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 Tokiwa [Done]

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PostSubject: Tokiwa [Done]   Mon Apr 23, 2012 1:26 pm

~Character Information~
Name: Tokiwa
Nickname/Alias: The omega
Age unkown, 24


Tokiwa has black hair, pale skin and yellow eyes.


same as pic above

Tokiwa is very silent, most believe she can not talk however anyone who has spent alot of time with her knows other wise. she often makes hand movements and other things besides talking, often causing her two main servants to say what she means. when she does talk she is very soft spoken, and calm sounding. Tokiwa is for the most part, a killer, she dislikes showing mercy on people other then her own kind. however she does tend to become playful when she finds someone who can put up a good fight.

[b]~Abilities and Skills~




Name: energy manipulation
Type: energy attacks
Range: close-long

Tokiwa was built with speical parts inside of her body that allow her to condense and release spirit engery. it was made to create shields however, Tokiwa as modified them to they can shoot beam like attacks, along with still being able to form shields and other things.
( lasers, shields, energy bombs, etec)

Name: energy drones
Type: attack/pet
Range: long
Duration: the smaller ones can last about 5 posts, the larger one has last 10. however due to there true energy nature the more they attack its possable for them to run out faster.
Tokiwa is able to create orbs of engery that seemly can act on there own. they apear to be human sized and made up of purple energy with a yellow orb in the center. they can for the most part act on there own in limited way. they are able to track and follow targets, by sensing there energy, therefore if you can hide your energy they won't be able to see you, however this is voided if Tokiwa can see you herself as she can manually control them. the orbs can attack with power beams of energy, for ranged attacked, or even a stranger form of attack at close range they tend to create solid whips of energy and try to entangle or strike at there opponent. ( she normaly can make a max of 2, each around the power of a 2-3 however if she can make a single large orb around the power of a 3-2) they also can resist pure energy and physical attacks quite well.


Name:energy conductors
Type: support
Duration: N/A
Description: Tokiwa's body can pull spirit particles from the area around her, much like a Quincy, allowing her to use less energy in her attacks.

Name: prototype body
Type: buff
Description: Tokiwa's body is a very special prototype. being able to hit people much harder and move much faster. along with that is that all her weapon systems are used inside her body, making it harder to tell when shes going to attack with one of her weapons or not. along with this, her skin is much stronger then others as well, allowing her to take blows much better.

Name: spatial warping
Type: movement/defensive
Duration: N/A
Description: Tokiwa has a part in her body which allows her to move though and warp space itself, allowing her to teleport into differnt realms without being detected as well as dodge attacks by moving though space. it also has a effect while not using it to teleport which bends space around her slightly lessing the damage done by attacks done to her.

Name: Reconstruction power
Type: heal
Duration: depending on the amount of damage done.
( whole limbs normally take 3 posts)
Description: Tokiwa is differnt then most goremu, as they needing to return to there realm to repair. Tokiwa can activate this component causing her wounds to heal very quickly.

hidden function:

Archon power core: Tokiwa's hidden function is a special component which allows her to draw from the power core in the center of the goremu realm the very thing that allows it to exist, this allows her to reach even higher amounts of power, while normally she would only be able to use this while she was in her realm due to her spatial warping power she can use it anywere, however only at around 25-50% power then normal. however she has to limit the power she uses outside of her world as it might overload her spatial warp components, causing them to shut down or possibility even explode. however if she puts to much stress on it while in her own world, may cause it to rip apart her own world.

  • Strengths
    -massive amounts of power
    -super strong
    -super fast
    - hits hard

  • Weaknesses
    -most her attacks are energy or melee attacks.
    -using her hidden function outside her realm may cause her to take damage.

    -is overly protective about her two serverts and will take blows for them.
    -she tends to hold back when her serverts are around so she doesnt mistakenly hurt them
    -tends to think of all her opponents as weak.

power drive apperance:

1st Drive:Tokiwa Iris's glow red

2nd Drive: silver armor plates apear on Tokiwa's shoulders and legs. her eyes become pure red along with her hair.



Omega: 4-2

~Character History~
creation Arc:
Tokiwa was made to be for the most part, copy a shinigamis powers to its fullest, to be able to use kido or even have its own zanpakuto, and years went into making her. many advanced parts went into her, allowing her to be used as weapon like most others, along with memories that would give her a more compliant and warrior like personality. however when she was activated something went wrong with her programed memories, and when she awoke she acted more like a child then anything. while almost deemed a failure and destroyed, the top scientist on the project instead decided to secretly take her and keep her safe, and raise her. using some speical tech, he modifies her look so she doesn't look like she did, so no one would notice, as it was highly illegal to take goremu out of the lab.

He took her and raced her as his own, Tokiwa's child like personally for the most part never changing. She for the most part did not know what she was, she was always told she was speical by her so called "father" but otherwise she had no idea what she really was. her "Father" would often do tests on her however he always told her it was for her health and safety.

shutdown Arc
when she order was given to shut all the goremu down Tokiwa was kept safely away for a while, but it was soon found out what she really was and shinigami were sent after her. her "father" has grown close to her, so quickly helped her to flee, while he distracted the shinigami.she didn't know why she was runing she only knew that her father told her so. however as she ran she found herself in a strange building, it was full of bodies, some damaged missing limbs,however one was seemly still moving, and reached its hand out towards her. Tokiwa reached out and touched the hand and all the sudden millions of memories flew into her, she now knew what she was, and who all these bodies where. they where all the goremu that were deemed failures or wouldn't willingly shut down. all they knew, she now knew.

when the shinigami finally found her, she was standing in the street looking at them, her eyes glowing red. all the memories, all the torment, all the dread and anger, caused her true memory that was implanted into her when she was made, to awake, but now fueled with anger and rage. she attacked the shinigami, killing them as if they were nothing, she continued on with her rampage, but as she continued she found herself starting to become out numbered and outgunned she then found herself needing a escape. then everything seemed turned back for her.

true awakening Arc
she found herself awaking up in a strange room, looking around she knew she was no longer in the Soul society. two women soon stood in front of her. they explained where they were and that she was safe. They explained they were created by her father to aid her. While they had just met, she felt like she had known them forever and trusted them. she soon found that other goremu had either escaped or awoke just like. Then she found they were being led by a goremu who was a coward and unwilling to fight or do anything to the shinigami who had wronged them. with one move he destroyed the man and took his place as leader, and started to plan the attack, not just the shinigami but everyone.

RP Sample

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PostSubject: Re: Tokiwa [Done]   Mon May 21, 2012 6:37 am

Done I think...
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PostSubject: Re: Tokiwa [Done]   Mon May 21, 2012 3:05 pm

i guess


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PostSubject: Re: Tokiwa [Done]   

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Tokiwa [Done]
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