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 Rikku's Stuff

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Mizu Masuta

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PostSubject: Rikku's Stuff   Thu Apr 12, 2012 2:57 am

Name: Rikku Mononoke
Race: Shinigami Representive
Rank: Ex squad 12 captain

Name: Garganta Ring
Type: Portal


Description: This ring given to her by her ex-human lover she kept and adapted by herself to open a garganta. She finds this little piece of equipment useful to bring back those who are trapped in heuco mundo and send those who are seeking to travel to heuco mundo.
To activate this tiny device she pours her reiatsu into it and punches the air to open the garganta to heuco mundo.
It works in reverse while she is in heuco mundo allowing her to return to the human world.
Duration: 1 post then travel

Name: Exploding Poison
Type: Poison
Description: She keeps this handy little vile of blue liquid in one of the pouches she has attached around her waist
The poison itself requires contact with the target. once it connects with the target she is able to leave it there as long as she needs. The poison seeps through the targets clothing and into their skin
Since it reacts with her reiatsu to activate the poison she simply holds her two fingers up infront of her face and consintrates on the poison calling "kai" releasing the poison creating the reaction to cause an explosion on the effected area
Duration: 1 post to apply 1 post to activate
No antidote required as it does not have the properties of a regular poison

Name: Inhibitor
Type: Poison
Description: this yellow poison also contained in her pouches around her waist is a rather nasty little solution.
If she feels things are going bad she will soak her zanpakuto in this solution pouring it directly from the vile in her pouch. It can be applied in other manners such as oarly, poured on target, etc but saturating her zanpakuto is her prefered method
This poison entering the wounds of the target attacks the central nervous system causing the target to become paralysed but leaves them completly consious and able to see everything and still speek but everything else becomes non-functional
Duration: This poison takes contact to begin taking effect
After 3 posts the target will begin to notice that their reaction time is beginning to slow down.
After 5 posts the target will notice that their reaction time has completly gone and they are finding it difficult to move
after 7 posts the target is completly iemobile and will collapse to the floor unable to move apart from their eyes and the ability to speek
The antidote for this poison is contained in her pouches around her waist, it is a clead rather nasty tasting liquid and will only work if she pours it directly into the victims mouth.
In total she is able to keep the victim under the influence of this poison untill the antidote is given... that is if she isnt experimenting and ends up killing them, then no amount of antidote will cure them Razz
The Poison if left untreated will last a total of 20 posts after full infection

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
To be forgotten is worse than death

Mizu Masuta
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PostSubject: Re: Rikku's Stuff   Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:20 am


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Mizu Masuta

Posts : 312
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Join date : 2011-09-17
Location : here... where else?

PostSubject: Re: Rikku's Stuff   Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:53 am

This paticular poison is a WIP as it will require some RP to show how she obtained it

Name: Crystal Bloom
Type: Poison
Description: This crystal like substance is ground down into a power mixed with a solution to make it into a purple tinted liquid. This solution she keeps in her waist pouches also. The poison can be used to capture opponents or used to seal sevear wounds to save them

Duration: If the solution enters into a wound it takes one post to begin taking effect
If it is simply conected with the skin it takes 3 posts before it soaks into the blood stream through the skin.
After this solution has entered into the blood it will take 2 posts for the crystal to begin forming around the entrance point
After annother 3 posts (5 from entry) it will engulf an entire limb or torso making the area completly useless.
After a total of 15 posts from entry the crystal will have grown to engulf the entire body apart from the head
After a total of 20 posts the crystal will form over the entire body of the effected opponent placing them into a state of stasis untill the crystal has been removed
If the crystal is not removed from the unlucky host of the poison then it will take a total of and additional 20 posts before the crystal encasing them will turn into one rose shaped crystal that will sit uppon their chest showing that they have came out of the stasis form.

How she developed this:

Rikku making sure that everyone had gone from the basement walks over to the wall near the ladder. Drawing a door shape with her finger a section of barrier swings open and she taps the wall behind causing a door to swing open, stepping through the barrier re-seals itself and she closes the door behind her making it look like a normal wall from the outside again. This area she keeps apart from the rest of the shop so that no one knows it is there, the area is her overly large laboratory approximatly the same size as the squad 12 research compound. She walks up the wide hall way as various hands and claws reach out at her as she walks. This area filled with her hollow specimins that are caged for later experimentation.

Coming up to annother door she opens it leading into a large room, the walls lined with shelves and assorted jars and on the far wall a large computer. In the middle of the room a large table sits with various equipment ontop of it. She walks straight to the table pulling the microscope towards her. Pulling out the jar of crystal substance she had been given by Dresden she opens it for the first time. Lifting a knife she shaves the crystal slightly retreiving the shavings from it. placing them under the microscope she pears into it with a pen and piece of paper beside her writing as she pears through the microscope. The paper reads:

Crystaline substance,
Simmilar consistanty and appearance to the amythest stone,
Fungal type spores contained throughout the structure
Possibility of rapid spreading due to spores
Structure appears increadibly durable

She sits back from the microscope and lifts the jar examining it and she sighs. "so its not from this world or the soul society... that just leaves heuco mundo" she states as she gets up walking back to the door with the jar in her hand. Going through the door she grabs the nearest arm reaching for her and pulls the hollow towards the bars untill its mask is pinned against them. She walks up to the hollow grabing its mask she holds up the jar to the hollows face "tell me do you recognise this or do i have to rip your mask off for you to talk" she growls at the hollow

From behing the hollow with its mask in her hand a different one speeks "yes that crystal is produced from one of us in heuco mundo... she isnt easy to get hold of so where did you get that you psychotic bitch" it says. Rikku snaps off part of the mask in her hand and snaps at the other one "thats good info and that is proof that i would of tortured it out of any of you" she says with a wickid twisted smile on her face throwing the section of mask at the hollow who gave her the information

Turning away she makes her way back to the labotory room closing the door, she stares at the jar for a moment then punches the air. Her hand stops as though she had been stopped by a wall but this act opens a garganta to heuco mundo.

She steps through traveling through the portal to the sandy waste land containing the hollow she was looking for. Wandering about for several hours looking for a crystal producing hollow, and holding the jar waiting for some sort of reaction she becomes bored of searching and draws her zanpakuto "ok if i cant go to you then ill make you come to me... lets start low Melt Kazan" She spins the blade and it extends forming a double ended black blade with the handle in the middle of them and flames being produced from the tip's. The raise in her power out put draws a swarm of low level hollow. She sighs spinning her zanpakuto rapidly "Pheonix Spit" her zanpakuto now spinning at such speed it represents a quinceys bow, uppon the command small fire balls fire from it destroying the swarm of hollows as the little fire balls rip through them. "well i saw no crystal there... time to turn up the heat a bit" she says as she flicks back her long blonde hair and raises her output again causing more powerful to come towards her.

As they come towards her she decides that a more upfront and personal manner may be better incase she destroys her prey in the process. Darting through the new hollow she spins her flaming black blade and darts through the hollows slicing them as she goes. the wails from the slayed hollow echo over the desert attracting hoards more but Rikku fights on slaying them one by one.

After several more hours of this the bordom was killing her and she launches off several fire balls insinerating them. For a while she walks untill she spots a few Adujas level hollow wandering through a rock part of the desert. The crystal she had been carrying reacts slightly then stops "oh wow finally" she says out loud throwing her head back then peering around looking for one that produces a crystal substance.

Spotting the hollow wandering about she stabs the ground 3 times with her zanpakuto and wips the black blades through the air "terra fold" she says and three spikes of earth fly from the spot passing the crystal producing hollow so she could catch its attention. As it looks at her she sticks out her thongue giving it the finger and she runs off to the desert taunting it to follow her.

The hollow:

The hollow falling for her taunt chases her into the desert, Rikku spins around "crushing hand" she calls and a large hand made of earth errupts from the tip of her zanpakuto in attempt to catch the hollow. Alas she missed as the crystal hollow dodges her. It screaches her "why have you my crystal give it back" the screachy voice obviously felt the crystal in Rikku's posession.

The twofight each other for a long time not realy getting anywere. Rikku was trying to iemobilise the hollow by slashing her legs but the hollow continued dodging. Rikku also busy dodging the cystal strikes from the hollow as she didnt want to sucumb to the effects of the damn stuff. the battle rages on and other hollow stay away due to the output of the power. Rikku starting to get bored and angry her insanity begins to show through "hado 4 byakurai" she calls firing off the blue beam knocking the hollow off her feat but she gets back up again as fast as she was knocked over. Frustrated Rikku resortes to binding kido "Bakudo 4 Hainawa" the yellow rope speeds from her finger binding the hollow but she simply breaks the rope. Rikku screams out of frustration and screams "bakudo 61 Rikujōkōrō, Bakudo 63 Sajō Sabaku, Bakudo 9 Hōrin" as she screams these the hollow becoms bound in an erruption of bakudo causing her to fall back to the ground. Rikku punching the air quickly opens a garganta and she grabs the kido that is binding the female hollow.

Turning to the garganta she stops and curses under her breath "ah crap it would of been much easier using the inhibitor poison on you" she laughs manicly to herself as she realises what she should of done several hours ago. walking into the garganta she travels back to her consealed laboratory.

Opening one of the cages she tosses the hollow into the empty one "look how nice i am... you get one all to yourself" she smirks and releases the bakudo constricting the hollow. The hollow in a rage jumps and bangs on the bars of the cage in fits of rage, Rikku holds up her finger "sho" the basic kido launches from her finger sending the hollow back against the back wall "you co-operate with me and i wont disect you" she says with a twisted smile and a sadistic tone in her voice that terrified the other hollow specimines in the area. She walks back to the laboratory she was origionally in.

"hmmm now to test this... wheres mara when you need her... oh wait no i promised i wouldnt experiment on her" she walks around the lab for a moment looking. she spots a small petrie dish containing organic matterwith the same properties to that of flesh. Lifting it she goes over to the desk in the middle of the room removing the orignal sample in the microscope. placing it in a liquid sugar solution to speed up the reaction the solution becomes tinted purple and she poures a little on the dish a small reaction occrs slowly. Scratching her head she reaches into a drawer pulling out an anti cougalant pitting a drop onto the solution and observes the reaction.

With the addition of the anti cougalant the reaction time for the crystal to form was much faster. Taking the jar obtained from dresden she begins to mix the crystal shavings into the solution of sugar water and anti-cougalant mixing it under heat to ensure that thecrystal was disolved and distributed evenly throughout the solution. After this she tests the solution again in annother petrie dish to ensure that her measurements are correct and that the crystal would still form after the solution had cooled down.

She now knows that the solution will work in heat and room tempature. Noretreiving a freezing condition replicating machine she places a third petrie dish in the cold however adding the solution had the crystal forming much slower, Thinking for a moment she clicks her fingers as the answer is simple. Retreiving some salt she mixes it in the solution also testing it in the heat and at room tempature giving it no adverse side effects but this was for the freezing tempatures. she placed the solution in the freezing dish and with the addition of the salt the crystal continues to form at the same rate as the other two variables like before.

making the solution again with the addition of salt she pours it into individual viles, some being stored in the laboratory and some stored in the pouches around her waist.

"SUCCESS" she bellows now to find that buggar that made me the damn captain" she says as she puts her equipment away

Lifting a vile she looks at it "supose i would be best to see what youd do first" she states walking out of the lab back to the hollow filled hallway. She walks over looking at the hollow she was going to torture for information earlier; it was clutching the broken piece of mask and looking rather distressed. Opening the cage Rikku walks in and says with an evil grin and a sadistic tone in her voice "yes youll do nicely" she says "ive tested it in matter that is the same as all other spiritually aware beings now for your lot" she says as she is thinking out loud. The hollow instead or attempting to attack her like most would do when they see a shinigami... oh no not rikku's specimins. The hollow attempts to run away clawing at the wall behind while the others in the cage cower at the mere site of her.

She drags the hollow off to her lab it wails as it is being dragged by the ankles up the hallwayshe enters the lab and the door slams shut. She twists her body throwing the hollow ontop of the table in the middle of the room she had cleared beforehand. Grabbing a rope she ties the hollow to the table and grins at it "break these bonds and you die... co-operate an you have a better chance of surviving" she says while tying it to the table. She pulls out the vile and pours some of the solution on the hollows hand, she then goes to the other arm sliting it with a scaple pouring the solution into its wound. Pulling up a chair she pulls up annother piece of paper and her pen.

she writes down the notes for the reaction (seen above in the description)

After some time the new poison forms into a crystal rose on the hollows chest and the hollow begins to come too screaming. As it screams she pours more solution in its mouth and sits back again to watch the reaction. Lifting the roze as she waits she examines it then places it on the shelf as she determines it can be used to make more of the poison. The reaction happens again on the hollow and once it is done she lifts the second rose and unties the hollow draging it back to its cage "your lucky youve lived" she says throwing it back into the cage as she vanishes back to her lab to orginise more of the solution for storage

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
To be forgotten is worse than death

Mizu Masuta
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PostSubject: Re: Rikku's Stuff   Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:20 am


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PostSubject: Re: Rikku's Stuff   

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Rikku's Stuff
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