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 Path of Heaven and Earth

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PostSubject: Path of Heaven and Earth   Fri Jan 20, 2012 5:53 pm

Name:Path of Heaven and Earth
Appearance:Unable to use his Reiatsu properly, Yet still capable of focusing it to one spot. This Technique does something in the way of the opposite. On the users Zanpakutou it won't have any effect. However if used on a fake Zanpakutou or anothers it will give it massive boost increasing the weapons rough power ranking to a max of average captain levels. You must be able to touch the blade to focus the power into it. It can also be used on your own Personal Gigai to force the barrier between you and it to lower enough to increase the fake bodies raw physical strength to 10 times that of a average human.
Ability:Reiatsu Reinforcement
  • It can drastically increase another's power for a set duration.
  • It can dractically increase a Gigai's raw strength to a level it can fight large hollows.
  • It gives fake Zanpakutou's uses a slightly longer durability and more power.

  • Must touch the object one is focusing their reiatsu into.
  • It takes a heavy toll on the recipient, and also over time takes a toll on the user varying with the reiatsu focused.
  • While focusing Reiatsu into something one cannot move or attack or be holding their own Zanpakutou.
    The technique is experimental and could possibly backfire kiling the recipient and in a extreme case kill the user.
  • Reckless use of the technique will cause extreme health risks, resulting in blacking out, coma or death.

Duration:As a Aside the Duration is only for those self taught. If they get help from Ito himself then regardless of how much reiatsu they may have they will automatically be allowed to use the effects post limit that Ito uses.

  • if used at base the effect will last 2 posts.
  • if used at max base the effect will last 6 posts.
  • if used at starting shikai the effect will last 12 posts.
  • if used at max shikai the effect will last 16 posts.
  • if used at starting bankai the effect will last 22 posts.
  • if used at Max Bankai the effect will last 26 posts.
  • if used at absolute max the effect will last 40 posts.
  • If used while user is low on reiatsu they will pass out for 3 posts requiring 2 posts to recover the effect will still function and will last 1 post starting the moment the user passes out.

  • If used while effectively having no reiatsu the technique will cause the user to fall into a coma for the remainder of the thread and require a thread of recuperation without any kind of fighting.

Personal Durations:
  • If done using Ito's base strength 3 posts.
  • If done using Ito's max Base the effect will last 10 posts
  • If done using Ito's max shikai 17 posts(may negatively effect recipient).
  • If done at Ito's starting bankai it will last 24 posts (will most likely kill anyone but a 4th seat shinigami)

  • if done at Ito's max bankai it will last 31 posts(Likely only a captain would survive receiving it).

  • If done at Ito's absolute Max 48 posts is the max it will last (though its unlikely anything will survive the reinforcement of such mass quantities of reiatsu)

  • If done while all of Ito's reiatsu is converted to pure brute strength from taking to much damage using his bankai ability is will cause his bankai to cancel and him to go comatose for the remainder of that topic and require recuperation topic without fighting.

  • If done while low on reiatsu it will cause him to pass out immediately lasting for 3 posts and requiring 2 posts to recuperate. Will still reinforce the receiver for 1 post after Ito passes out.

Rules to Use: Your character must know enough about their own reiatsu. Must have a good understanding on focusing it into one spot. Must be failures at Kido as the ability to compress the focused reiatsu would cause the user to make himself and possible the object to explode. Ito is not required to teach the technique however in order to get the full use of it learning it from him will allow for longer use of the technique.
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Mizu Masuta

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PostSubject: Re: Path of Heaven and Earth   Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:48 am


Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.
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Mizu Masuta
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Path of Heaven and Earth
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