing Blade
Appearance:Using the unnatural chain crafted from soul link chain and sinner bindings he wraps it around his Zanpakutou's hilt and uses the entire thing as a massive flail.
Ability:None beyond doing what one would expect a flail to do.
  • Long/Mid Ranged
  • hard to predict
  • unorthodox

  • Less control
  • Must spin it up to speed before throwing if thrown at all.

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PostSubject: Re: Stuff (First is a WIP the rest are done)   Thu May 03, 2012 9:06 am

Last three approved since first is a wip.

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Stuff (First is a WIP the rest are done)
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